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December 24, 2014 - BashfulB


I was very excited at first working for Target, I was there for 2 weeks. In that two weeks, I was treated like I do not matter.

First day I was there, we did all the paperwork, and it lasted a very long time, mind you, I asked them nicely if we would be done by 5pm. (It took me 2 hours to get there by bus, train and a long walk) we did not finish until after 8, so I had to be out in the dark, which in a big city, alone was very scary.

They gave me a set time to be there, and I was always early, so I used to sit in the break room and read, I was told off for being TOO early…so I was very upset.

Another thing that got under my skin is I was hired to be in the softlines, and I was put on the cash register within 2 days of NO training (I have experience at the cash register at least!) I was overwhelmed.

The 9th day I was there, in a row, I was robbed at gun point walking late from work (11pm, and I did not leave until 12:15, so in a big city, again alone, it was scary!) I was NOT allowed to even put my phone in my locker, so I did not have access to call 911 right away, I had to go back to the shopping plaza were Target was and call from a boss who was just leaving.

I called in the next day, explaining myself, and they said they’d give me 2 days off to recover from the shock, and horror that happened, which of course as a new employee, I was grateful for. I went back 2 days later, and the store manager called me into her office and had the head team leader that hired me ask me what happened, I explained and she said she was going to have to fire me because I did not have a copy of my police report. I had the case # from the police on their business card and the detective who was investigating the case.

Since this, I have not stepped foot into ANY of the stores without a panic attack. I am ashamed and embarrassed to post this, but I wanted to stress how much I feel like a failure at this.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    You shouldn't feel like a failure; Target failed you. You should speak with a lawyer. They put you in a dangerous situation, and then wrongfully terminated you because of it. On the bright side, you don't work for Target now. Congratulations on that! Hopefully you'll find a good job somewhere they might actually appreciate you.

    • BashfulB says:

      I unfortunately live in a "right to work state" where you can be fired for anything. I spoke to the DOL. I am glad I am away, even though I liked the people, I do not like being mistreated. Unfortunately since this (was in 2011) my health has made me home bound.

      • TargetSucks says:

        Most states are at-will, but that doesn't mean you can't sue or collect unemployment. The main thing is that you were mistreated and put in dangerous situations that they should have protected you from. I was a retail manager in a past life, and we would walk in groups if we were leaving late night. There's always something that can be done to make a bad situation safer.

  • viciousdave says:

    WTF? They wanted proof that you were robbed from. You had a police report and you probably gave a description of the guy who had the gun and stole from you to the cops. You had a report, the police gave you a card and a report! WTF doesn't Target understand? So you get robbed and than fired. WTF king of luck is that. Fuck Target for that bullshit, how could that week of yours gotten any worse?

  • Silverfox says:

    Ok i might get lots of dislikes for this but whatever. Take it as a silver lining and a lesson in what not to do the next time. Do not take a min wage job you need to commute hours to. Your min wage won't even cover transportation cost so why bother?

    Point #2 Your situation means if you have to commute, it's best to do it before it gets late, so a retail job is not something you should be looking at in the first place. A cushy 9 to 5 office job if it's 2 hours away would be a much better job for you. Otherwise if you must do retail do it in your neighbourhood.

  • BashfulB says:

    Re: TargetSucks:

    Since I was there less than 90 days, no unemployment, suing... I do not know if I could go back that far back, I'll have to ask a lawyer. Thanks!

    Re: viciousdave

    I had no report as yet, as it takes 7-10 days for it to get into the system, I had the contact information with the detective I was working with, who I met with 2 times before going back to work, and we worked on a way to get them the info- I was going to get the report when was available and then if they had any follow up questions when they caught the guy to share with Target, as I made it public.

    Re: Silverfox How is $5 when you have to go long distances in Atlanta (there I outed where I live) not worth it? It was very much worth it to me, and I got MORE than minimum wage? So...I thought/assumed since my Mother worked in the distribution center they were going to be a great company to work for...

    Unfortunately as I stated, my health has gone down hill since then and I am home-bound....but I just think it is unfair that they treat me like I WANTED to be robbed....

  • disgusted says:

    more tarsgut lies!!!!! tarsgit has so much video surveillance everywhere they have seen the robbery several times already and are using whatever excuse they dreamed up to get u gone.
    remmeber tarshit has people in MN watching stores by remote all the time, federal US agencies even called upon tarshit to help them with investigations, as they are leaders in knowing how surveillance works, tarshit stopped or curtailed doing it tho as requests were too high,

    everything tarshit does is to benefit the selfish shareholders, they lied to you totally, (they lie to all of us too)


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