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March 25, 2020 - Flyers000

A positive gain from working at Target

I left Target over 5 years ago. I worked overnight, unloading, scanning, stocking…may I add…I am a petite female and every night had to unload and  furnistock theture, dog food, cat litter, pallets of water with broken jacks,.everything heavy while the larger males tend to get assigned soaps, candles and deoderant. I needed a job at the time because the company I worked for went out of business so I knew it was temporary until I found something else. Temporary lasted two years of hell. I watched so many people get verbally abused every night. The same abuse went on during the morning when the cashiers came in. It was horrible to see my leads leave in tears. To see the good people, the hardest workers get treated like garbage. I finally found another job which almost paid double as a starting rate.

I am now in a much happier place, and I love my job and get great raises every year.

The reason for my post? I feel everyone should have to work retail for at least one year so they can humble themselves. So they can have a better understanding of what workers go through and be more sympathetic. It makes you appreciate the new job you will have in the future.

Working for Target made me appreciate what I have now. Really appreciate.

I saw the news about bonuses being handed out and it makes me sad that it doesn’t get extended to everyone. You guys on the floor deserve something too. Not 10% extra off fruit as an employee bonus . I really hope they reconsider and be a little more generous.

Also, it really does depend on who your boss is. When I first started, I had the best boss in the world. To this day I hold her in very high regard. It was the jerks after her that ruined it for me.

Good luck to you guys. I hope you are able to find your next job that you will love…your freedom from hell.




  • Silverfox says:

    Sometimes you can outlast the jerks and the jerks literally get shunned by the entire department that they leave on their own. Or tame the jerks so they start listening. I've had a supervisor get promoted to manager protect the cashiers from the crazies so much they came down and replaced him. He always had our backs.


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