Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 16, 2015 - Deafie

About time!

Greeting to my long-time suffering former and current team members,

I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s post at I hate Target for last year and half, it brought laughter to me when i showed up at Target everyday in 4am. I’m going start my rant against Target after holding it in and trying to tough it out, but I don’t work for them anymore, so here it come. Around winter break, I got “fired” for no-call/no-show for three days in row, but in reality I decided to quit and screw Target over by not showing up work instead of not handing in two weeks notice…why? 1) they never paid me more than $10 as Presentation team member, even I worked at there for almost 8 years. 2) I’m deaf worker and (STL, ETLs and TLs) at T-0950 seems to forgetting that fact and told me that it will factor in my pay review if I didn’t go to Huddle everyday, which I never did anyway, but I could never understood what the hell were they saying except “Today, we made $101,132 and it is not quite close enough for our goal today, $130,000. We need to keep pushing more redcards to Guests, helping Guests, help backing up cashiers and zone your area. We can do it, we only have 3 people from Softlines and 2 people from Hardlines, Let’s go.” I mumbled to other team members that if ETLs weren’t happy with $101,132, then they should donate all of it to team members for bonus as exchange for loyalty to keep the workers.

And jesus christ, Presentation suck balls, even it keep me busy and make my shift go by really quick, I’m not kidding. I was told by my team leader that Presentation at T-0950 is exception because this is what typical Presentation team members does everyday at T-0950: Get the planogram papers that they’re assigned to work, take all of the products off the shelves, clean the shelves, put the new labels in, put up new signings, make the batches for pull, go to backroom and start pulling Presentation batches, stock the products and research. (They never finish the workload for day and have to complete it next day along with new workload that could take around 6-8 hours to complete) Mind you guys, they’re doing three people jobs (Flow, Backroom, and Presentation) and sometimes they have to back up the cashiers while trying to meet unrealistic deadline or workload being completed in a week…while most presentation teams in different Target stores would just take products off the shelves, clean the shelves and put the new labels in while Flow team would stock the products and Backroom team would pull batches for Presentation team.

I realized that I have no job right now and doing job hunting, but it dawned on me that I’ve never been happier or getting a lot of good sleep since I, in my rightfully action, quit working for Target. I went to back to my old job for shopping and one of team members recognized me and said “Wow, you look really young like you have gotten well-rested sleep for long time.” and all I said “You can’t beat good sleep with shitty wages and long hours.” As soon as I said it, the cashiers and guest service workers bursted out with roar of laughter in front of customers who were bewildered about it.. Okay, my nonsense ranting is over now, thank god that I let it out of my system now instead of holding in as grudge against Target for the rest of my life. My fellow team members, I only have one advice for all of you guys: If you’re not happy at Target, then quit soon as you’re looking for a job. Don’t let this job hold you down because you needed the money…money can’t buy happiness or happy girlfriend/boyfriend. Oh, for the record, fuck the customers…the only time I call someone as “Guest” is when they’re in my house, not store. The only difference is that when guest is rude to me, I throw the guest out of my house onto curb.




  • rainprincess64 says:

    I really wanted to just quit Target as soon as possible before I even got the call to be interviewed for my new job. A lot of the reasoning behind why I stayed is because of me trying to put together a stronger case against this rotten company for retaliation and pregnancy discrimination. Sadly needing the money was part of all that as well. Part of me wishes I quit way before I did however because of how much crap this company put me through during a rather challenging time of my life.

  • Silverfox says:

    only place they don't dare call customers guests is quebec lol


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