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September 17, 2013 - ProhibitionRose

30 Days and I’m GONE!

I am so FUCKING sick of this place.

My TL is the biggest bitch and I am over it. As of today I decided that I am quitting in exactly 30 days. If I didn’t need the money and time to look for another job, I would have quit today.

1.) The second I get into work as usual, my TL books it for her lunch. Her boyfriend was waiting in the Starbucks lobby to go on lunch with her. An hour after she leaves for her lunch, I’m wondering where she went and ask another girl in the area if she has seen her. The first question I am asked, “Is her boyfriend here?” Apparently itsĀ NORMAL for this bitch to take hour long PLUS lunches when he’s in the store? Yet she gets all snarky if someone is even a minute late from their lunch? She came back an hour and a half later. And I guarantee that bitch punched back in at 30 minutes and was goofing around with her boyfriend on company time. Ugh.

2.) This bitch comes back from her lunch and immediately disappears again. When she returns she sits down in the Starbucks lobby to do paperwork. Even when we have a ton of guests and I’m alone, she doesn’t stand her fat ass up for a second to help. Finally I get irritated and suggest she go to the TL offices to do it since it looks awful. She tells me that it’s “floor work”. Uhh okay. I get the feeling she was evaluating me? I don’t care what her lazy ass thinks.

3.) Once she finishes her so-called paperwork, she disappears again without a single word. She doesn’t get back to the department until 3pm, which is an hour before she gets off work.

4.) She starts making the mocha at 3pm when she told me to never make it before 4:30. Out of curiosity I ask her if there’s a reason she’s making it early (like maybe I’m getting sent home early). She immediately turns on the bitchy attitude and demands to know if there’s an “issue”. “If you want to make it an issue, yes!” I replied.

5.) She leaves 15 minutes before she gets off and you know damned well that she didn’t clock out 15 minutes early. I hate this woman. She is a terrible manager. She only points out things you are doing wrong and doesn’t even suggest solutions on how to do things right. She makes drinks wrong. She is a complete bitch. She will talk to everyone in the entire store except me. And when she knows I’m within earshot she makes sure to be super chatty with everyone. Trust me, I do not want or need a skanky single-mom as a friend. All I want is a decent work environment. Clearly I’ll never get this because everyone in the store KNOWS how she is and doesn’t seem to care.

So officially counting down the days…


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  • viciousdave says:

    Here's a way to have her fired or at least reviewed by head quarter staff. Go to and go to the bottom of the page. Click on contact us, choose the category you want to email on, include your name, store number, employee number, and the name of the TL you are speaking about taking way too long of breaks and not working as suppose to within your email. After 1 or 2 days, the store manager will know and be contacted by head quarters staff and than speak to that TL. She will be handled and most likely fired for the wrong doings that she has done not only onto you but not working in general when she was suppose to be. I'm serious on this and I hope they seriously fire her for your awful situation.

    • ProhibitionRose says:

      I kind of doubt that they'll be taking my side. She's been there since the store opened and is their golden child. Everyone adores her...

  • crochetgirl says:

    You should call the Integrity Hotline. You can remain unanimous. The number is up at TSC on the board with your HR's picture.


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