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December 18, 2014 - PhoneBitch101

Are You Joking?

Put my two week’s notice in today. Apologized to my Softlines ETL as I handed my paper to her and she immediately started with the hysterics: “Wait, what is that? No. No! Nooo! I can’t accept this. OMG. NO. WHY! You can’t. Where are you going to?” Then the HR ETL comes over and she chimes right in. “OMG NO. Where are you working? What are they paying you? I’m gonna call them and give you a horrible review so they won’t hire you. Tell them we just can’t let you go right now. No. NO.”

Okay. While it’s great that my awesomeness as an employee evoked such a response, HAVE SOME FUCKING DECORUM. Note that this was in plain view of any customers walking by because we were right by the front lanes. Like. In all the jobs I’ve quit, I have never had been made to feel guilty for doing what is right for me. I get that it’s not the best time and I’m clearly amazing, but maybe you should have promoted me, or I don’t know, paid me more fucking money. AND maybe not work me into an early fucking grave. I am under no obligation to continue working at Target if I don’t fucking want to. Serves you fucking right. This bitch goes where the money flows and it sure ain’t at Target. Will def miss my co-workers, though. They made it almost worth staying. <3




  • viciousdave says:

    They act like they are so secure of you, like oh my god, no, we're so worried, what's gonna happen, this hurts our business, but we're more worried about you. Yeah right, what a bunch of lying saps of shit they are. They are biggest faking assholes I have ever known. You see the ones who becomes top tier leaders are the ones who can fake the whole oh oh no oh my god fakers. It's to better help the customers, oh wait guests. OMFG! If a guest starts being really mean and angry at like if you won't change a price because it's a huge $100 dollar difference, the GSTL is like, oh my god I am so sorry sir, I feel for you so bad, let me check that price for you, sales floor, can you check on the price for blah blah blah, ok sir, unfortunately it is that price, NO IT'S NOT! Where I got it it was only 50. Than and only than if it's $50 or more of a price difference does a GSTL finally call a LOD and says we're having a hard time with this guest. And than he gets our store AP officer, sir, you have to understand, it's not what price you think it is, if you don't understand that the shelf where you picked it up was totally wrong, we will call the cops to enforce you out of here. Ok, ok, I understand. IDIOT CHEAP SHIT CUSTOMERS! So good thing you are getting out of there for sure. Guests are bad as shit where I live cause it's just north of the poor metro area and a lot of poor saps come down here.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    It's hilarious how Target managers get all paranoid about their employees looking for other jobs, YET they still suck at their job. There was a guy that worked on the sales floor who had 2 jobs. He at one point changed his availability so that he couldn't work the weekends thanks to burn out and such. 3 weeks later, HR tells him to change it back because they "need" him on the weekends. He said okay.... of course, he did not change his availability and basically ignored her ha ha. Few weeks passes by again, and she said to him "you didn't change your availability. I need you to change it back". He ended up giving her his two week notice and said "here's my two week notice". Apparently the look on her face was priceless.

    Most of the Target managers' attitudes towards people getting a second job or looking for another job is horrendous. Screw the barely above minimum wage pay they give you for the BS they pull off on their employees. Thank god you're out of there (am still looking for out myself).


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