Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

May 12, 2015 - tron4x55

About experience at target

Well i work heck hole for 8 yrs, not to say my other job are better work 2 to 3 job make a living not great pay.  Target used to be good and fun to work for alot hours and stuff start in 2007 nameless and live in ny somewhere but to the point.  It was always fast passed on line same bs, and pull pallets out, same people on line no rotation horrible.   Figure back gonna be sore on that line and especially on truck hot and hardly get anything to drink and if you do they dont want to see you drink.  The young etl work there clueless on how things should be sorted along with supervisor just a pet for him.  My beef is pay is better at this job i went too but should be alot more pay than what we get.  The people have there own clicks some are nice and some are nasty.  Dont understand why not all nice were team and should be one.  As for on youtube videos all true.  I used to work 4 to 8 or 9 sometime 12 but not anymore, they change it for worst.  530 to 8, 2.5 hrs cause got another job but im glad to escape hell hole when im done i say 8 oclock immma out of here lol, like you got freedom, almost ready to give 2 week how i survive never know.

Our store went from grade a back mid 2000s to grade c meaning closing no more sat trucks it seems.  Also ceo crap being not know what he is doin messed up with canadians and big mess in itself, i agree shut doors to my buddy he is funniest guy there candy man lol calls me make my day over there other than that no fun.  I work on softlines it awesome fun faces there sort of.  As for etl and management they know what goin and dont care cause store gonna close in few years trust me for worst and seem like get rid other guys and gals there too been long with hours cut and overnight shift silly 50 cents well spend that on a paper wait a minute cost 75 cents lol.   Right now look for field soon i like to have fun and do and hopefully start some business with my buddy own boss but not easy just keep one day at time.  My think would be got good job and then some help people i know out of this mess and that would be a story not some people that put other down cause higher up.

If your think of it do what you got to do look for another place that feel better and dont treat you like your another number as with time clock lol.



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