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July 7, 2014 - TGTDude

Are there Any ETLs on this page?

Seems like all of the posts on here are from us lowly peon TMs complaining about the ETLs.

I would love to hear from a ETL who hates it just as much as the rest of us. I’d love to hear the inside dirt on dealing with District.

Are there any ETLs out there?

ps. Is it a normal practice for Target to cycle ETLs around stores and not let them stay at a store more than a year, two years Max? Or is this unique to my store? It’s so predictable that I can tell you who is the next ETL to leave, the one who has been there longest. It’s like clockwork.
But more often than not they quit first. The few who don’t quit get transferred after about a year. I think it may suck for them about as much as for you and me.


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  • StoleMySoul says:

    Most ETLs are brain-washed spineless pussies who are too afraid to lose their precious position at Spot to talk shit about it. What they need to realize is that Target doesn't give a shit about them anymore than it does any other team member, one day they will get theirs... chewed up, spit out, and kicked to the curb!

  • target_employee_not_for_long says:

    Oh how I wish that our ETL was switched around. Our Backroom ETL was a twenty something girl who always wore stupid scarves... like YOU WORK IN THE BACKROOM! DON'T DRESS UP! And our one ETL has been an ETL for literally seven years. No one likes him, no one is even nice to him and that just makes him even more of a douche. The only good thing at my store is the snacks in the breakroom... Our STL worships food lol

  • redandkhaki says:

    ETL's have the option to transfer stores after 2 or 3 years but also have the option to stay.


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