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January 6, 2014 - unfollowed

Am I lazy or am I trying too hard?

Ok I’ve worked at Target for about a month now. I was hired as hardlines and backup cashier. Everytime I leave this place I feel like I did a bad job and while I’m there I just feel like the shittiest employee ever. But I know that I’m trying the best I can!

Every LOD has basically made me feel like I can’t zone fast enough. But I’m just trying to make it look like the brick wall they’re always talking about. And that takes time! It probably takes me about 10 minutes to make an aisle look perfect, depending on the shape it’s in. And I don’t know what to do besides the best I can?

I’ve talked to people about how to zone the easiest. I’ve learned going from up to down and then over is more efficient and that’s cool but when you’re constantly finding garbage and strays that adds a whole new distraction because then I have to go put those away and then they’ll call me up to cashier or grab push and put the push away and it’s like, “OMG how do you expect me to get 13 aisles done in 2 hours on top of all this?”

Am I just really slow or am I overthinking it?


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  • target666 says:

    This is exactly what happened to me. You are not a machine and if you feel you are doing a good job or trying your hardest...screw them. Like I wrote on my post, I'm not 27 people for 27 aisles. I'm one person. I was also a backup cashier. When they say i want this zoned 100%. F that. You are expendable just like me and everyone else. Like I wrote before, you do 99 things right, but you didn't zone that aisle like a brick wall, they feel like they should throw tomatoes at you and that you are the scum of the earth. F target. And I hope this breach fucks them up permanently.

    • viciousdave says:

      Can easily agree exactly with your words. Screw Target up the ass if doing something isn't good enough. I've told them a million times and my store management and leaders finally understand because I am the voice of the voiceless. I spoke up for backroom, cashiers, cart attendants, all front end, sales floor, and everyone, that one man or woman is not superman or god, we can't get every single thing done that is scheduled to us. That's just not possible with everything else in the way, trash, going up front, helping out in other areas. Extra help in other areas mean we can't finish in our main areas. I have continuously been the voice of the voiceless at my store for every man and woman and told that all the team leads and manager of store that you will not hastle against anyone for poor work performance unless you actually spot someone talking too much or on there phone or not performing work. But if someone is having a bad back or tired, don't tell them that's too bad, help them, you don't want a medical problem at work to happen. My manager has gone and told all leaders of this important message and added it to keep respectful and not defiant like a general of an army.

  • Angry_Bastard says:

    Overthinking it, easily. Stop it. Care less!!

  • ZedOmega says:

    ultimately the direction target is going is in the path of squeezing blood from stones. unfortunately the team members are the stones.

    the trick to surviving as a team member is either kiss a bunch of ass or just worry about what you can be coached for. if you are constantly moving, seeking feedback, and maintaining a positive attitude then they can't touch you.

    here's the answer:

    If every ETL is down your throat then you might want to find a way to be more productive or at least SEEM that way. If it's only ONE ETL that just wont let up then

    #1 talk to your team lead or whoever the closing TL is (this wont do anything but maybe get a leader on your side or at least give you info as to why you're being yelled at, whether it's your fault or the ETL is a burned out prick

    #2 sit down with your HR privately (in their office with the door SHUT) tell them about how the ETL's method of feedback is lowering your self-worth daily. be sure to ask your HR more questions about why this is happening rather than spilling your guts. the goal at the end of the convo is to make the HR take action or at least say they will take action. don't say too much here because this convo leads into....

    #3 (the achilles heel of target upper management) CALL THE TEAM MEMBER HOTLINE (1-800-541-6838 i think) It's also called the Integrity Hotline and the numbers are posted in either clerical, the break room, or down some hallway near HR. The most important thing here is to make sure you stress the importance of this issue and it's affects on your emotion and mental state rather than coming off as an upset employee.

    a call to the Hotline is a big deal. The DTL (or the boss of your STL) gets a notification on each hotline call and the reason for the call. keep in mind that the call is confidential and your name won't be associated with the call unless you admit to it (but by "Target Law" they can never directly ask if you called or not)

    I've seen ETLs "quit" or get transferred due to an influx of hotline calls about them.. it's a powerful tool but if you plan to move up in target then don't let anyone know you placed the call or you're chances will decrease (by that i mean fall to next to nothing)

    then again... i don't recommend promoting from TM anyway... it's a waste time.

    "Expect more. Pay Less." a motto about target's product? or about their team members??

  • iHateTargetMore says:

    I know exactly what youre talking about. I work in electronics and also toys so when we close Im usually by myself zoning both departments AND helping people with TVs, cameras and ANOTHER video game. Then when closing time approaches the Lod's like "why arent you done zoning already"? and I'm like "uh, how bout u try zoning all that while dealing with those "guests" huh?"

  • ModernDaySlave says:

    Over thinking it. Learn your ETLs petpeeves/focus points. I used to be HBA Brand. I can zone all of it (cosmetics to chemicals) in two hours and it will be "perfect" yet barely do anything. 1 do back ends first they get touched less 2 peg zone from the bottom to the top. 3 find what they look at, the focus points here are tooth paste, women's and men's body wash aisle. Just because these are the aisles you walk down to get to tsc. Do your front end caps last. Don't pull everything forward, that's just bs we say to keep tms from standing around doing nothing. I started off as a cashier and I'm a senior TL now. The only way to move up in Target is being buddy buddy with someone above you. They'll get you there because it looks good for them to promote their tms


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