Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • September 23, 2015 - targetkicker2015


    Pop the champagne and let the fun begin…   the first Target Union has been formed by a pharmacy team in a Brooklyn location. Very interesting because of the transfer of pharmacies to CVS plus the ramifications this may have in others following suit which many should.

  • [INTRO]

    It’s hard to describe Target as a whole since each store can vary greatly depending on who works there and how they do things. But here is what mine is like:

  • 1st i must say your site is really hard to get back onto if you lost ur password. Remaking a new password doesnt help at all because after you do and try to log in with it it doesnt let you.


    Now with a bit more i want to say. Target screwed me while working there and keeps screwing me even more even though i have a full time position now that i had even while working there im finding it impossible to find a second job and i think thats all because of target.

  • Redcards! It’s all you hear at Target now. I work as CA and I always have a walkie on me for (carryouts, carry-ins, restroom checkups, etc) and I’ve noticed a trend amongst GSTLS and LOD’s and other corporate puppets who have lost their ways. I remember talking to a recently new hiree and he asked me (as CA I am forced to learn cashier) when you’re cashier do GSTLS force you to push redcards?

  • September 15, 2015 - viciousdave

    Self checkouts are coming in

    That’s right folks, new self check outs are coming in to Target stores.  Right now at my store we are just waiting for the technician guys to come in and put in the self checkouts, there’s gonna be four of them that replace where we use to have 4 express lanes.  Oh what a great deal right?  

  • September 13, 2015 - TargetSucks

    Hate Target, Not People

    I don’t read every part of every post, but I do read a lot of this stuff before I approve it. You can cuss your shitty little hearts out all day. You can say whatever you want about Tarshit. Do NOT use slurs or hateful words that single people out based on their culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, sexual identity, disabilities, etc…

  • Hello everyone, I am Alex who worked at a Target.

    I was hired during the summer of 2015 and when the hiring manager asked me my availability I said “Open to close, but once school starts my hours will need to be cut”.  Sadly the hiring LOD had wax in her ears when I said this.  

  • - rainprincess64

    Do not use WIC at Tarshit

    If you’re using WIC, take your vouchers somewhere else. Their system is seriously outdated and will say things aren’t “WICable” there but are at other places. Also the supervisors give an attitude when you inform them of their system’s inaccurate databases and they keep insisting you’re wrong and they’re right. Screw Tarshit and their terrible managers!

  • I FUCKING HATE TARGET WITH A PASSION I work in the worst fucking neighborhood possible (My phone got stolen yesterday) and I was already having a fucking terrible day

  • - takemethere

    Worse and more worse

    Call ins…call ins…workers quitting from team members to team leads to senior team leads to etls as stores in general get worse and more worse coming into fourth quarter. Payroll hours being cut so much more work for those who do show up and loads of times the job not completed.