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January 6, 2014 - Hate_Me

Another Secret to Target; Act Fast

Recently, Target experienced a major problem with their gift cards. When a guest was paying for a gift card, many, many cashiers were scanning the QR code instead of the barcode. The result was a lot of gift cards that actually had no money on them, but the guest had been charged for it. 

So go into the store and grab an empty gift card. Return later to customer service and tell them that you had received the gift card from some family member who lives in another state, and claim the amount that was ‘supposed’ to be on the gift card. Let them know that your family member who bought the card addressed the issue with the 1-800 number, and they informed her that the QR code was probably scanned. She couldn’t be refunded, because she paid with cash and doesn’t have her receipt.

The store will either credit the gift card, or they will refer you to the 1-800 number where most complaints are sent. Let the guest service person know that your family member was directed by the customer service agent on the 1-800 number to send you to the store to redeem the card for its full value. (Don’t go over $100, because then it just seems suspicious).

Then you’ll have a gift card. But act fast, because this problem is being resolved once they discovered the problem. Oh, and make sure your gift card paper backing has a QR code on it. Write “$100” or whatever amount on the “Amount” line.





  • Angry_Bastard says:

    This would be a great way to hit the red bulls eye for something extra after years of shitty pay. I personally won't try it, though.

  • takemethere says:

    Now that it out right dishonest. We may have a love/hate or hate relationship with target for obvious reasons but it must not cloud our judgement to the point of theft. It was made public that thousands of gift cards were not properly activated.

  • Escaped says:

    I agree with takemethere. Target doesn't have anything in their crappy store that could tempt me to be dishonest for $100 anyway. Aside from that it would just end up hurting the lowest employees on the totem pole. Trust me: the people at the top won't feel a thing, it's the people doing the actual work at the bottom who suffer for the money that gets taken this way.


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