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  • May 7, 2016 - tarshitsuckass122296

    Quit 2 weeks in

    So I started my job at Target around 2-3 weeks ago. The training was fine, I actually worked with a manager from my former employer so that was nice. I didn’t mind working during my training shifts. Then I started my actual work schedule.

  • April 26, 2016 - dianarose

    cant sell redcards/mental health

    ok so ive worked for target for about 2 months now, and everything is pretty chill most of the time since i live in a smaller town so redcards arent super pushed. But they still are, i still have to ask every guest, and talk about cartwheel.

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  • I wanted to make this post a couple days ago but I got a little too busy but I finally have some time. I have OFFICIALLY gotten out of Target. I started in August 2015 and got a new job April 2016, put my two weeks in on April 1st (HA), and was out in 2 weeks. I was here for around 8 months, did closing shifts every night, and it is without a doubt the WORST job experience I have ever had. It’s very sad because I’m one of those people who are happy to just have a job in this awful economy. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those employees who comes home home and whines about my job either, but this was just on a whole different level.

  • April 13, 2016 - Nergal

    The Rant of a Cart Attendant.

    I’ve posted here before regarding different issues but I’m back with a new issue.

    The last few weeks to my surprise have been quite nice and that’s coming from someone who can’t stop for a single second to take a break because “carts”. However, naturally weekends are always busy and I mean hectic busy. I can’t help but wonder why is it that on the most busy days we only have 1 cart attendant scheduled at a time. Well, here’s my theory surrounding this issue.

  • April 7, 2016 - justwhy12

    Hardliners scheduled for Cashier

    I guess this is a mini rant but this is just ridiculous to me. No where within the job description and during the interview that I would be scheduled to be a cashier.

  • Okay, so here it goes. I have a Senior Team Lead that is absolutely awful to work with. All the other ETLs, SrTL, and TLs are fantastic to work with, but this one in particular is an absolute bitch to work with. Let’s just call this SrTL M. Her behavior on the sales floor is unprofessional and quite infuriating.

  • - stz195

    Wow wow wow#2

    So today was a good day as Ice Cube would put it…I finally have closure on knowing that I am moving forward, and leaving for good reason, as well as bettering myself and my family in the end. I don’t understand why someone would have a look of confusion on their face😧 after telling them that this will be my last week of work here🖕🏻 as I have better opportunities that have been offered to me.💰💰

  • March 31, 2016 - qveencam

    Availability Auto Denied

    So, I never really request time off. Im there when I need to be, doing my job as a cashier. Im 18 its my senior year and prom is soon. My mom is one of those people who like to be there every step of the way between choosing my dress, shoes, hair, makeup, etc.

  • - SoAnxiousToday

    !!! FUCK RED CARDS !!!

    SERIOUSLY! Fuck Red Cards!

    i am so sick and tired of hearing about how many we “need” to get – how many I did or did not get – quite frankly, I haven’t been asking out of spite because of the condescending way I’ve been spoken to lately.