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January 6, 2016 - targetoc

6+ Years of Dedicated Service Wasted…

After serving just over 6 years with the company, I’ve called it quits after I accepted a new job. While at Target, I took my job seriously without kissing a$$; I came to work, did my job, busted my hump, and finished the job correctly. I began as a cart attendant as a freshman in college, moved to the backroom, sales floor, electronics, and eventually as a Guest Service Attendant. Although I had little authority, I didn’t act like I was better than any team member because I remember where I came from and what I dealt with while working for terrible executives and team leaders. Simply put, I did anything and everything to help the team.

After I finished college, I approached my STL about becoming an ETL (just to be clear, an entry level ETL makes about $50,000-$60,000 plus benefits and bonuses). Target’s unwritten policy for promoting team members is absolutely mother f’ing ridiculous. Basically, internal advancement is limited to becoming a Team Leader, with a very small chance of becoming a Senior Team Leader in the future. I explained to my STL that I didn’t want to be a team leader because a  GSA is essentially a Team Leader. After this, Target had me jump through hoops, prepare verbal responses for an interview, and prove that I’m TEAM LEAD material, not ETL material like I wanted. While I’m trying to impress my STL/ETL, Target hires several external ETL’s who don’t have a clue about Target.

This doesn’t make sense: why hire a new employee who needs to be trained, when a current team member (aka me) knows every policy and every procedure in the company? Yes, I understand I don’t know everything it takes to be an ETL, but I’m already trained, I understand the culture, and what it takes.

After I informed my ETL-HR that I accepted a position for a new job, she asked my new salary and told me that “ETL’s make way more” than what I’ll be making. Once again, I was told that I could be a TEAM LEAD in 2-3 months, but its not a guarantee.

I know a lot of people on this website despise Target, but I actually didn’t mind working for the company. Sure, we work long hours, get paid less, yet expected to do more, deal with terrible guests, and work most holidays. I did like most of the people I worked with and the flexible scheduling was helpful during school and vacation in the summer.


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  • caligirl90 says:

    Your story is WHY we despise target ..

    • viciousdave says:

      I know, seriously, I've asked about being a team leader, they say no, not until you become perfect at cashier selling a lot of red cards everyday. Well can I move to another area like floor and learn it than, she said no again, you have to be perfect at your hired area before you can do anything else. WTF? Seriously, what kind of job doesn't let you do what you want? I worked at mcdonalds, frys, burger maker, meat station area, I did it all, even wash sink. Does target allow to work in different areas? Hell no, only if your an ETL than you switch automatically to different areas every 3 months. Fuck tarshit!

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Your way off on what that position makes.


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