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September 3, 2017 - Backroom_God

1 Year at target review – Backroom to TPS.


For about a year now, i have been working at Target. Currently i am a TPS. I was originally hired as a Seasonal team member for Backroom. It was a great opportunity because at the time i really needed a job that worked around my college hours. (still do) I slaved away in the backroom for around 8 or 9 months. I would arrive at 4:45-5:30 AM, 5-6 days a week. My days would consist of pulling autofills, cafs, getting ‘get for guests’, organizing the backroom, putting pallets up high and using the cardboard compactor, completing audits and of course the infamous back stock. I would also like to note that i was one of the lucky (maybe unlucky) few seasonal employees who was able to stay. I never called out and was Always on time, with the exception of being late 2 times and only calling out in one whole year. (medical reason) I feel i was a decently upstanding employee, i never hit my fifth hour. (which is a big deal if you do) My overall impressions about target as a company from a backroom perspective was good, UNTIL i applied to become a TPS. Target protection specialist, A.K.A. rent a cop for Target I was tired of slaving away in the backroom and working hard while others slacked off and I got the heat for it.

So fast forward to me applying to become a TPS. I applied to become a TPS because i was tired of backroom, i wanted to “move up”. (whatever the hell that means at target) but nonetheless, it was a pay increase with the same amount of hours. So i jumped through all of the hoops to get this job that i wanted. I passed the drug and background tests, got fingerprinted and went through the three interviews with the ETLAP (executive Team Lead Asset Protection), the STL (store team lead) and then the district leader for asset protection. Not to mention needing my Guard card which i still have not been reimbursed for.

Fast forward to the start of my training. I trained at a very active store in terms of AP. The team was very professional and they did not play any games when it came to work. Training was supposed to be two weeks but i was recalled to my store early. This is where the problems began. It did not take long at all for me to realize what was wrong with My home store. (somewhere in southern California) In Asset protection  at a store level, we have 3 positions; TPS (lowest ranking member of AP), APS (asset protection specialist, mid ranking and “most trusted” hourly employee) and ETLAP (executive team lead Asset protection, salary position). An APS is a secret shopper, The person in this position is supposed to walk around the store and pretend like they are regular guests and blend in. My APS has had multiple sexual relationships with MULTIPLE team members. He has gotten in some trouble for this in the past but our ETLAP turns a blind eye. This scumbag has gotten blowjobs in the parking lot from an employee as well. Having relationships with other employees is forbidden in AP. Besides acting like a secret shopped, this guy spends his time flirting with team members and willing guests, abusing his position. (it is confirmed) The positions at my store are being abused.  More about this guy, when we arrest people for stealing and cuff them to the bench in the AP office, he starts to fling insults at them, Calling them very rude names and overall not being professional about it, flaring the situation. When our ETLAP is gone, i often find our APS on the phone, in the office with girls while he is on the clock. About the other TPS at my store, he is also in a relationship with a female that works in hard lines. Again, if it were any other team member having a relationship with another team member, they would be gone.

I do all the hard work when it comes to AP, all the while the other guy in my position flirts with women as well. (him and the APS are buddy-buddy) I am the only one who regularly merch protects, stands at the front, does the parking lot patrols and actively helps guests and other team members if i can. fuck target AP for taking advantage of their positions. Fuck target for not paying their employees a livable and respectable wage.

—-There are some things people should know about this company—

  1. The company does not give a shit about hourly employees, if they do not like you, they WILL band together to somehow get rid of you. (coming from things i have heard in the AP office)
  2. Store team leaders think they are gods and look down on all hourly employees.
  3. Most people in AP act like they are superior to all of the other hourly employees and make no effort to help guests.
  4. Just know that if a TPS (uniformed target security) tries to boss you around, tell them to go fuck themselves as it is only the ETLAP who has any right to do that.
  5. if you gossip about anybody, they will most likely find out about it.
  6. If your STL comes and starts randomly talking to you while you are working, he is just shit testing you, always be on guard.
  7. don’t fuck other team members, no matter how much of a secret you think it is people will find out and people in leadership roles will try and fuck you over for that.

As of today – 9/2/2017 – I still work at target, i must remain anonymous. If i am every fired or i quit, i will post in the comments.


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  • Nergal says:

    This sounds an awful lot like the store I worked for. Most of TPS would slack off and only when APS radioed them to be ready to arrest someone would they jump into action. I can't help but think we worked in the same store given I too worked in Southern Cali and there was always a particular women who would always be in the AP office for what seemed like hours on end even though she had nothing to do with AP work. Would this individuals first initial start with A? (APS?)

  • Backroom_God says:


  • StarMate says:

    Let me get this straight, TPS can not have a sexual relationship with any team member? Our TPS has had several and nothing has been said to him.

    • Backroom_God says:

      NO! It is not allowed. This is one thing i remember from the Asset protection rules. Call the employee hotline. From a payphone or something, those calls get forwarded to your head of HR. So use a throw away phone or someone elses phone and try to change your voice. There is no such thing as anonymity in target, regardless of what anyone says. People will find out. So be careful how you do it.


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