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  • October 22, 2014 - angrytargettm0413

    Rant about Target.

    I’ve worked at tagert since april 4th 2013, about a year and a half now and ive dealth with many issues such as injuring my back and being forced to fill out a report before theyd finally call me an ambulance. I finally was able to switch to a flow team position due to my team lead not liking me for personal reasons outside of work. I was happy as flow until our team trainer left for another job and the guy who took over became overbearing. Our team lead wanted a few people doing the food truck and him and i were two of those people. The team trainer began to make comments about his penis and me ‘handling meat.’ I went to my team lead and nothing was done, so i went to the logistics and backroom team leads and again nothing was done. my hour have been cut and i have been forced to leave the food truck so he still can. My HR told me because I didn’t want to outright get another person fired that he would not be punished. I am tired of dealing with this and nothing being done.