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February 27, 2015 - dragonguy87

Absolutely Terrified

I am a recent hire of Target. I’ve been to this site several times, mostly to prepare myself for the possibilities ahead, but I don’t think I was prepared for what happened today. Today was my “orientation”, if you can call it that. I arrived, and I was carted into the office area with my other fellow hires. I was sat at a table, asked to sign a whole SLEW of paperwork that I barely had time to read (none of it tax related, might I add… don’t employers usually make you fill out W-4’s?) then the orientation leader, who will remain nameless not because I don’t want to give myself away, but BECAUSE HE NEVER TOLD IT TO US IN THE FIRST PLACE, turned on a DVD powerpoint thing. He then handed ME the remote, told me to click OK to move it forward, and LEFT. HE LEFT THE ROOM FOR AN HOUR, leaving us to watch the safety videos and go through the powerpoint slides in silence. There was no discussion. No question time. No nothing. After the powerpoint he gave us probably the most half-assed store tour on record, and just like that we were told to go home. Never have I been to a more soulless orientation. Never have I started work at a place knowing so little about it. My first shift is bright and early tomorrow, and I arrive not knowing anything. I don’t know the leadership structure of this store. I don’t know who the store manager is. Who my manager is. I don’t know who I’m REPORTING to. I don’t know how I’m getting into a store that won’t even be open yet when I arrive. I don’t know anything about this computer system we’re supposed to have access to for time off requests or availability. I have no paperwork apart from my schedule. No employee handbook, no policy guide, nothing. I don’t even know if or when I get breaks! I would say that I hope this isn’t an indication of what the REST of my training will be like, but I know better after reading some of the things on this site. I fully expect to be shoved onto a register tomorrow morning, told good luck, and to be left to my own devices. Given my horrible social anxiety, I can only imagine how it will go. Send pleasant thoughts my way, everyone.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Sorry, I don't think lying will help your social anxiety. They're not going to train you properly. They're going to dump you on a register and say good luck. So take the time you need to prepare for that, and hopefully you'll find a better job soon.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    You'll "train" with a cashier for May be a couple hours learning the basics of the job. Otherwise a lot of it is trial and error I'm afraid. Hopefully your "team mates" are helpful enough and don't you totally hanging. I too didn't meet my now former managers until like a week later. The orientation isn't very helpful I agree. Sadly orientation at a lot of places is endless pointless paperwork with information no one remembers until they catch onto things down the road. Hang in there until you find something better!

    • rainprincess64 says:

      Also a lot of places make you do the tax stuff like your W4s on their internal site, Tarshit included. It is to save on paperwork and time I guess. The website isn't too hard to learn. There should be a booklet in the break room or the HR ETLs office showing you how to do everything on there. This place is definitely not for people who want quality training to do a great job but is instead designed so people focus on "selling" the company services. Ugh so glad to be out of there!

  • RedCardFairy says:

    The orientation is basically a target marketing brainwashing session. They provide a bunch of information that doesn't apply to a lowly team member... All designed to give the impression you have just joined a reputable, well run company... Which couldn't be further from the truth. You are a # number to them. Just smile and say everything is great. They will ask for feedback... Don't fall for the trap... They ONLY want to hear how great you believe everything is. Everyday will be like mission impossible... As long as you remember to make it right for the guest and say yes to the guest you should be good.

  • poohbear80 says:

    Oh my goodness, I had my orientation 2 months ago and other than flying through paperwork without being given time to read it, the dvds and store tour were explained. Your second day HR will have you complete your W4 and hazard/alcohol tests in the backroom on the computer where you will make your account to access the website for your time off and to request direct deposit etc, and then you will start training. You report to the LOD (leader on duty) which varies so when you arrive you can just ask for the front end LOD. The LOD is supposed to tell you when you go on your break, but there should be a clipboard at the end of one of the closed register lanes with all the times for breaks there (at least at my store there is), I always look at mine because half the time I've never told to leave for my break and I ask the LOD about taking it at the correct time. If you have any problems just flip your blinking light unless the LOD is close enough to hear you.
    You will get the hang of it, I was flipping out at first as well, after you learn the register the only pressure you will have is for pushing red cards, replacement plans, pet prescriptions, cartwheel (whew) to all the customers, and on top of all that they want you to converse with them, aww their babies, give a sticker to their kids, all with a big phony grin. Target cashiering is not just being a cashier, you are a Target representative to promote all Target has to offer (mainly red cards) which is the ihatetarget part of the job for me. If you just want to Cashier I would apply somewhere else before you make yourself miserable. If this sounds okay to you then it will get better and I hope you do well 🙂

  • brokencart says:

    lol I remember having this orientation. One of the other new hires walked out, found the person that had left us with the dvd, threw their paperwork at them, and left the store.


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