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  • February 10, 2012 - anonymousbrtm

    Target is filled with a bunch of nonsense….

    So yea, I am currently a back room team member overnight and and I used to work dayside and let me tell you, there is a big difference.  I mean, I enjoyed working in the back room during the day because I got to know my fellow team members and I made a lot of friends and was able to b/s with them.   I decided I wanted to go overnight because I figured how much different can it really be?  Well, it all started out fine and then all of a sudden, I am catching crap from my ETL’s left and right after I have gotten nothing but recognition when I worked dayside.  Then I went for a position because I felt like it wasn’t working out on the overnight shift and then all of a sudden, I get pulled into the office and am put on corrective action, therefore smashing my hopes of leaving the backroom.  They explained to me that I was not being productive enough and that we had several “conversations”.