Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • June 17, 2015 - Done

    They have no respect for employees

    I haven’t even been a Target employee for a full month. That right there should show you how much I hate it. And it’s not unjustified either. My birthday is Thursday and even though I had it off, one of my coworkers suggested I take my availability off as well. So I did last week. What do I find when I look at my schedule today? A big fat fucking shift scheduled for– can you guess?– Thursday, June 18th. My birthday. The day my parents took off from work to drive two hours to see me. The day my boyfriend took off from work to spend the day with me forcing him to work two extra double shifts the rest of the week. When I confronted (very friendly-like too I might add) the human resources lady she told me that her hands were tied and there was nothing she could do except put my name down on the shift change sheet which is no guarantee.

  • I started working at Target as a seasonal hire in November of last year as a cashier. Every thing was fine for the first couple of months despite the crazy holiday crowds. I was able to convince a “guest” to sign up for a red card on my first shift on my own. I almost immediately was pulled aside by the STL and the front end supervisor, gstl, whatever the fuck she’s called. The STL asked me what I knew about all of the fast, fun, friendly, vibe bullshit and I went along with it and they expressed how pleased they were that I got a red card. He then proceeded to go on and on about the importance of getting red cards and how I need to ask every guest because more red cards means more money and more shifts. It didn’t help that our store is one of the top red card contributors in the area. It was fine though because I was even praised in front of all of the other cashier trainees for being the first to get a red card.

  • - iamazazel

    Toms River Target

    do not work the flow team head etl is a sexist, judgmental jerk who thinks she’ owns the store. She also has no patience

    The leads under her are junkies who live behind liquire stores and have smelly greasy, dirty body and hair.

  • - texastargetsucks

    meal compliance.

    My etls and team leads always make a big deal of following the breaks they give us.

    That’s being said, I hit compliance twice because they didn’t schedule me a lunch on a six hour shift. When I asked if I should get one the lod said, ” no you won’t need one Because you’ll be out before that”

    1. That has to be illegal to work someone 5.55 hours just so they don’t have to take a lunch.

    2. We stayed late both days and not once did an lod let me know I was comming up on compliance.

    I’m just wondering, can I be terminated for hitting compliance, and if so is there anyway I can fight that because they told me not to take a lunch. Screw target.

  • - texastargetsucks

    target in texas fudged me

    I’ve been with target for four years. I started at 7.55 an hour. First 2 raises where shit, like 12 cents then 15 cents. I’m currently, after 4 years of working, an at 9.25 an hour.

    ok so cashiers that just got their first review got bumped up to 9. Plus whatever raise they get on top of that. So after 1 year 4 cashiers are making the exact same amount as me. On top of that , my coworker s review was overall ineffective, his raise was 43 cents. My reviews all four years have been either effective or excellent, this year’s being effective, my raise was 33 cents. How does that make sense?

  • Okay, so when I worked for Target I felt like I was a slave to my LOD’s. When things were slow in the store or even if we were busy the other cashiers and I would be sent out TO GET CARTS. I’m sorry, but I signed up for a cashier position, not cart attendent. It was complete bullshit and even if I said I didn’t want to they would hand me an orange vest and tell me to bring in a row of carts. Has anyone else ever dealt with this kind of problem? That was one reason why I quit, that and those fucking red cards.

  • Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does.  New procedures were introduced for offload.  Now, its a five man crew who rotate through the offload.  So now a 1.5 hr off load (typically truck 2500) is 3-4 hrs.  When a person knows what numbers he is looking for, they switch positions during off load.  Now more wrong boxes are on the wrong pallets.  No back-stock, everything is pushed to floor including boxes that are not set yet (future transition dates).  

  • June 14, 2015 - InfinityForever

    I’m so done…

    I’ve been working at Target since April 22, 2014 and I’m already sick of it. Someone that used to work for became the new ETL and nearly no one in the store can stand her. What finally put me over the edge, so to speak, was that she actually yelled at me for leaving early because I almost died from an allergic reaction. Then the next day when I was able to come in, she had me pulled into the office to ‘talk about attendance’. She made me feel like that even if I was going to die from an allergic reaction that I still had no excuse.

  • You know what they want!! Enjoy your 1 hour a day out of solitary!! Fuck them. They will survive, they made the schedule with only one employee on it. Oh yeah, and that one employee got fired 2 weeks ago. They made the mess let them deal with it. FUCK THEM!!

  • - Stillaseasonal

    Sooo Im still here

    OK SO I got hired as a seasonal and was told at 90 days or whatever I will have a sit down and talk if I want to stay or not. 3 months later I still haven’t had this talk yet all they asked me was what other areasbI wanted to work at. I was tired of having to work cashier shifts everyday after school until 9:45 and work 8 hour shifts on the weekend. Had to work the 6am signing shift for three months every Sunday , so I haven’t been able to go to church Sunday mornings or have any family time or hang out with friends .