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September 20, 2014 - TargetGrunt

A Grunt No More

Hello fellow Target loathers,

I’ve come to this glorious website today to share with you all that as of today, September 19th, I am no longer employed at Target!

No more worrying about absurd expectations of productivity, the “vibe,” guests, accuracy or any of that bullshit.

The best part is that besides a few trusted coworkers I told absolutely no one that I was quitting. I didn’t even give them my two weeks because frankly, if they wanted me to leave respectfully, they should have treated me with respect instead of like a slave and a villain. They should have listened to me and my coworkers when they had terrible ideas that backfired just as terribly. They should have stopped putting the backroom last while dumping tremendous amounts of extra work onto us, only to follow up with “it is what it is.” But I doubt they’ll change or understand a thing and, seeing as how I would sooner hang myself before ever working for Target again, I simply slipped my resignation letter under the ETL HRs door and walked out.

Oh, and I made sure to LOCU an entire aisle before I left for good measure. One of the coworkers I trust said he would message me when they managed to figure out what happened because we’re both sure it’ll take at least a week for the “leadership” to get it. Besides, our flow team doesn’t check for second locations, so purging that aisle will probably free up a lot of space.

Now all I have to do is wait for orientation at my new job working for a company that makes a point of taking care of their employees. (I’ll give you a hint: they have warehouses everywhere and are wanting to implement same-day drone delivery).

To those of you who still have to work for the miserable excuse of a company that is Target, I wish you the best in your endeavors and hope you manage to find something better before too long.

To those of you who are thinking of working for Target, please take the time to read the posts on this website so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Or better yet, just don’t work for Target. Ever.

And lastly, fuck Target.


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