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April 12, 2014 - disgusted

Annual review, what a joke!!!!!!

Does anyone have any idea how to make sure that my strong disagreement with some wording that a TL wrote on my review? This TL obviously does not know how to use English words correctly, and I have a strong objection to his use of the word CONSTANTLY when he is referring to something that happened once many months ago, and it happened for very good reason as well. I discussed the matter with store leadership today, and I got told, all we can do is talk about it, but we don’t know how to change things written on a review. It seems like tarshit (I purposely use a small t, and these people don’t deserve a capital T) will get to say whatever they want about me, (or any employee), and get away with it. This TL really needs to go back to school to learn how to use English words. The power these knumpskills have over others is far too much. The stuff this evil empire gets away with gets worse and worse and worse with every day.




  • disgusted says:

    Sorry folks, I guess my first sentence got cut off, or else I was so disillusioned by the nonsense at tarshit, that I left out a few words in it. It should read " Does anyone have any idea how to make sure my strong disagreement to some of the wording that a TL wrote on my review actually gets noticed?" Thanks

    • TargetGrunt says:

      If you have spoken to "local management" as I think the report calls it, try submitting a report through the Hotline:

      Encourage others who are under the same TL to do so and put his/her reputation into question. If only one person does it, it simply gets reported to the STL (whom you spoke to), but multiple reports instigates an investigation.

      You don't have to put your name and you can use a proxy if you're worried about them recording your IP address.

  • fucktarget says:

    It does not matter if you agree with your raise or not. It does not matter if you agree with anything written on your review or not. Here is the way the review process works. The ETL's meet and give you a score. You are then given a raise based on that score. The TL's then have a meeting and are given all the employees score sheets from the ETL meeting. The TL's have to write your reviews based on those sheets. The TLs then divide the reviews up and write them. If you have 4 HardLine TLs for 20 reviews they each write 5. It does not matter if that TL worked with a particular employee or not. The review is written based off of that score sheet. If you received a SATISFACTORY on the sheet, the TL goes by that and just writes shit. No one cares or is too concerned about the employees feelings, as long as the review is written and turned in on-time. By the way, the reviews are previewed by your ETL-HR and STL before the TL gives them to you. They know what you are getting. Who are you going to complain to?

  • disgusted says:

    Thanks fucktarget for the info on how the process works. It reinforces what an evil and corrupt system these folks have. Minnesota passive aggressive BS I see it all as. If I want a laugh, I tell someone I know the new company name, tarshit of course, everyone always loves it too and they laugh for several minutes. Remember anyone even thinking of spending a penny at tarshit, they treat employees or most human beings worse then sewage. Guests are only half decently treated because they spend the money that helps Gregg whats his name (who cares) get his $20 million a year.

  • Silverfox says:

    how much of a raise are you getting? My co-workers complain about their raise, so i tell them it could be worse, we could be getting ten cent raises instead of 40 cent raises.

    • viciousdave says:

      40 cent raise? Nobody at my store has ever gotten over 25 cent for a raise. I got 25 cents once from a good GSTL who understood if you just keep going and be nice as cashier, that's good enough, you get big raise. Second time, 15 cents, third time 10 cents, fourth time 8 cents, fifth time coming up, probaby gonna get bitched at for not good enough, you have an IE, inexcusable rating for never getting enough red cards and not telling people about the survey on the receipts. Fuck tarcrap, as soon as I find a new job, I'm quitting.

      • Silverfox says:

        xD, I was more wondering how shitty of a raise target is giving to it's Canadian team. Of couse can't expect much since target lost nearly one billion usd opening up here. Target already can't get away with min wage in alberta, and northern bc and any area where there's a mine since no one will work for them at min wage. In Nunavut, the min wage is $11 per hour. So yeah interesting to see xD.

  • quitters_win says:

    I gotta a $0.08 raise once WOW. After being treated like dirt I am forever traumatized.

  • tarhellno says:

    They gave a coworker a 2 cent raise.

  • disgusted says:


    The raises many were offered in the BC stores I know of in the Lower Mainland, were 0.17, 0.20 (seemed average), a 0.33, ........but we recently also lost $1 an hour pay too tho, when they removed the $1 an hour shift supplement, for anything before 8 am. They make sure no one is eligible with scheduling and other tricks they have. Sadly they can get away with it in the Lower mainland it seems. Cheap, mean, evil tarshit......

  • Silverfox says:

    lol at least they aren't trying to get away with offering people a puny 10 cent raise. They're getting away with the shitty raises in lower-mainland because we have no heavy industry that's willing to offer 20 bucks an hour. Mostly service and tourism in lower mainland

    I imagine target will be thinking or saying : SEE! we're not so bad! we offer people 20 cent raises. We don't offer ten cent raises. That's just a rumor!

    This fake sugarness is rather annoying. ugh.

  • allergy says:

    The longer you stay at target, the worser your reviews get because they don't want to pay you ahaha

    And they will always say that there's "room for improvement".

    As for me, my TL had little to say on my improvement and gave me a lousy score for something like "not asking how to improve", but when i asked, he said something like "I dunno, what do you think needs to be done?"


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