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March 30, 2013 - FastFun&F**ktastic

Target Pharmacy Sucks Too!

I quit my job as a pharmacist with Target back in January, and have had ZERO regrets about it.  It was glaringly obvious that corporate didn’t give a shit about pharmacy as a profession, and only saw us as a money-making opportunity for them.

The first thing that happened that made me question Target’s intentions was that over half of the pharmacists in my city had to re-interview for their jobs.  Even though I managed to keep my job, it soon became crystal clear what Target’s endgame was:  the pharmacists who WERE let go were all older, and had been with the company the longest.  Target was screwing these employees out of their pensions.  Truly sickening.

Then came those stupid “McPharmacy” ads on TV.  I especially hated this one:

Yeah…that’s why I became a pharmacist.  To find out why Pepto-Bismol was pink.  No wonder customers were always stopping by and asking me where the motor oil and kitty litter were.  Jesus H.

And the flu shots.  We were expected to push them to EVERYBODY, and if we didn’t make our goal, District would be in to find out why not.  Hey — over half of my store’s clientele is on Medicaid, and our state’s Medicaid program doesn’t cover vaccinations at pharmacies.  Not much I can do about that.

What really motivated me to find a new job, though, was the fact that our tiny pharmacy was getting busier and busier, more and more cluttered with extra inventory and records, and we started having more and more days where one pharmacist would have to check over 200 Rxs.  And there were absolutely no plans on the horizon to get a second pharmacist in there for overlap on busy days.  It doesn’t matter how careful I am, or how many techs I have helping me; with that workload, it wasn’t a matter of if, but WHEN I would get distracted and let an incorrect Rx go out to a patient.  Fortunately this didn’t happen to me, but the conditions still exist for it to happen to another pharmacist.  I’m certain that Target would not have any qualms about throwing the pharmacist in question under the bus if a serious error was made, either.  The sad thing is, when it comes to patient safety, I think Target (and most other retail pharmacies) apply “The Formula” from Fight Club:  [ (# of Rxs filled nationwide) X (average % of misfilled Rxs) X (the average amount of a lawsuit) ] costs less than hiring extra help chain-wide.

I am now at a mail order facility, where I can concentrate on my job and not have to deal with ass-hat customers.  Sure, every corporation has its share of bullshit to put up with, but of all the jobs I have held in my adult life, there is no comparison to Target.  Damn, it feels good to be free!  🙂


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  • Potsdamgraduate says:

    It's nice to know that Spot doesn't just target (haha get it) and screw over the little people (TM), but the professionals as well. Good for you for leaving and going to a job where you can be happier and focus on your trade. Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky; many have limited education and/or limited options and I think Target realizes this. We had so many people at our store put up with all kinds of crap, because they really needed the money. I needed the money too, but not that bad. I wasn't going to stay there and suffer their BS for $7.75 and hour. No thanks!

  • rxm says:

    I Agree with everything you say. I just quit Target Pharmacy also. People should be aware that Target creates an extremely adverse environment for the pharmacist. They want you to do everything except take care of your patients. I couldn't take all the illegal(ness) they forced on me. They wanted me to leave the pharmacy empty (illegal) to attend meetings and discuss toilet paper and who was getting fired next. It took 10 years for me to realize how awful Target is.. An inspector from the Board of Pharmacy told me that if he ever comes and find the pharmacy unmanned that I will be fined... I reported this to my (fake) district manager and they retaliated by putting me on corrective action. Shame on me for not leaving sooner.

    • dontshoptarget says:

      Can you please contact me about some questions regarding Target pharmacy operating procedures. I'm being stonewalled in regards to a few things and it would be good to understand store policy so I know what/who (Titles AP ETL or to ask for when doing depositions)

  • Integritymybullseye says:

    My wife informed my when I first started at Tar-screw that my family would NEVER get a scrip filled there despite the 5% off charge card, the 10% off shopping day after 5 fills (someone told my that has now been cut to 5% off a whole day of shopping WOW!!). Giving the higher profit margin on prescriptions and with health related products in general, one would think safety (not profit) would come first. I did get a flu shot for the ins discount (loved the 3 x 5 privacy screen. Then an LOD/ETL took a picture of this without my permission to put on a board in the TL area. I'm glad or I guess sad to see the Pharmacy staff treated the same way when reporting safety or unethical concerns. Glad to be out of there as well!!

  • dontshoptarget says:

    Can you please contact me about some questions regarding Target pharmacy operating procedures. I'm being stonewalled in regards to a few things and it would be good to understand store policy so I know what/who (Titles AP ETL or to ask for when doing depositions) It would really help me out as I filed a lawsuit as pro se so I'm on my own in this whole thing.


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