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May 12, 2014 - SayNo2RedCards

Are you serious?

Just wanted to share. Been working there for 2 years. Got hired as a seasonal cashier for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season and later on got a permanent position.


Heres where things get interesting, a year passes by and these new seasonal cashiers are coming in and guess what? Theyre getting cross trained all over the place! What. The. F*ck. Ive been asking for 2 years to get cross trained, but nope. Stayed a cashier for 2 years. Not just that, they were getting paid almost the same wage as I was too! Another What. The. F*ck. I got 7.75 when I first got hired and worked up to 8.28. But these new seasonals were getting 8.25! They had no experience whatsoever too! Just writing this makes me angry. 2 years and got treated like a slave. Target got me f*cked up. So f*ck all you LODS, GSTLS, ETL, guests and most of all, F*CK YOU RED CARDs! K Im done. ;D


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    Have your conversion scores been really good or really bad? If you're on either end of the spectrum they'll never take you off register because you'll either help conversion or "hurt the store" in another department.

    Either way, find another job if you can. Tarshit is never going to treat you like a human being.

  • allergy says:

    My conversation rate was terrible, that's how i got cross trained and left. And I know what you mean, I worked my way up 25 cents to find out that the new hires were getting paid the same as what I'd worked so hard for.

  • Silverfox says:

    min wage got increased so target increased start wage, simple as that.

    Oh I bet you'll be really pissed to learn that canadian starting wage is $10 onwards. Where there are oil rig job, mining jobs that pay 20-40 per hour, target will offer higher to start. One person from target alberta reported her starting wage was $11.90 since no one will work for them at the provincial min wage of 9.90. Chew on that. Most of the country is $10.25 min wage. Nunavut is $11 per hour.

  • conorO25 says:

    yeah I worked for tarshit for 3 years and my pay when I left was $9.13! After three years! When I worked for Walmart, at one year I was earning $9 and $10 on sundays..and even worse I later learned that cashiers were earning more than me when I started there. WTF?! Thats fucking ridiculous! I know its sad for the people still working there but part of me cant help but be happy Target has shitted on itself during the past year. Im glad they were exposed as a shady company after the data breach, I'm glad theyve had such shitty reviews on their produce, and Im glad people are starting to be aware of how awful this company really is

  • ashleyw729 says:

    Ah take it from me its a blessing you didnt get to cross train. I worked there for a little over a year and within 6 months was cross trained on register, produce, deli, meat, grocery, dairy, bakery and backroom. On a daily basis I would be called over the walkie to do 5 jobs at once so my etls could sit on thier asses. And on multiple occasions had to close 2-3 departments by myself because of call offs. Only cross train if you want them to screw you over.

    • TargetGrunt says:

      Not to be rude, but produce, deli, meat, grocery, dairy and bakery are all one department: market. But still, I know what you mean. I was cross-trained salesfloor, market, register, electronics, backroom and bike building, but was somehow expected to take care of all of that while I saw the E/TLs socializing. After a while I was told I wasn't trying hard enough, because obviously one person can do everything, so I told them to stick me with backroom only.

      ETLs really need to trimmed from the Tarshit hierarchy.

  • overworkedandunderpaid says:

    If I didn't need hours, I never would've cross-trained. I'm overnight and on a nightly basis I'll throw the truck then start in dairy/frozen, then grocery, then the wave (stationary, housewares, domestics, seasonal, sport/HIPA, toys) then help the backroom finish. I always come in at 10 and maybe ill be lucky and get off at 6 but more often than not the store is open again by the time I leave it's complete hell. I hate cashiering but at least its only one thing every day


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