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September 15, 2014 - TargetIsTheNewWalmart

An update on my situation

After a few months without a job(I did have a few odd jobs to help make ends meet) I have finally landed a job that offers not just better pay than Target, better benefits too! I get 30% employee discount and a better plan, I’m excited to start in the next couple of days. If you don’t remember me, I posted this post back in the summer

A few things have happened since then since I got a new job. First off, the fight I had with Target over unemployment was insane. I didn’t initially want to get unemployment insurance since I was more focused on getting a new job, but my mother had surgery during the summer so I decided to cave in. Target, however, decided to tell the unemployment office that I quit instead of being fired so I couldn’t collect unemployment insurance. It took me two months to get the situation straightened out. I’ve never heard of such a ridiculous thing. First day I went to the unemployment office, they said they would have to contact my last place of employment to see if everything matched up. The person working my case called my former manager and they said I quit on the spot. I explained to my caseworker that I was fired over a dumb-ass reason but they said I had to get them to agree to my story and I had to do some paper work and hand it over to Target(which was a bundle of joy). Target dicked around with the documents for a while. During that time, they also dicked around with my final pay check. I was not allowed back in the store at all, so they said they would mail me my final pay check. They said if I came back in the store, it would create gossip with the team members and they didn’t want that so they said I would most likely be forgotten about by Christmas time so I could come back by then. Anyways it was two months later that I received my final paycheck. First it was mailed to an address I haven’t lived at since 2010. I called them after a while because I thought not getting my final paycheck was not just insulting but illegal. The HR manager I talked to asked if I lived at the location that the check was mailed to and I said I haven’t lived there since 2010. I wasn’t nice about it. I said  “why is that old address in the system, I haven’t lived there in years, my current address should be in the system!” so they said they would print a new one and mail it to me. Three weeks later I received my final paycheck but my unemployment situation wasn’t resolved. I called the store frequently which pissed off the LODs(like I care) and the second to last time, one of them said they didn’t care if I got unemployment insurance, I’m no longer an employee with Target and I don’t give them redcards anymore so I don’t matter to them. The manager said sarcastically “get redcards and we will talk”, and that pissed me off to the point where I cut up my red card, which I still don’t know why I had because I haven’t shopped at Target since I was fired. The last time I talked to them about my unemployment situation(which was before I was officially hired on where I am at now), they said flat out they weren’t going to do anything about it. They acted like it wasn’t there place and pretended it was company policy not to get involved with an unemployment office. I called them out on that, which lead to a pretty heated phone conversation. I eventually hung up as it was going to get me nowhere. The next day I caught a break, I was hired on with a new job. I was happy that I was getting a new job and getting legit pay for once, and I wouldn’t have to deal with Target ever again. This weekend however, I ran into my former GSTL. He no longer works for Target. He was an older gent, worked for Target since the late 70s, pretty much speaked his mind and HATED red cards. He told me that Target let him go because under his watch, redcard conversions were slower than syrup on a cold day. He told me that Target wanted to get rid of me and a few others because I was doing poorly with red card applications along with a few other cashiers. LODs didn’t want to say “we are firing you because you suck with red cards” fearing the backlash so they looked for reasons to get rid of any cashier who was not up to quota with the devil card. They found a reason to get rid of me with an incident that happened months earlier with my Dad coming through my lane and handing me a $25 gift card and acting like it wasn’t my dad and I was in fact stealing from a guest. Then pretty much throwing me out in the rain(literally) and telling me not to come back and “not to get too wet!”


