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November 24, 2013 - LODSaretheMissingLink

Another Day at Tarshit

Ok…… so. I’m working at Tarshit as a cashier and I fucking hate it. To give an example of how my fucking day goes: Yesterday I had a lady w a Gain laundry detergent and when I went to ring it up it had a tear in it that spilled some of it all fucking over my counter and floor… so basically I have to pick up the fucking phone and hit “0” to get the operator. Guess who the fucking operator is? A fucking newbie who has no fucking CLUE what the fuck to do. I call her and I’m like “hi I need an item replacement on isle 9” and she then calls someone and leaves a MESSAGE “isle 9 needs something”. So I call back in 3 mins after fucking NO ONE shows up and I’m like “um are sending someone?” her fucking response: “ummmm I called and left a message I guess ummm let me call back.” Basically I had to call this fucking idiot 8 mfucking times and FINA FUCKING LY someone shows up. But guess what, it wasn’t a fucking item replacer, it was someone from the electronics department who’s basically pissed off because she thinks I called for someone in that department… WTF????? She says she doesn’t have a clue where the Gain is but she’ll look. I wait fucking 5 minutes for her to return (no surprise, she never did return ever) and finally after all this time this poor old lady has been standing in line waiting I have to tell her straight “Ma’am, I’m very sorry, I don’t think anyone is replacing your item.” I felt so fucking bad.. I’m one of the few people in this line of work who legitimately cares about the customer and having to tell her there was nothing in my power to help pissed me off so much. She and the people in line behind her understood and didn’t give me a hard time (I fucking hate when they give me shit about shit beyond my control). No one fucking here cares about their job or anyone else. They think if they just ignore the problem it will go away (like the girl who didn’t fucking send anyone to my isle to help). Another thing I fucking hate is the whole G-R system of checking out.. Basically you’re rated on speed as a cashier; when you finish checking someone out, a little letter appears on your screen. G for Good and R for bad. I have no fucking idea what R is short for. I’m just assuming that it’s hooked up to a database that saves your score. But it’s fucking stupid. A myriad of things slow you down: The customer has a shit fucking load of HUGE items that take a while to find the barcode on. Also you have to type in the barcode numbers if the barcode is damaged which takes fucking forever. Or someone has to replace an item, or I have to spend fucking forever trying to find the tag on cloths if they have a lot. I’m here for 90 days seasonal and I am counting the fucking days until I can return to the carnival. FUCK TARSHIT IT SUCKS ASSYRIAN GENITALIA ..!. .  . .!.. Mfucking homy poloni ass Target.


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