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  • July 21, 2013 - john doe

    “working off the clock” B.S

    so im a tps at a target in the south and today something idiotic happened. I had seen a lady with 2000 dollars of cleaning supplies and hba items in her cart and she had 300 coupons, so when my shift ended and i saw her checking out i sat down against the wall at the end of her lane and watched to see how muhc money she would get off with all of her coupons. turns out the gstl was rejecting her coupons because she was using them wrong and the lady got mad and started yelling. i hadnt removed my name tag yet so when she yelled at the LOD and complained she said that i was scrutinizing and harassing her, only because i was security and i was sitting down. The LOD, who at this point was mad because she got yelled at, asked me if i was off the clock when that happened. I of course told her yes, and the LOD said thats unacceptable and “we will be having a talk” which constitutes a write up/counseling. Because she said “i was sitting there observing so i was working off the clock”. I am a top performer at my store and in 8 months on the sales floor was over my own department before i went to tps, so i have never gotten in trouble and am always on time, And just because one guest, who was commiting fraud btw i might add, complains and yells, the LOD is going to counsel me to take out her frustration. Because i was “working off the clock”, a.k.a sitting on my ass apparently. Even thought i never spoke a word to the guest, or had anything to do with the transaction. but oh well, i guess thats target. A criminal complains to them so they penalize their employees.