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July 17, 2014 - dontask

8 mile, Target Edition

It was my first day working fitting room, I dreaded this day because I knew I would have to do the announcements. I hate public speaking, even though no one would be watching, everyone is fucking listening! In the Fitting Room Bible, they give you what you have to say when the time gets closer to 11. I studied those damn words like I had a fucking final tomorrow, I did not want to fuck my lines up…I only had one shot…I had to loose myself In the music that was coming from the electronics section….ps, if i would’ve heard Clarity or the girl who cant hit the fucking right note on her flute one more time, I would have snapped! why doesn’t target play music in its store?! WHHHHYYY! Anyway, I thought I had it in the bag until the time started winding down… I was literally Eminem in the moment “palms are sweaty, knees weak ,arms are heavy”, all i needed was for my mom to make me some damn spaghetti for lunch and it would have been perfect. I was panicking like no other! Now from the outside looking in, youre probably thinking, youre just reading whats on paper, it doesnt sound that nerve wrecking, BUT IT FUCKING IS! what makes it worse is I have to say this shit 3 times! I just didnt want to mess up and make up my own words which i tend to do when Im nervous. I stink eyed the clock until it was time…..It was my time to shine. I picked up that phone, dialed those number, I spit my bars “Attention Target guest, the time is now………”(you get the rest)… wasnt as bad I thought, and I did it without messing up.  And this is my Eminem Experience. Now everybody from the Tar-G-E-T, put ya motha fuckin hands up and follow me!


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