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October 12, 2013 - brandi113

7 years wasted!

I worked for Target for 7 years. I worked 2 years and had to move due to my husbands orders. For some reason my transfer was missed up and the only job open was flow team. The hours and job were not what I was doing at my other store. So I decide to stay home. I come back home a year later. I was hired and told I would have to start off with a beginners pay. I lost 2 dollars an hour. I was newly single and had a toddler to support, so I took it and kept my mouth shut.  I learned my new job quickly and soon had the top score in the district. When I took time off. I was hassled on FB and asked to cut my vacation short. most of the time I did. I left for 3 days one time and the score went to red and never left until I returned. It felt great to be excellent at my job. Too bad the raises did not reflect my true value.  I worked with a “lady” that tried her best to get me fired. She worked there 9 years and anytime she made a mistake she blamed it on me. LOL one time on a day I did not even work. I overheard her talk to management once. On a few occasions fellow team members had to defend me from false claims made my this “lady’. I soon learned to stay away and never talk to her. I would work in a different section if she entered mine. My work was done and no drama. Well, she seemed to have hurt herself at work. She faked the injury and there was a witness. Target paid her anyway. Anytime she got mad she would claim people were being racist. Which is funny because she cause 2 black employees to be fired due to her false claims. She got 5 pple from the softline flow team fired. How? She made of stories of racism and disrespect. I witnessed all these events. I and 5 other people wrote the same story and they choose to believe her. I begged management to pull the video when she claimed a Team member pushed a cart into her. They did not. She often bullied and threatened people that did not stand up for themselves. Anyways they were all fired and I put in my notice. By this time I had a wonderful new husband and was just working at Target because I liked the people ( I really did) and I was good at my job and got satification from that. On my last day everyone one saying bye. She comes up to me and says “Ha! I did it. They are all gone. Better be glad you are leaving cause you would have been next. Witch please! I will not work for a company that will ignore reports by 5or 6 people, and take the word of one. I guess the squeaky wheel always gets the grease.


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  • Angelknight says:

    you should report her. 😉 you're gone now so what do you have to lose?

  • Chris. 349 says:

    Sometimes I think I have people at my store that look for things I do wrong just to pounce on it. I just don't get it, everyone makes mistakes.

    • Hephaestus789 says:

      That's how i feel at my store. I literally think i only get notice, if i fuck up somehow. After all the hard work i do for the business, i get a sarcastic "good job" and such. but Now getting this negative feedback, is making me seek Therapy. It sucks.

  • Salem says:

    i will not be shock if this the same woman at the target i was just fird from


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