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  • November 30, 2014 - Anon

    Give me the STRENGTH!

    This is my first job and the experience started off great until the dreaded Black Friday made its arrival. I’ve been working at target for almost 2 months, as a cashier, and I am well over the honeymoon phase. Gone are the days of ease and peace.  Why do we have to worship these crazed customers? I know it is Black Friday, but why do these people leave behind their humanity? They become animals focused on their precious products and they act vicious for a  measly50-100 dollar price cut.  Why must their word be gold? I hate the use of giving a cashier empowerment because we are giving a customer the power to change the price of a discounted item(s). I feel this is an unfair act because the other customers that read the promotional signs correctly don’t get an additional discount. I will not call these people guest and treat them like my friends and family. These people are so unworthy of such royal treatment.