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August 20, 2015 - RonBon

Another Shitty Company

After almost one year at working at a previous job I decided to leave to work at Target, I got hired into the Hardlines position which is probably the worst position at Target or one of the worst positions besides back room, anyways after an eight hour orientation and cashier training I thought this place would be a good place to work at, boy was I wrong. My first few shifts were as a cashier which is equal to the rate I get payed hourly so at that point I had no really hard feelings for the company. Then the next shifts I had were Hardlines (my position) we are the people who make the store look good, make sure all the products are lined up neatly on the shelves, clean up after all the coupon bargaining customers Target attracts that just throw shit they no longer want anywhere they want, and run through the store putting all the “go backs” back where they belong and we get paid minimum fucking wage? Okay so we are the ones that make your company/stores look good and we get paid the minimum yet all the control freak managers want us to make the store look good within a couple hours and if we do the minimum which is equal to what we are getting paid we get bitched at? And the cashiers are the ones who just stand at the lanes and scan shit, and we get payed the same as them? Fuck you Target, multi-billion dollar company and what do we get back? What? A shitty 10% off employee discount that we can only use with cash, and not our debit cards unless it’s a shitty red card. Unbelievable, shitty managers, shitty company. I’m tired of big companies like Target expecting so much out of their employees when in reality if they payed them more they would work harder and maybe enjoy being at work…


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Worst position is Cart Attendant. Try that for an hour, you'll have a whole new rant.

  • survived spot says:

    I too worked in hardlines. Things I observed: some old lady just dropping Christmas ornaments on the floor, someone who ruined almost $1000 worth of pillows by squirting chocolate syrup on them, a box of condoms with only one removed (I guess he wasn't planning for a great weekend), 3 empty beer bottles behind furniture, and some old man who got mad at me because I would not fix his eyeglasses. Target is an insane asylum. I made the decision to escape.

  • RonBon says:

    Trust me I know cart attendant sucks sorry I left it out, cart attendants should be payed more as well. But I think we both come to the understanding that Target is run by a punch of pricks!

  • survived spot says:

    The sad thing is is that a reasonable case can be made for all team member jobs being the worst in the stores. Lack of scheduling, people who consistently call in get the greater number of shifts, ETL's who do absolutely nothing other than gripe, bitch, complain, and collect serious bonuses while team members get $.10 an hour pay raises, guests who don't seem smart enough to consume oxygen, and numerous "visits" that are just dumb as the ETL's insure the pigs (stores) get obscene quantities of lipstick in honor of "visitors". See ya spot. This rented mule has not missed your brand of insanity in the 4 months since I tendered my resignation.

    • TargetSucks says:

      No way. Cart attendants clean the bathrooms. They also have to go get the carts whether it's 100 degrees, or negative 20. They clean blood, vomit, and shit. You're right that all TM jobs suck, but if you're not cleaning up shit smeared on the bathroom wall as part of your job description, you're in a better position.


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