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September 8, 2015 - JLGPL2003

8 long ass years at The Red Menace

I started out 8 years ago at Target after the franchise I worked for decided to sell.  I started in Soft lines and I know big mistake there! NO ONE at target gives any one in SL any credit especially the fitting room! Managed to get to brand team member then to the specialist role, and by god if they didn’t want you to try and work fucking miracles with the 2 people they would give you for SL in one if the busiest stores in the state but ok.  Worked my ass off for SL, setting tables, jewelry specialist, shoes, running zones, Hell I most of the time set all of Accessories and Shoes before the pog team could get over to those areas and STILL could not get fucking promoted if I paid them.  I ended up moving to backroom and instocks which was much better only because I loved the ETL and the TL and didn’t mind working my ass of for them, learned receiving, and hell I was the only girl who knew how to build bikes!  I made my self pretty high up on the indispensable list but people moved, transferred stores, Pfresh came  and it kind of sucked but once that data breach came on the shit hit the fan for sure!

MyTime was a fucking joke of a scheduling program.  We went from an overnight flow to a 4am flow and lost about 70% of the staff.  We got an new STL who thought he was gods gift to Target. Typical alpha male who was only ever allowed to have his balls at home was when his wife pulled them out of her back pocket (we have seen him with his wife 100% true) so he had to be king of the swinging dick club while at work, his way or no way.  Talk to a fellow team member for 30 seconds ABOUT WORK he would have a melt down. . .  “common people we have to keep working” he didn’t care if it was about work he just said “that’s what the walkies are for”.

They were having a hard time staffing flow so when they cut back the instock hours to 8-12, our ETL tried to supplement hours and have us come in to push the truck in the morning.  Especially a few of the team who had school in the afternoon and couldn’t work past say 1-2pm (instock hours were 6a-2pm prior to flow moving to 4am).  Our big bad STL said that “pushing the truck was beneath our pay grade” and was fighting her tooth and nail on that. Even though 90% of the time we would come in to scan and would have to push the fucking truck anyways because nothing was back stocked. The only reason our ETL won that argument was how badly understaffed flow was.  Once she left no more flow hours, if you couldn’t work past 1-2 too bad.

As most of you know EVERYONE in that store has their phones on them, and our big bad STL threatened my job, for looking at my phone to see what time it was, (the time on the PDAs was usually wrong).  I gave someone my baler and wave keys to crush their boxes, well they left them in the baler, I was 6 feet from it grabbing my boxes and I was told that someone leaving my keys in the baler “is the same thing as an ETL loosing their store keys and you can be terminated for improper key control procedures” really? baler keys are the same as store keys? Yep we get it you have a big dick. . . no one cares asshole! 

After too many “You need to leave on time” conversations I set my phone alarm to 30 min prior to needing to leave and again at the 15 min mark.  He saw me take the phone out, shut the alarm off and threatened my job again. . . Not 10 minutes later he walks past me talking to his wife on the phone about what they were going to have at their BBQ dinner that weekend…  I went to HR right after that with name dates times and pictures of him on his phone and other issues. . .I told him flat out that he needed to get the STL under control, I know you guys have your phones on you for target business but target doesn’t care what he and his wife ill be having for dinner, after that the STL and I were no longer on speaking terms, he knew he really couldn’t get rid of me easy and by god did it frost his ass.

I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of firing me so I found my self a better job in the medical profession. I did agree to stay on for Saturdays for a while to work receiving and bikes to help train replacements, since I was their ONLY bike builder and back up receiver.  That was a complete joke but god was it fun to watch the down fall from the inside with out having to give a shit.  People showing up for flow WASTED and being allowed to sleep it off and then punch in, people going out on break coming back REEKING of weed.  Couldn’t fire any of them because there was no proof? really?  I finally had to go.

I miss my Target people, you really do become like a family after that long, but I love my new job it is so weird to go to a place that acknowledges when you bust your ass. Just know people it can get better, there is hope for life after Target!


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