Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • August 21, 2015 - survived spot

    What is the craziest thing you saw at Spot?

    I can relate to many of you.  I worked at a super Target.   One night at 5 minutes til closing, I saw a guest in vacuums and made the mistake of asking if I could help her.  She wanted me to demonstrate the various vacuums.  I told her that was not possible at 5 minutes til. Closing, half the store not zoned yet, and enough re shop to sink a freighter.   She got mad and stormed out.  I told her if she needed a vacuum that badly, the Walmart down the road was open 24 hours.

  • August 20, 2015 - RonBon

    Another Shitty Company

    After almost one year at working at a previous job I decided to leave to work at Target, I got hired into the Hardlines position which is probably the worst position at Target or one of the worst positions besides back room, anyways after an eight hour orientation and cashier training I thought this place would be a good place to work at, boy was I wrong.

  • I started working at Target doing Hardlines, which I found bearable, then I was trained to back up cashiers as I was told that was needed often, then I started getting put on cashier shifts. Everything was going well until they started asking me to push REDcards, which I found disatisfying, I had to back up so little it didn’t bother me, until one of the GSA’s happened to let it slip that the GSTL had written me up for it and hadn’t told me.

  • I won’t rant or draw this out, but this site has definitely been a beacon of relief that I’m not the only one who has received such embarrassingly tactless treatment by Target. Here goes, my attempt to make a long story short.

  • I work currently as a cashier and crossed trained into hard lines. So sit down with your cup of tea and crumpets because this going to be a long one. Lets begin the rant of this giant human centipede clusterfuck of a place shall we?

  • To be a GL at Target you need to ignore human suffering. I’ve been working at Target since 2011 and nobody likes working at Target. When I get paid on Friday, I spend my money at Walmart.

  • So basically I work in electronics and I deal with tons of major purchases, and we have a deal on cartwheel for 10% off all electronics.

    All I care about is making sure that I all I attempt to do is save everyone as much money as they can so target doesent make as much.

  • - dayvancowboy

    most unethical place

    finding this site is a huge relief. im so glad im not the only person who suffered working this shit excuse for a job. heres my story (prepare yourself, its a long one):

  • My store recently decided to replace a couple of GSA’s. So being that I’ve been at Target for more than seven years I decided to apply. Waited a week, then another week, before anyone said anything about an interview.

  • - Cytotoxin

    Cart Attendant Hell

    It’s summer down here in Southern California. Temperatures are well within the 95’s. On good days it’s around 84-85. I can tell you right now this is a rant so rant [ON]