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August 26, 2017 - ORGuy97

About to lose it!!!!!

So bare with me here. I have only worked for Target (team 0613) for only a year now and it has been a literal HELL! At first it was alright, but then by my 4th or 5th month (everything is a blur now thanks to how they schedule me), my LOD and a few others started to badger and treat me unfairly. Now I’ll admit, I’m not the picture perfect employee their wanting, but when you decide to judge the way I do my job (the way THEY trained me to do it), that’s when I get angry. Not only do they harp on me for nothing, but I’m pretty sure they also treat me unfairly because my own mother used to work there. She was the FLOW lead and everyone (including the asshats that pick on me) loved her. But the minute she found an even better job, the LOD’s wanted her out, as if she “betrayed” the company. She said someone even tried to make her stay and continue working for them. Thank god she’s free. And now, since I’m the son of the former FLOW lead, it’s like the people i work for want me gone. Not only are some of the team leads bad, but our store is legit ranked as one of the least safest stores in the continental US. That and we constantly see guests tweaked out of their mind, discarded food and beverage containers (fucking disgusting), barely any hardlines or cashiers due to them calling out or quitting after a few weeks (only me and 2 other colleagues of mine are left out of 10 that were hired last August, the other 7 quit within 2 to 3 weeks after getting hired. Guess i should have done the same), merchandise put in wrong locations (especially food. I have constantly found food items lying or placed in the chemical section and it pisses me off), broken items that are either put back on the floor or just thrown away without being looked at, open boxes and their contents either missing or messed with…i could go on and on but I’m very tired and need to sleep (since it’s currently 2:30 in the morning as i write this). Anyway, long story short, I am now currently looking for a new job and will be putting in my two weeks notice asap. I swear if any one of those assholes upstairs decides to call me up for some random bullshit, or tries to make me stay, I will file a fucking complaint on their asses so fast it’ll make their heads spin. #Targetisshit


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  • bigrog44 says:

    I just quit after almost 15 years. I was on LOA due to an ulcer in my right big toe. The toe is going to be amputated pretty soon. They gave me lots of corrective actions last year due to my speed. My disability affects my speed. The manager thinks that I'm making excuse. Friday, September 29th was my last day before my LOA that I worked. I admit myself to the hospital September 30th. I was in there for a week. I stayed out of work for 3 1/2 months. I was getting disability from my night for all that span.
    On January 3rd my doctor told me when I can come back to work. After that appointment, my HR manager was off work. Thursday, we had bad weather. I had to wait til Friday to let Target know when I can come back to work. I told them I can come back on Monday the 8th. The manager said to come on Monday at 9 am. I came in Monday morning and the way it was set up, it had to be a plan. When my shift was over, I had a corrective action. He said this is a final warning so next corrective action, I will be terminated. My excuse for my performance was my disability. A week after I reported to work my wound opened back up and they will amputate. Now I said to myself should I quit? I do not want to waste my breath going off on my manager so I decided to quit before my time was up.
    Anyway, my battery is going dead, so I have to end this.


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