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August 18, 2011 - Superoperator!

A Brief Closing Announcement

First of all, why does no one swear on this forum? I mean, are we serious, or are we fucking serious? I have worked at Target for 3 years and I am the best damn operator that store has ever had. I’m not being cocky; it’s true. All the way up and down the management-guest-team member hierarchy has it been proven. Oh how I suffered to get to a point where I can own anyone in a RTW zone and abandons; that makes me proud, that I do my job really well, and knowing other team members love working with me because I can actually do my job EVERY TIME and WELL is the only saving grace of that place. But I get nothing for it, of course, except the satisfaction in seeing the LODs not give a damn that I quit and everyone who actually does any real work on the floor beg me not to leave! They don’t know what they’re losing! All the ways I make their day easier and they treat me like shit–I really fucking hate being second-guessed, treated like I’m 12, or passive-aggressively redirected on guest relations, when other employees slip on by doing the bare minimum. There’s no place in the Target management system to value someone based on the quality of their work. If you’re not in charge, you’re not worth anything. Every single day I have a conversation with a fellow team member about how they or someone was disrespected, that the goals and tasks from the LODs are unrealistic because they never actually work on the floor so don’t schedule enough people, the superiority complex of the TLs—the list could go on forever. Don’t talk to me like that! I saved you tonight! Who do you think you are?! Donald Trump?! You’re a manager at fucking Target. Target. If you want this store to run smoothly tonight, get out of my face and go help the one person you scheduled tonight to zone all of softlines. I am so glad I have only 5 shifts left! Forever and ever! “Attention Lakeville Super Target guests: out store is now closed. So do me a favor and take your kids out of here and move on with your life.”


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