Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • October 15, 2014 - mrsirsir

    My rough month

    So I’m backroom. I was closing and I close on the day with the largest price changes. So my lunch comes around I call my team member telling him im going to lunch. I return and the Lod says “if you finish early tonight can you pull the cartwells ( or whatever there called) I agree but I had no time to since there was a lot of backstock and I had to make two bales.  Thursday comes around my etl calls me to her location and she’s asking ” why didn’t you pull the cartwells ” I’m confused I tell her I didn’t have time and she’s like “the LOD told you to do it and you didn’t. He didn’t tell me he asked me if I had a chance implying it was not priority. She says “he told me he did tell you to do it” holy hell the LOD fucking lied to her and now she’s mad at me what the hell.

  • October 12, 2014 - AJLeeisAwesome

    The Abuse I Took Never Stopped

    It has been about 4 months since my departure from Target, but I still feel it’s affect on my spirit many times. I’ve never seen a company that let’s so much ill behavior go astray, until now. I started at Target in June of 2013 in food service, and it went well for about less than a month. First and foremost when I went to go get my drug test and I passed and had it sent, my HR would say she didn’t get it, which was strange. Especially when the lab nurse who was on the phone with her had to go in another room away from me. When I got that settled, I was always getting harassed by my GSTL or LOD about the way I closed.  If one thing went undone they would get on me about it, especially this one Arab woman with glasses. Now I’m human people I have a mental learning curve and it takes me longer to do things than others. Especially when you’re doing everything by yourself so Target doesn’t have to give more people hours when they need it. People would make fun of me for little things like leaving the roller oven on or saying that my cooking sucks and that they wouldn’t go anywhere near it. The oven part wasn’t even my fault either, someone told me to leave it on, which obviously was a ploy to get me fired.

  • Tarshit SSTL (shit store team lead) Attention college students. We want you to finish school… really we do. PLEASE don’t take a job from another company. Come to Target! We will work with your schedule… until you actually put the request in.

    So, I was told “we encourage students to work here, but we ask for open availability”

    I explain, “I will be open availability for the next 3 months, and then my semester will start. Here is my availability afterwards.”

  • –Hiring process–

    Me: “I was offered a job at Walmart for $10.15 but am interested in working at Target instead.”

    (3rd) Interviewing Manager: “As long as you have good performance record, after your 90 day evaluation we can revisit your pay.”

    Me: “Ok, I will work for $9 an hour and perform well.”

    –90 Day Evaluation–

    Me: “How is my performance rating?” (cause nobody wanted to go over it with me)

    ETL: “Good news, we are keeping you on, there are no negatives on your record.”

    Me: “Ok, are we able to match the Walmart pay offer now?”

  • I saw this post from a comment made by Targetgrunt and thought I’d re-post it.

    This site shouldn’t have to exist, but we’re all here and disgruntled for a reason.  Some of us have really busted our asses for this company, sticking things out when they were tough, only to be betrayed with low wages and slave driving leadership who got there by being pretty and/or kissing ass.  I knew things were bad, but didn’t realize to the extent that this company is going down the shitter.  Time to bail out.  Let these idiots crash and burn!

  • October 11, 2014 - Lara Schmidt

    To all cart attendants

    I saw how hard the CAs in my Target worked during the time I was there, so I helped them in every way I could.  I would corral stray carts and collect the overflow of shopping baskets at my register.  When they came to collect my hangers, I made sure I put the hanger bin on my checkout counter so that they didn’t have to bend down to get it.  When they handed me boxes of bags, I took the boxes from them and put them under my counter myself.  I yielded to them when they were maneuvering lines of carts.  There was so much witchiness in my store that I had to be nice to someone, so I chose to bestow goodness on them.  The CAs were always nice to me, so they deserved it.  Saying a prayer for them all that they will eventually find better gigs than Target.

  • - CompassRose

    Password Change Request

    This is just getting ridiculous now, where the store system requires you to change your password every so often. While it makes sense that it is to keep things secure, it is very inconvenient that it not only asks you to change your password, but it forces you to do it at the store itself. The entire point of the MyTime app [if you can even call it that] is to be able to do this crap at home. So it recognizes you want to change your password, but it decides ‘Nope, won’t go through’ unless you’re at the store’s backroom to do it.

  • October 9, 2014 - Lara Schmidt

    Done with red and khaki

    There are better things to complain about if you work for Target, but I just thought I’d mention that I will continue to wear red, and also khaki, but NEVER again will I pair them.  Also, Target taints the color red, and I will never be able to look at it again without thinking of the hellish time I spent there.  Now that I’ve quit, I am going to build a bonfire so that I can burn my uniforms in effigy.

  • - Lara Schmidt

    Finally free of Target!

    After six of the worst months of my life, I am finally free of Target.  Yesterday was my last day.

    I lost my job a year ago, and I took one at Target at my husband’s insistence because we were in a bad place financially.  Although I was grateful for the extra money, the truth was,  I never wanted to work there because I instinctively knew it would be awful.  Where to begin with the awfulness?  I’ll try to be concise.

  • I worked at Target for 6.5years, making 11.82/hr as backroom team member. I never called in, was never late, I came in when I was asked, and stayed after. I even stayed when 5 other backroom members quit. One morning there wasn’t any flats or tubs to do auto fills. So I backstocked, so I could pull items. I had pets left to pull, the flow team was finished unloading the truck (706am). So I went to see if a vehicle was empty so I could use it, well there was, 5, 2 tubes,3 flats. I took one, and then the receiving lady (Jackie b.) Started yelling at me saying I couldn’t take it. I told here I was going to drop it off and bring the tub back. She yells no, then I told her I was. She kept on arguing, so I said “this is stupid” and I walked off. Then I was asked into the office, that’s when lod (casey s.)and HR asked me why I assaulted her by pushing her. I DIDINT DO ANYTHING. HR said they had me on camera, but when I asked to see it, they said they didn’t have to show me. So it was my word against hers. She won cause she’s a bitch. I called 2 attorneys and they said I was fired cause of being there that long and making 11.82/hr, since I wasn’t arrested. Now I work at a worse place called Walmart, sucks. I shows that it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you’ll still get fuucked in the ass.