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  • February 2, 2014 - Anywho650

    Worse company I have ever worked for!

    I’ve been working retail for some years, I started at JC Penny then I went to Wal- Mart for some time, the wife wanted to move so I ended up at Target. First thing I noticed about target is how unprofessional the ETL’s are.  The gossip among the team leaders is more than any high school.  My availability seemed to not matter to the ETLs, they would keep scheduling me on the days I’m not available and I would have to call in despite I told them I could not work those days far in advance.  The amount of bullying that goes on from the ETLs to the TM is horrible.  So far I have seen 3 TMs cry and 1 quit her job due to the amount of bullying that occurs in the work place.  Also I can not take most of the ETLs serious seeing most of them at my store seem to be some 22 year old kid with no retail experience or life experience.  I was actually told by an ETL that the training program is designed for someone why has never worked retail.  That’s horrible, no wonder why the store lacks merchandising and neatness.  Last but not least, wal mart is a far better place to work.  At least you get a quarterly bonus, 60 cent raises (at target I only get 7 cent raises) volunteered overtime during the holidays, more full time employees, and last but not least a far superior management team..  I am new to this blog, but I am glad to have found this place.  I will update with more bad stores from the horrible place we call Target.