Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • May 12, 2015 - melodiox

    I’ll give some of my two cents…

    I just found this website today after coming home from work… let’s guess… target. Anyways it’s awesome to hear your stories and everything although I have noticed how very different the target I work at is a bit different. I would start of by saying, hell the fuck yeah I hate working at target. What department am I in you may ask? SOFTLINES. Yes softlines, *sigh* I would start off by also saying that I hate guests, mostly the old bitchy know it all people.

  • Well i work heck hole for 8 yrs, not to say my other job are better work 2 to 3 job make a living not great pay.  Target used to be good and fun to work for alot hours and stuff start in 2007 nameless and live in ny somewhere but to the point.  It was always fast passed on line same bs, and pull pallets out, same people on line no rotation horrible.  

  • Let me start off by saying that my store decided to drastically reduce the amount of hours given to the assets protection team at my store. We usually dont get anyone in until 2 and sometimes they leave long before closing.  Now, onto my story. This morning began like any other.  I waited an exceptionally long time to be let in, and ridiculously long for my keys. Both thanks to my least favorite LOD at my store. But fine,  I had my morning coffee,  I shall persevere.

  • Ive worked at target since September. This is my first job and i was so fucking excited to work there as i had liked target for a long time. I was hired in softlines. Now, let me explain my softlines training. I was put on a floor with a girl who didnt even know what she was doing. She showed me where the brands in RTW were then told me to put clothes away. Thats it. A little later that day i had my cashier training. They gave me a book, put me on the training register, and yeah. Thats it. They. Then put me on a lane with a girl that just up and left. Yes, work for tarshit and this is your training. Just a month later i was put on as operator. Worst. Job. Ever.

  • - mrsirsir

    no call no show

    So check this out. I’ve had to come back to target full time since my auto job fired me. So I’ve been covering a lot of shifts for my coworker since he’s been really burnt out. So it’s Monday a day off for me and I’m chilling at home playing Xbox when a friend of mine in early mornings asks why I’m not here yet? That everyone’s been looking for me. I’m not sure why since it’s an offday. Apparently everyone thinks I’m suppose to be covering for my same coworker. And I tell him I didn’t fill out a swap shift so I am not suppose to come in.

  • - SoftlinesSucks

    hours hours I need hours!

    I already know why they arent giving me hours but still pisses me off when I think about it. So I make more than the minimum wage because of how long ive been there, 10 years.. So the new people who get paid less get all my hours. All I ask my softlines manager is to schedule me 8 hours Sundays and Mondays. But no. She will always schedule me closing shift every other night for 4 hours. Then my coworker said that she got scheduled 8 hours on Monday but she cant come in due to her availability. HELLO! Im open to work 8 hours. I told my softlines manager a million fukn times!! Also I believe they wont schedule me over 24 hours a week so they wont have to give me benefits. Smfh

  • - SoftlinesSucks

    It’s review time!!

    Review time at Target:

    “You’re a great asset to the team. You’re never late, always show up for work and always have a great attitude. I love the work you do. So, overall I rated you inconsistently effective.”

  • I work overnights at Target a couple nights a week, due to family issues i’m going through. Anyway, I had been a Flow TM for 6 months and gradually moved to the backroom. Everything about working here sucks, as many of you already know. The pay is horrendous, but marginally better than those that work dayside.When my review came up my raise didn’t amount to much.

  • May 9, 2015 - ashanti

    Not Looking Back

    Fast, Fun, and Friendly, not true. Part time with full time hours…low wages and a host of bipolar and unfriendly  TLs and LODs (mainly the ETLs and STLs). The teammembers are great, but oh some of those TLs and LODs. Leadership needs to step up their game when it comes to treating workers with respect. They are losing good people and the door will always be revolving as long as negative attitudes and egos are at the forefront.

  • May 7, 2015 - RedCardFairy

    The Employee Survey!!

    just when you think you’ve heard it all they come out with the employee survey. Holy cow i have never

    seen anything so funny in my entire life. Yeah… They want “feedback” so they can make improvements. Seriously these people are so far off the mark where would someone even begin?? Not to mention the fact that most people know not to provide anything remotely honest when asked for feedback because all people want to hear is that things are great! When you don’t pay people a living wage or provide consistent hours nothing else really matters. People work for a paycheck most to pay bills and if they aren’t able to pay basic living expenses don’t expect good morale. Target is a blight on society.