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  • June 21, 2014 - 619TargetSlaves

    Oh Good O’Le Target

    First off I’ve been with Target corporation for about 3 years. And trust me when I say this, “Target is the most backwards idiotic corporation I know.” I have been “lucky” enough to work as a hardlines/ Market team member which is basically code for the stores little work slave. In my store, and I believe most Targets the market accumulates for roughly 60% of the store’s sales. That being said market team members are hassled (by the LOD’s) for the most insignificant of things. WE HAVE A TON OF SH** TO DO! Why in the world would you except 2 team members, and that’s two if where lucky to complete the QMOS, ZONE, CAFS, GUEST SERVICE and what ever BS you want us to do in two hours segments. I have no problem with working hard. I love working hard that’s why hello! i’m in college working my but off.