Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • April 2, 2015 - LogInMyPants

    Didn’t take fake $100 bill, Got in trouble.

    okay, let me first start off by saying this is bullshit. I work hard lines, Café, cart attendant, bikes, groceries, and electronics. About a week ago I was working hard lines and they called cashiers for back up like they always do. I decided to go up because nobody else was responding. Some old lady came up to my register and she wanted to purchase a seven dollar lamp. As she scrambled through her purse she managed to pull out a $100 bill (the old ones they don’t use anymore). When she handed it to me. It looked and felt so fake in my hands. At this point I didn’t know what to say so I turned around and asked one of the LODs to come to my register for guest assistance. While the LOD was coming over, I pointed the bill into the light to see if there was a security marking on it and there wasn’t. The LOD told the guest/theift that the security Bar could have came off in the washing machine *awkwardly* the lady then rushed out the door quickly. Later that day I got called to the office and was coached because of that.

  • March 30, 2015 - HollywoodUndead

    Worst Place Ever

    So I was informed that I was fired from target but they were going to keep me on, I was just out of the system. They gave me hours on slips of papers and when I got my paycheck it was only $98 for a 32 hour week at $10.50 an hour. I checked the written schedule they swapped it saying I only worked 12 hours that week. Very unprofessional and very scandalous, would never recommend them to anyone for a job. It’s clear to see why they’re so anti union.

  • So I recently No Called No Showed, and while I do take most of the blame for not printing my schedule out as I normally do (I don’t trust my management not to change my shit without notifying me), I also blame that shitty View My Schedule online. It said “OFF” for the day in which I committed the crime and so I didn’t go in. Come to find out, I did work and the paper schedule reflected that. Fine. That’s cool. But since when did the LODs stop calling you to make sure whether or not you’re coming in? I know it’s my responsibility to show up on time, but I was kinda shocked no one called.

  • First time posting but I really just need to rant about this. Since last summer the company has had a hard on for red cards. When I first started getting a red card a week when you aren’t a cashier was considered good. Not anymore. I was up at the register last week and the GSTL shuts off my light and says “I don’t hear you asking about red cards.”  Its brought up at every goddamn huddle (and boy I could rant about those huddles which are now hour long zone parties).  They even had us do mock transactions. At one of those I was told to be a cheerleader. I had to be bouncy and excited and push the greatness that is red cards.

  • March 25, 2015 - Friend of Jesus

    Why does everyone hate Target

    I know that this site is called I hate target.(I do not). I use to get upset at target. I was in charge of doing all the cardboard,it wouldn’t stop coming that is.(the cardboard) but now I’m ok with it when I first started, but now I enjoyed and love working here at Target. Cause Iam a change person now, I love life.Jesus Christ is in my heart and life it self.

  • - elephantine93

    Back on my probationary

    Normally, I clock in at 11 pm, and take my lunch at 3:59 am. For some reason, I clocked in at 10:59, and unknowingly, hit my 5th at 3:59. I’m never late, I never call off, haven’t had any no call, no shows. My fucking etl looked past all of that, and still made me sign a paper. If this only affects my ability to transfer, I don’t care. If I lose hours, I’m going to be heated. I could understand for a no call, no show, or even if i am an employee who doesn’t do his job. But I work my ass off for them, 5 nights a week. I know I can’t change this, but a warning seems more in line. They really willing to give me probation for this, and if I do it again, I’m fired. Wow, fuck target lol.

  • March 23, 2015 - likejesusdoes

    I Just freed myself, in a bad way?

    So I started working at Target in August, when I started college as well, why did I chose to work at target? I loved target. And don’t get me wrong I still do, but I will now have a whole new outlook when I shop there.

    I was hired as soft lines/operator, little did I know there would be one of each and I would be working every closing shift. At first I loved working there, I was genuinely excited to go to work, it was my first job, and I was in pain from standing all do but I loved it.

    When I was hired I asked what part time hours typically were, explaining it was my first job and that I was a full time student they told me 30 hours was typical so I said okay and they offered me the job on the spot, I had orientation after and started the day after that. Everything was fine until I was being scheduled 8 hour closing shifts one saturday night and then back in for an 8 hour 6 am opening shift the following Sunday. I had to ask 3 times to get it changed and finally after complaining to my favorite Team Lead(we’ll call him John) it was finally fixed and I didn’t come in until noon on Sundays but that was only the beginning.

  • March 19, 2015 - NotTellingYou

    I work in HR!

    I can tell you for sure that everyone who complains about hours is 100% truthful. They try not to give anyone (other than TLs and upper management) 40 hours. They try to keep under 32 so the health insurance is cheaper for them. I hear complaints all the time about not getting 40 hours even though that was requested. So many cashiers want 40 hours, but we are still hiring cashiers to keep hours low for each person.

  • - Foodaveslave

    On top of that

    I have been there since November. I was told I would be making this much per hour starting. About a month ago the hr lead told me that I wasn’t getting paid the that amount since I began there because they didn’t put me in the system correctly.

    Idon’t know how hard it is to put information in properly, but that really pissed me off.

  • - bort2bort

    A Bit of Good News?

    Just want to start this out by saying I love this place, it’s been a good source of catharsis for me as I work in an increasingly worse and worse environment at Target.

    For a change, there’s a bit of a bright spot at Target. I’m guessing this is a response to Walmart’s recent announcement to increase wages, so Target has also announced a wage increase to $9 an hour. It’s not much, it needs to be more, and it’s not going to keep me from trying to get my ass out of Dodge, but it’s 50¢ more. I just hope this won’t screw me out of whatever paltry raise I had coming from my upcoming review.