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  • June 19, 2014 - Sasquatch

    Target in Kemah, Texas

    So I’ve been with target for 2 months now, and this is what I’ve gotten so far. I work as cart attendant and rarely as cashier. I love being outside doing carts(if it wasn’t so hot out). But every time i get one side caught up and the other side is completely empty, our LOD asks me to cover a couple of breaks. So when i’m done with that and i go back out to do carts, 5 minutes into it, i get a call on the walkie saying “cart attendant, we have no carts on blue side”. and I can’t say anything back to them except “that’s clear”. It’s like they’re completely oblivious as to why they have none. That, and now they have me come in from 1-5pm almost everyday except Sunday(i close), so¬†from 8am-1pm no one is getting carts. SO when i come in, we have none and i get a “talking to” that i need to start hustling to get the carts in.


    My two supervisors, who are the worst people ever, can never be found on the front lanes like they have to be.

  • May 29, 2014 - Sasquatch

    Kemah target

    Hello. I’ve been at target¬†for a 1 1/2 months and i hate it. first off, my supervisors are terrible. They rarely help and are never by the front lanes, which they should be. They’re either out hiding somewhere claiming they are in need some where else or hiding in the office.

    As cashier, i had no training; just a book that had the basics. I was then put on by myself after that and it started out pretty good until the guests kept asking about gift registry, suspending the transaction, or if we carried an item. each time i would call out for the supervisor to help me and they would get mad about that and just take over, then tell me there’s a “help” button that calls them. But they never answer the call, even for change that i need.