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  • July 21, 2013 - antibullseye


    This is my first post. I have read a ton of these but didn’t think I would end up writing one so here it goes…

    I am a cashier team member. I have been with target since Nov. during Hurricane Sandy. I was seasonal at the time and was offered to stay at the end of the holidays.  During my seasonal time I was cross trained for Guest Service and covering GSA breaks within a month of being there. Then a position opened up for GSA.  I applied knowing I was a very strong candidate, I knew this because the ETLs and STLs had told me so and had asked me to apply. So in March I applied.. I had my first interview which went great and then my second interview came along and I pretty much nailed that one too. I was certain that I was going to get the position. I am a hard worker, I put in extra hours, came on my days off, worked holidays even though I have to young children, and got along with everyone at the store.

    Come to find out I didn’t get the position.. The reason being “not enough experience on the front end” WHAT THE HELL? You people ask me to apply for it. I am fully trained for it and know how to do the position and you give it to a girl on the sales floor, who barely knows how to use the registers? She knows nothing about Guest Service and every time she is up there she asks me how to do something. I simply tell her to ask the LOD because I don’t want to answer her questions. She hasn’t even been scheduled for a GSA shift yet.

    Now it gets interesting….