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  • I deleted all the names to avoid any kind of action being taken against me but here is what i sent out to all the Target shitheads at my old store,

    Hello all,

    I would like to start off by apologizing. Apologizing for taking what I did. A stupid, trivial amount that will ultimately cost me in the end, I messed up real bad, and I am truly sorry.Some second chance company. Let me tell you a little about myself. When i was 13 my father decided to have his house renovated, three months in the contractor left town with half the money that my father had put up front initially. The place I once called home was now barely habitable, exposed frames and woodworks, an unfinished bathroom and kitchen, tore apart floor and an overall stench to the place. Thus died my home. I have never had a home since. I broke my leg in high school and lost two scholarships. I had no hope of ever making out of the hole where my parents hated each other and financial trouble led us all to depression, I broke my leg the day after i got my first real girlfriend, she was cheating by the third day after. After losing everything i attempted suicide by popping 10,000 MG of the pain killer Vicodin, I slept for 38 hours and no one noticed.The only time she was not was when she was pregnant with my world .