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November 20, 2014 - howaboutno

About to stop going

So I’ve been at Target about a month and I’m done. I was just using it as a filler job until I found something better. I have another job lined up so now I  just want to stop showing up to work. I don’t want to give a two weeks notice and I don’t want to tell them I’m quitting. I don’t plan to use them as a reference and I have other work experience. So i’m just wondering how this will impact me negatively? I’ve never done this before i’ve either quit or given my two weeks. Would I have to go back to get my last (first) paycheck? (I have direct deposit set up) Also they haven’t even made me fill out my tax paperwork which I thought you should fill out when you get hired…so should I do that on mytime before I go? Trying to leave this place and avoid it afterward at all costs.  Thanks for the help fellow haters of Target.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    I think the proper way to quit is wait until black friday, show up late, take a shit on the front lanes, and then leave while singing show tunes.

  • TargetSlaveee says:

    I submitted a post the title says, that I didn't finish my two weeks. I was there for a month, and then put my two weeks in, but then I called and told them I wasn't showing up again. It won't hurt you, if you don't use them as a reference. They have to pay you for the hours you worked. Its the law. I had got another job lined up, and then I quit. I feel so relieved! But yea, just don't ever bring them up at any future jobs and you'll be good.

  • bdubs2014 says:

    I would keep going and then not show up on black Friday/Thanksgiving. That'll really piss them off. Hopefully you're scheduled to open, that would be the best. As for the paycheck, I'd fill out the tax stuff on eHR before you quit. There's a paper you get at orientation that shows you how to do it, but it's on the computer and not difficult to figure it out. As for your check, if you have direct deposit it'll go in automatically and then you should get a pay stub in the mail.

  • TargetMinion says:

    Your W-4 is filled out electronically on


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