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August 16, 2020 - UTstyleDBO

2 Months in and I’m already getting threatened to be fired

Hi, I started at Target 0949 2 months ago, everything was great the first two weeks; I did my training, worked on the floor my second day to learn about my “business” and how things work. My manager was great, super supportive of my learning and such, the other style team members were there to help me, and the leads taught me what I needed to know to succeed. Buuut—

After my first month I felt as if I was walking on eggshells. Anything I said seemed to piss everyone off. Examples below

  • Your peers are upset by how you talk to them,” I barely talk to anybody?
  • Me and the other leads, along with the manager (of style/beauty) feel like you’re constantly saying things that are just not appropriate, rude, or just disrespectful.” I am never sure what actually say, they’ll just bring up a rough idea of a time that I was talking to someone about ISM or VMG’s??

     I’ve been talked to multiple times about this shit and every time it boils down to how I don’t kiss their asses at every opportunity.

  • I just wanted to say, UT went from being a red zone to top grossing while you were working here the past month!” -my boss, “oh! Thanks!” -me, “Well, what do you think you’re doing differently to cause such a surge in the numbers?” -my boss, “I have just been doing what you and [leads] have told me!”-me, “oh…!”-boss, later I was talked to about being rude. Another time all I said was that I’m more of a dude when it comes to style options. I’m non-binary and dress as such, was hired as such, and that somehow came as a surprise? Ok…
  • I am constantly being talked down to about things I wasn’t trained on, and when I reply “oh sorry, no one informed me that [what they brought up] was the way we did things here,” written up for being disrespectful.

Can a girl catch a fucking break here?

I’m new to rEtAiL and I have no idea why they expect such high fucking standards while we’re all quarantined, and working at a fucking Target??? How does Target think it’s that important??????? DON’T THEY REALIZE THAT LIFE ISN’T THAT SERIOUS? NOT THAT IMPORTANT?     NO? WTF??

I personally think they dislike me because I’m like 10x prettier than any of the other females who work in style. But that’s just me being petty.

UT DBO of 2 Months. (My probation is ending soon and I think I’m getting fired whooot!) 


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Well find a new job and run from Tarshit as soon as possible if you aren't fired already. You don't have to put up with this abuse.


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