Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • November 3, 2016 - ShitontheBullseye

    Don’t understand Target’s BS Policy

    So I’ve worked at Target for 2 years on the “flow team”. I put in my 2 weeks back in July and it felt so great. I felt like I had my Target shackles removed on my last day. Im applying for another job right now and they need a reference letter from my supervisor from Target. I’ve had great reviews since I’ve been there. I went into my old Target store (it was like walking back in hell) asking my old “ETL” if she could write me a reference letter. She said no.  “It’s against Target policy”.

  • October 30, 2016 - this shit sucks

    not even 2 months

    so i’ve been working at target as a cashier for about a month now. from the get go, i already had a bad feeling. i didn’t get shit for training. they threw me at an empty register with a booklet and told me to read through it, and to turn on my lane light if i needed help. any time i needed help, any of the supervisors that came to help me were just a fucking asshole about it and treated me like i was an idiot. (they still do if i occasionally need help)

  • This isn’t necessarily a rant on unfair practices, but more me wanting to voice a concern of mine. Ever since I graduated with a Bachelor’s in  business management, I began seeking entry level management positions. Naturally, I made the reasonable decision to ask my ETL about potential to move up from a team member to team leader.

  • October 19, 2016 - Elizabethannattarjay

    I pee too much

    I have worked at a Target, somewhere in the world for a year. I started out in a stocking position I hated. It was a seasonal job, I had another shitty job at A well known Italian restruant. Eventually I got moved to a new area, once I figured it out… I fell in love. I tumbled ass over tea cup, I adored this job.

  • Hello! I’m writing this because my good friend/ neighbors husband was wrongfully forced to leave working for Target and basically signed his life away so he has to keep his mouth SHUT.  It’s absolutely disgusting what their family has to go through and has gone though since this happened and I couldn’t not say anything.

  • - Beebaby1997


    Okay so you all remember me threatened to be fired because I was sick right? Well I put in my two weeks. THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS WERE SO UNHAPPY WITH IT THEY TRIED TO FIND EVERY REASON IN THE BOOK TO FIRE ME and when they finally did they were so fucking shocked I walked out of there with a smile on my face.

  • Don’t know why people put up with Targets shit. One co worker was told if she filled out FMLA papers, they would cut their hours!

    Big lawsuits need to be filed to put them in their place.

  • I had put in my two weeks and then taken it back. I knew others who had done that and they got to keep their job. I was put back onto the schedule and told I was allowed to keep my job. The day that was “supposed” to be my last day before I took my job back, I put in a complaint about harassment and bullying by a coworker.

  • - thatonegirl

    Today, I quit.

    Today in a red and khaki colored hell, I quit.  I’ve never been so happy to walk into that store knowing I wouldn’t be coming back. The only thing I’ll ever miss about that store are the 3 people I actually cared to talk to.  no more red cards. No more red and tan, no more guest, and no more bullshit.

  • started as a cashier and 2 years later my STL and ETL”s trained me all around the store. For me I didn’t think being a cashier was a worst job my mentality was “in the end I’m bringing home a good paycheck ” I will always get 25+ , till I realized after a year your micro manage the fuck out of the GSA”s fucking hate them.