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  • January 15, 2015 - Silverfox

    Target pulling out of Canada

    hey guess what everyone! TARGET IS PULLING OUT OF CANADA!


    Anyone feel like celebrating and getting out the champagne? ;) Bai bai target.

    Maybe they didn’t like being forced to give Canadians proper raises.  *points to a 10 to 75 cent min wage across canada. Only northwest territories, nunavut and british columbia didn’t raise theirs.


  • It’s official! They’re leaving Canada! Wooohooo!

  • - greebbeast

    last day fun!

    My last day at target was like freedom opening its doors! I walked in wearing red pants and a kakhi shirt (I brought a change of clothes) than when my shift was finally done I went to the back where I bore my leopard print shoes shirt and underneath, my leopard print speedo.  I made a lap around the store and straight to my car listening to the theme music from bloodsport. I finally finished the celebrations by driving to my favorite restaurant and listened to freedom by George Michael.

  • January 13, 2015 - TargetGuestsSuck

    Final Days of Tarshit

    Let me just start by saying if you read my earlier posts on this site, I really didn’t hate any higher ups. In fact, I looked up to them and one day wanted to be them. When I first read this site,  I couldn’t imagine how any managers or workers could be so awful to all of you. And I’m so sorry for doubting you guys. Today I think is the day I’m job hunting. It’s been a long seven months and I’ve watched my brand new target go from something I was so proud to be a part of to something only nightmares could conjur up. Over the past few months, my STL has become a prick. Honestly, I feel like everyone higher up actually. But the funny thing is, they’re only pricks to MY team. I don’t get why instocks has to be the bitch of the store and take on the workload of so many teams, but we do. And of course they’ll be the hardest on the trainer right? Guess who that would be. Me. When the TL isn’t around, ohhhhh they come to me.

  • I made a previous post here (Target doesn’t treat pregnant employees very well) and it’s only getting worse. I got their stupid medical note for me to be allowed water that also happened to address my need for breaks every 2 hours. Hello, isn’t it company policy for them to give people breaks every 2 hours and not every 3, regardless of how busy it gets? So I called the Integrity Hotline to do the right thing because I cannot trust the HR at my store and God forbid they get a reminder they aren’t God. The bitches in HR don’t even acknowledge me anymore whenever I walk by, and won’t even speak to me by name anymore. They try to call me in for a shift on a day I am off while my family was still in town and leave me a voicemail stating such. I call back 10 minutes later, ask to speak with HR. I tell them who I am and why I’m calling “Hey A this is B and I am calling with regards to a voicemail I received 10 minutes ago about an open shift from 10 to 6.” She literally responds with “mhmm” when before she would’ve said Hey how’s it going? As a courtesy I informed her I was unable to take that shift and only said to me “Thanks for calling, I’ll let them know.” “Thanks A, have a nice rest of the day.” No response, just the click indicating the call recipient hung up on the caller.

  • So why would someone open an entire chain of stores just to be a dick to someone?  Because its much more effective.  And you would never be able to garner the same level of hatred from society, unless you were like the president or something.  Anyways, my story goes as follows.

    Exactly 5 years ago (maybe 59 months or so) I swore I would never enter a Target store again.  I bought a brand new bicycle that broke the next day.  The back wheel seized up and stopped turning before I put 10 miles on the bike.  I returned to the store with this piece of shit Chinese pile of garbage to get my $200 back.  The target asshole told me I can’t return the bike because I rode it.  I’m like no shit jerkoff, I had to ride the piece of shit in order to find out that it didn’t work, and I tried to ride it in the store before I bought it and one of you assholes told me not to ride the bike in the store and it doesn’t fucking work.


    Update on previous post of “Target could sell Canadian assets to Wal-Mart or HBC, analyst speculates”

    Target is apparently now considering leaving Canada! :) Hope you actually consider leaving Tarshit! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Hip hip hurray! Someone bring out the champagne! It’s celebration time! Or would liberation time be much more accurate?

    Looks like they are on the deathbed. I wonder if they figured out where they went wrong yet.

  • Got hired as a seasonal worker. Worked a mix of things. Eventually wound up in electronics because I’m knowledgeable in the area. I did pretty well and they told me I did. They asked me to stay after most of the seasonal workers got cut. I agreed and they kept me in electronics. I had a shift the next day where I just did pulls. I did a ridiculous amount of them and worked my ass off. However, the next day, the LOD called me in and said that my warranties in electronics were in the red. LIKE THAT WAS MY FUCKING PROBLEM. LIKE I RAN ELECTRONICS OR SOME SHIT. Anyways, she told me that if I didnt step it up tomorrow, they are going to remove me from electronics because I dont want to sell their shitty warranty to people. EVERY FUCKING NIGHT FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS, they have put me in electronics BY MY FUCKING SELF with no mid!

  • January 5, 2015 - notacorporatekissass

    Fuck Target and everything it stands for.

    First, I LOVE this site. Realizing other “ex” employees were just as frustrated as me, got me through many shifts at this joke of a business. I was hired as a seasonal employee, thought it would be a “fun and friendly” place to work. At least, that’s what one of the 20,000 (total exaggeration, but there are a shit ton of these red and khaki, kiss asses) LOD’ s led me to believe. What a crock of shit that was. Where to start, first, I was NEVER trained for half the shit I did there. I learned by either, figuring it out or being bitched at for not doing something or doing something else wrong. Ummm… How about training us then? I was supposed to be hired as a seasonal cashier, at least, that’s what my file said… HA!!!

  • - notacorporatekissass

    Fuck Target, part 2!

    This is part 2 of my first rant;


    Target hides behind this “fast, fun and friendly” slogan that is utter bullshit. Let’s be honest here, they are slave drivers.  At least Wal-Mart admitted to wrong doing. Target continues to hide their dicrepensies .

    They claim the guest is to be made happy, the guest is always right and we are to go to whatever lengths to help them. If that is true, then why have I personally, or other Co-workers, been scolded on numerous ocassions for spending too much time with a guest? Its hindering our actual work they say. Then turn around and in the same breath, scold us for not helping the guests and that’s why guest satisfaction isn’t high enough. The guests are rude, whiney, spoiled, jerks that use Target’s rules to their advantage.