Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • March 12, 2015 - Maxie

    Working at Starbucks in Target

    I feel the need to post my experience on this site. Even though I applied for a different job at Target, I ended up being hired to work as a Starbucks barista on a part time basis. When I interviewed for the barista job, I was very upfront in asking how they train their employees in Starbucks. I’d had no previous experience with Starbucks or Target, and I made that clear. The person I interviewed with, while very nice, was new at his job as a….not even quite sure…. as Target has so many acronyms for different jobs in the corporation. He told me that the Starbucks training is around 40 hours. I felt pretty good about that.

  • I have worked for Tarshit for several years and just put in my 2 weeks after finding a job related to my major…thank fucking God. SO, here is a brief list of things I have grown to hate about this piece of trash company. Hope some of you can relate!

  • just when you think tarshit couldn’t sink any lower, they surprise you.

    Somehow they made themselves a creditor in their own bankruptcy declaration. They listed both tarshit usa and their canadian property entity and owing themselves money and most likely paying themselves what they are getting out of the liquidation sale, leaving the suppliers with next to nothing at all.

  • I wasn’t bullied much in school, but at this shitty place being bullied is an everyday thing. My TL and STL are the biggest pieces of shit I have ever encountered. I’m hardlines, so I’m expected to push pulls, reshop, research, ect. The problem is, despite working my ass off I’m never recognized. In fact, I’m told I’m too slow and chat too much, which is complete bullshit. I’m on my third push cart when the other guy is still on his first. I never talk to anyone for over three minutes at a time. What, am I just supposed to not say a word to anyone for the whole day? Is this prison? What a joke, especially when I hear management laughing it up in the backroom or breakroom constantly. I see them do nothing BUT talk to each other and they say I talk too much? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. It’s usually just me and and one or two other guys pushing if I’m lucky because this place is too goddamned cheap to schedule enough people.

  • I’ve written on here a few times before, but this one takes the cake. So they scheduled me for a 4 hour shift? for some unknown reason. All this week i’ve been feeling sick, went to work yesterday and felt horrible the entire day. The store was hot as fuck and with me being sick, I was sweating and looked really bad the entire shift. So today, I decided to wait awhile before I called in for my pointless 4 hour shift. Also, it’s snowing here, and we are supposed to get up to a foot of snow, plus sleet and it’s just basically going to be an icy mess all on the roads and Target doesn’t pay me enough for me to drive for 4 hours of hell while i’m already sick. So I call in and talk to the fucking annoying LOD who I already have a previous story about. He fucking gets mad at me BECAUSE I’M SICK! what the actual fuck!? Like do you just want me to control my sickness and feel better so I can come into work for the whole 2 customers who will be there?

  • Well this just confirmed it. Short of right out accusing target of fraud, their suppliers are submitting them to a game of 20 questions, only it’s a game of 61 questions. I wish the suppliers good luck. :)  they’re not letting target get away with outright swindling them. Go get tarshit!


  • March 2, 2015 - RedCardFairy

    You have just entered the Twilight Zone…

    Holy cow! With every shift i am more and more shocked by the shear lack of leadership, and mismanagement of this company. I made the mistake of verbally stateing my displeasure with policies (pushing redcards/surveys) the other day in the breakroom to a fellow team member. As luck would have it the conversation was over heard by HR. Today i needed to have a chat about “how things are going”. What a complete waste of time. Bottom line if people (me) can’t pay their basic living expenses then no… I’m Not going to be happy to come to work and have to deal with rude, entitled guests all day.

  • February 28, 2015 - Drihten

    Here is why ETLS all suck.

    Hi- I am a former ETL, and I would like to explain to you all why we all suck at our jobs.

    First off, you are all correct- the company loves to hire 22- 23 year olds fresh out of school, because they are young and bright eyed and dont know anything else. As for me, I have ten years of experience in retail management and merchandising, with a degree in English (yes indeed, Target WILL hire anyone with ANY degree). AS soon as I was hired, I was told that none of that mattered or was applicable to my job. An ETL works at least 10 hours a day, often 12 and 13 because again, theyre 22 years old. The company does not look too kindly on people with kids. Oh, and you will NEVER be promoted to ETL, degree or not. Sorry. No matter how good you are at your job or know the processes inside and out, the company just doesn’t believe in that.

  • February 27, 2015 - dragonguy87

    Absolutely Terrified

    I am a recent hire of Target. I’ve been to this site several times, mostly to prepare myself for the possibilities ahead, but I don’t think I was prepared for what happened today. Today was my “orientation”, if you can call it that. I arrived, and I was carted into the office area with my other fellow hires. I was sat at a table, asked to sign a whole SLEW of paperwork that I barely had time to read (none of it tax related, might I add… don’t employers usually make you fill out W-4’s?) then the orientation leader, who will remain nameless not because I don’t want to give myself away, but BECAUSE HE NEVER TOLD IT TO US IN THE FIRST PLACE, turned on a DVD powerpoint thing. He then handed ME the remote, told me to click OK to move it forward, and LEFT. HE LEFT THE ROOM FOR AN HOUR, leaving us to watch the safety videos and go through the powerpoint slides in silence. There was no discussion. No question time. No nothing. After the powerpoint he gave us probably the most half-assed store tour on record, and just like that we were told to go home. Never have I been to a more soulless orientation. Never have I started work at a place knowing so little about it.

  • About 8 years ago I started working at Target and went back to school, because I wanted to be an ETL.  Yeah, I wasn’t aiming too high in life, so let me explain where I was coming from when I made that decision.  I was on my last few years of my Army contract when I started working at Target.  The Army can be a bit stressful at times believe it or not :P  Yeah, backstocking a truck for 8 hours per day isn’t mentally stimulating and I know I could have done better, but it was stable and the easiest job ever.  It was just nice to have an easy, laid back job.  No getting rained on, no dumbass officers to deal with, and no deployments.  Not paradise, but not bad either.  I live a modest lifestyle and figured if I can get by just fine working here then why not go for ETL, so I could afford to do stuff like buy a nice house in a quiet neighborhood and have kids.  Strike one happened when I found out that a college degree is required and the worst part is they don’t care what degree you get.  It’s supposed to show dedication and commitment, but apparently military service isn’t good enough.