I just wanted to get all of that off my chest. Since I am moving on from the situation Target put me in, I wanted to get it all off since I am not looking back on this. Not only am I ever shopping with Target ever again, I saved the pieces of the redcard I cut up and I’m going to mail them to the CEO of Target with a letter enclosed that says “FUCK YOU!!!”. In a way, getting fired from Target was one of the best things that happened to me. I’m starting to realize it now. It may have been a dumb ass reason that I later found out was a coverup for an even stupider reason, but I no longer have to preach the gospel of the redcard. I no longer have to wear red an khaki. I will be reviving pay that is not insulting and I will get better benefits out of it. Target can go to Hell as far as I’m concerned. I can’t believe it has come to the point where they begin to make Walmart look good. The managers(most of them) and the people at corporate(all of them) don’t care about the people on the lower end. All they care about is their stupid redcards. They don’t care if you are barley getting by on ends meet, they want red cards. My advice to anyone else working at Target, get out now!! If you are not in college, go to college so it will be easier to get a better job. Just get away from Satan’s red eye. Hell if you can, don’t even shop at Target. You’ll feel better, I have. I have shopped elsewhere since, and I have gotten a better experience out of it. I haven’t been to a Target in seven months, I hope to keep it that way. To those who are trapped in the hell like prison that is Target, godspeed.


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  • Silverfox says:

    if you want pay from target that is not insulting, move to alberta canada or new york usa.

    • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

      Um...I have a new job now that is NOT Target. And why would I even go back to Target? If I had to choose between being shot in the head and working for Target, I'd choose being shot in the head. Working for Target is like being constantly stabbed in the back. I won't even shop there again!

  • FivePercentDrained says:

    Ty for the post! It's make me feel, when the time comes(looking for new job), to use my cellphone and, take picture and record of the event when i do decide to leave Tarshit for good. Just a precaution and have evidence when tarshit decide to fuck with me more. Have some evidence to fuck them back. Scary indeed! But, have the conscience evidence to say TARSHIT is FULL OF SHIT!.

    • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

      Yeah I was warned right after I was let go from Tarshit, that Tarshit likes to fuck with former employees for kicks. It's like the management has nothing better to do. Are they in high school or something? I remember on a few occasions, when I was in TSC, a manager would be on the phone and either a place was calling about a former employee that was either applying with them or unemployment office calling to confirm if an employee was fired, laid off, etc or just quit. In all cases, management would go on about how they were a horrible employee, exaggerated a bunch of bull shit, or in the case of the unemployment office calling they would tell them that person quit. I don't understand, that person has nothing to do with Target anymore, why continuously fuck with them? Like I said, the management stoops to high school like levels. It's pathetic. I had a friend of mine call them over the summer pretending to be a potential employer calling in regards to me. I had them record the conversation with a recorder and the manager my friend talked to over the phone went on and on about how I was a terrible employee and I was fired over punching a pregnant woman(which is far from the reason I was let go, it had to do with the fucking gift card) and a bunch of bull shit. I was going to use this against them but then I got a job offer and decided to ultimately leave it in the past. I felt like the job I just got was a big sign to leave it all in the past and move on. I'm still always going to criticize Tarshit at every corner, but I won't go out of my way to collect evidence against them to get my store in trouble like I had been planing, although they did and still do deserve it.

      • FivePercentDrained says:

        I'm not going out of my way to get the store in trouble per-say. I'm only going to use it like a timeline just in case. Like you said on your post, and past post, that you got fired, yet you got label as quit. when it come to me in the future. Why am i going to be label as FIRED?!?!?! while i have proof that i quit properly and fairly. But at the end result, i can understand why you told me that and i do thank you. However, i am still going to collect evidence for my end for in case. Basically, i got to do what i got to do. Thank you and i hope you future goes well. ^_^

        • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

          Target sucks. Ever since I've left I've been hearing stories, not just on here, that they like to bully former employees after they leave in one way or another. It's like high school but worse. I mean with you, you quit properly and yet they want to act like they fired you. That's not right! Have you even shopped at Target since you left? I wish you good luck in the future too!

          • FivePercentDrained says:

            Agree! Tarshit sucks ass! I currently searching for new job at the moment. I might risk of doing a seasonal job if things don't turn up. But, eventually i will find one. Agree on what you said, Will leave the pass behind me. To answer you question, will i shop at target again? NOO! even if my family and friends force me to visit Tarshit in the future, i refuse to spend 1 penny. hahaha :3


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