Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 4, 2014 - moneyaintworthit


Okay, horror is only a slight overstatement.

But let me tell you something. Target is one of my favorite places to shop. Believe it or not, they have a lot of cool sh*t. I figured, Oh yeeeeah Target is so cool I could totally work there and it would be sooooo coooool yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. I’d gut punch my former if time travel ever allowed me to.

It started off fine, the phone interview was good, the one-on-one interview was great… There weren’t any red flags, basically. Training was good… And then I noticed the other employees. I have NEVER gotten so many dirty looks and fake smiles in my entire life. Like, what?! Do you guys know me or something? Did I steal your man or???? But that’s something I learned to overcome back in high school. (Which, by the way was only a year ago.) I’ve matured at least a little more than they obviously┬áhaven’t… So I accepted it. Okay, I’m not gonna have many friends here. Whatever, as long as I still get paid.

I was a slaves floor– I MEAN, sales floor associates. Do your zones, do your reshop, answer “guest” questions. Easy enough. But then eventually it was do your zone, are you done with your zone?, it’s been 30 minutes you should be done with your zone, can you grab this full cart of reshop, put that reshop down, I need you to do a pull, you’re still doing a pull?, that should have been done as soon as you grabbed it, finish your reshop, I need you up for backup, somebody called off can you finish your zone and their zone too, there’s another pull back there for you and they need help up front, where are you in your zooOOOooOOne???? OVERWHELMING AS F*CK. And I hated that damn walkie. Stop bothering me.


And I thought, hey I’m new. It’s my first week. I’ll get used to it I DIDN’T. I DIDN’T GET USED TO IT. I stopped answering the calls for backup because I’m not a cashier, why should I have to do a cashier’s job and a sales floor associate’s job? Then I got little “talks” from leaders…

  • We need a quick response from you
  • Why aren’t you responding
  • This is your job
  • That’s unacceptable
  • We’re a teeeeam


But I still didn’t respond. Silence. Because I don’t have time to do everything. The expectations were over the roof and I hated huddles because they were like you can do it! And like. No. I can’t. Y’all are trippin’.

Anyway. I just quit. Yesterday. On my day off. Over the phone. Probably not the best way, but I certainly couldn’t deal with another two weeks of nagging and the silent treatment from most of the people I worked with. They either answered my questions like I was stupid or acted like they didn’t hear/see me whenever I was near. Eff that. Out of more than 100 employees, I swear I only had real conversations with 3 of them. In an entire month.

The STL treated me like sh*t when I quit too. I told him I was sorry, he said I obviously wasn’t. “This is really what you’re doing?!? You can do whatever you want but you clearly don’t have common courtesy.” I explained that the handbook says when you’re under 90 days you can leave at any time, and for any reason. At any time! I don’t have to give two weeks notice. He never even asked me why I was leaving, or if there was anything they could do differently in order for me to stay. He just immediately went into ‘me angry, you reason’ mode. Didn’t even say bye. He hung up on me! Lmaooooo that’s exactly why I quit too. His treatment was cohesive with all the other crap I put up with, and I’ve never been happier to be done with a job in my whole life. I’d rather be temporarily broke than miserable every day.


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