Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 25, 2019 - Starget Nobile


Coming from the perspective of someone who worked for Target Mobile at 5 different stores in my district for 2 years, and has friends and family who have worked for Target for 4 years, 7 years, and 15 years — I can sum up everything I’ve ever learned about Target in three words: ‘Target goes on’

And what I mean by that is Target is a poorly managed mess of a company that lets babies die, and dreams break, so that it may live!

It doesn’t matter how long you work for target or how many “raises” you get because “raises” don’t stack on top of “cost of living” increases. “Performance reviews” are given halfway through the fiscal year so they can trick team members into feeling like they are being appreciated by paying them 25 cents more than they were making but when the hiring wage goes up at the rnd of the year the raises don’t stack. That’s why anyone who works for Target abd doesn’t take a team lead possition will always make starting wage no matter how long they work for Target.

There are only 3 positions in each store that a person could make a decent life for themselves.

These are the three executive positions.

1) HR exec

2) STL (store manager)

3) ETL logistics.

If you are not them, they are using you.
Every decision/directive they give you is based on corporate incentives. The department managers or “LOD’s” or whatever you want to call them, are all waiting for their chance to move up and replace one of the execs. This results in allot of a** kissing. It also usually results the ETL, STL, and HR exec developing a system of watching eachothers backs. But they’ll all throw eachother under the bus in a heart beat if they can move up or avoid blame in a sticky enough situation. Each of these people are human scum that only made it to their position with years of stepping on others, lying, manipulation, and a**kissing.

If you don’t want to get messed with at Target either stay out of this pecking order and expect nothing for yourself, and I mean NOTHING. Not a garanteed amount of hours. Not a set schedule. Not consistent duties. Not consistent expectations. NOTHING. Don’t even worry yourself with your actual performance, work ethics, or abilities. It’s only going to cloud your head up with useless ideas about reality, and whats “fair”. In the grand scheme of things none of that will matter. But… if you plan to put years in there then figure out your place in line and get your lips ready.


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  • Redcardsuck says:

    The fact that this has to few dislikes tells me there's some hint of truth of this even amongst the corporate shills.


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