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  • July 7, 2013 - angrytps

    Target will fuck you in a heartbeat

    One year ago today, I started my job as a TPS (target protection specialist) in a mid america target store. To give a little background to those of you who don’t work at target, the tps is the little stuff bitch that does everything that the etl-ap, aps, or aptl doesn’t want to do. They are dressed in all black and usually “create a presence” at the front doors. Well, being an 18 year old fresh out of high school, I was looking for a job that paid decent and didn’t require any college, so I applied and after three interviews was hired. . . Thus, the fucking commenced.

    I was hired to work at the store on the east side of the city and on day one, they advised me that I would be training at that store only and would actually be getting transfered to the store on the west side. I was happy about this because I lived on the west side, so I gladly took the transfer in stride, however they forgot to mention that I would be filling in all over town if someone was sick. So I sent all over the city filling in a litte over here and a little over there and not accomplishing a whole lot.