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February 3, 2016 - clearasil

8 Reasons Why I Hate Working at Target

Fuck rude customers. Yes, I said CUSTOMERS. Not fucking guests. Some people are nice. I appreciate those people. Other people make me want to run into oncoming traffic. Being a cashier has taught me what people can really be like… Rude, selfish, and inconsiderate. It’s funny how these customers think my life goal is to destroy theirs… I’m sorry that I didn’t double-bag your fucking soda. Don’t these dumbasses realize that I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE?!?! Also, IT’S NOT MY FAULT THAT YOUR CARD GOT DENIED. Stop saying, “What?! That’s impossible!” Actually, it’s very possible. Maybe you just don’t have enough fucking money in your account. I try my hardest to let people know as quietly as I can… but then they just fucking blow up! Sorry for doing you a FAVOR, bitch!

  1. Fuck RedCards. I swear to God, if I could light every single redcard on fire, I would. People KNOW about redcards. There are enough fucking signs in the store. If they want one, THEY WILL ASK FOR ONE. I refuse to hound every single person to get one. All the GSTLs care about are these red pieces of fucking plastic. “Have you gotten one yet????” NO! FUCK OFF!!! By the way, to anyone who is thinking about getting a redcard, PLEASE do yourself a favor and get the debit rather than the credit. The credit card will fuck up your credit score & you can say bye-bye to your future automobile loan!
  2. Fuck standing for HOURS. I heard that in other countries, cashiers are allowed to SIT while they bag their groceries. I don’t understand why we can’t do that. It hurts my back SO MUCH when I have to stand for hours, crouched over to bag someone’s useless shit. I’m a 16 year old girl. I’m in good shape (I hope). If MY back kills me during my shifts, I feel bad for the older team members. I’ve tried everything. Padded shoes, insoles, stretches before work… No success so far.
  3. Fuck the breakroom. It’s so awkward in there. It’s completely dead silent, and everyone sits at separate tables. I mean, I don’t want to talk to any of them, either… so I guess I’m just being a hypocrite. I feel like Target Cafe is so annoyed with me because of how many times I eat there instead.
  4. Fuck having to wear a smile on my face all the time. HOW in the world do people expect us to have a constant smile on our faces & a happy tone after dealing with rude ass customers, redcard harassment, excruciating back pain, and our ears ringing from the crying babies? One time, this cashier behind me (a man about 50 years old) was complimented by a customer, who told him, “You seem so happy!” Then he’s like, “Yup! It’s a beautiful day… I love my job… Everyone else is quiet. But not me! I’m lucky to be here!” Honestly, what the fuck? HOW do you feel LUCKY to work at TARGET?!
  5. Fuck being hit on by older men. I am a 16 year old girl. It is ridiculous that I have to deal with this annoying shit every day from men over the age of 20. The worst part is the fact that we have to be nice to these people even if they make us uncomfortable. This one guy (21) asked me for my number, then practically sprinted out of the store when he found out I was 16.
  6. Fuck HR. These bitches at the desk call my while I’m in CLASS, like “can you come into work????” One time I was in Florida coming home from vacation and my schedule wasn’t working online. So, I called HR & this lady told me I wasn’t working this weekend. I took her word for it and didn’t go to work the entire weekend. I look at my schedule on Monday when it starts working again, and it said I WAS SCHEDULED FOR SUNDAY. I called and told them that I was told I wasn’t working. They understood, thank GOD. If not, I would have gone batshit crazy on them.
  7. FUCK TARGET. I can’t wait until I get to quit and leave this shitty ass hellhole. I’m sick of rude “guests”, terrible management, crying babies, getting fucking meat juice on my clothes, etc… I am never working retail again, I swear to god.

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  • viciousdave says:

    Yup, same things. But why didn't that coupon work, no that's not the price it was on the shelf, but my card isn't working let me try again 50 more times. WTF? Your coupon didn't work because it's expired and that's targets policy, not mine! I work for target, I have to follow there rules on policies, I do not make up my own stupid customers. Card didn't work, give cash or a different card, call your card people you probably have it maxed out so you can't use it dumbass. Price is wrong, no it's not, you customers are all just lying and steeling just so you can get it cheaper you steeling bastards! I told target about tons of coupons not right for purchase, we can't change tons of prices were loosing thousands a day! They say no were not it's fine, just sell the red card and we're fine. Ohh so that's what the red cards are for, to get the interest money so it pays for the money lost from tons of people lying, cheating, and steeling.

  • RyderFord says:

    This was a really great rant. I think we unfortunately all feel the same about this place. Stick it out, something else will come along, unless something really, really ridiculous happens to you.

  • pettycashier says:

    I share the exact same pains with you. Cashiering is SO FUCKING STUPID. Gosh you pretty much nailed every point. I think we should talk sometime. Everybody at my work either hates Target too little or they just simply don't care about it. Like really? ANYBODY who says they like Target are losers like Corporate assholes. But anyway, let me know if we could chat sometime. I've got TONS OF things we could bandy between each other. 🙂


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