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December 7, 2014 - mrsirsir

A couple bad experiences

This is not gonna be all me here. So we had a guy at work. Hard worker and everything. Backroom like me. One day we checked our schedule and for some reason he got scheduled to close in produce despite never being trained. He asks me to clear it up for him since he had to go pick up his girl. I go to my TL and explain and he says “the etl in that area always does this stupid shit. If she overhears that you worked in that area in the past She takes that as you can cover there” so my team lead goes up to the etl makes and makes her cut that shift. The guy had no way of knowing what to do in that produce area. Had he picked that shift up he would of worked an open in backroom and close in produce??? Like what the fuck.

Also recently I’ve noticed a guy in early morning. He is the absolute standard of an asskisser. The guy acts like an etl when he should be backstocking. He’s a hardworker but when he sees something back stocked in the wrong place it’s not enough to fix it he stops what he’s doing goes to the computer prints a report and snitches out the guy who did it. Wasting a good 10 minutes. Ah man when an etl walks by he always leaves his area and follows them around. But of course he won’t get written up because his lips are glued to each ETLs ass.

I got a job interview Lined up this wensday and the manager is already impressed with me. If I get the job I’m out of target. Wish me luck


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  • trashtalk says:

    Good luck!

  • tpcstudios says:

    Well to be fair to the guy checking the incorrectly back stocked items, he should be doing this along with everyone else. Even the most seasoned person back there is gonna make a mistake and if your TL isn't checking for it, someone should be. Personally, I would rather hear from my equals than a TL whom thinks their better than you.


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