Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • February 20, 2015 - Silverfox

    Target stoops to new lows.

    Just when you think Target has done it’s worst, they have stooped to new lows. Looks like they might be defrauding their suppliers.  I say good riddance and don’t come back. And don’t let the door hit you on your way out but don’t touch anything and leave my stuff alone.


    First the data breach, and now this.

  • February 15, 2015 - Never Again

    Lost respect for Target.

    I was looking for a job and Target was the first to call so I took it. 7 months later I find a full time job with more pay. I could’ve easily said f*ck you guys and just walked out but I didn’t. I put in my 2 weeks like any responsible adult would do. At the time I put my two weeks in I told my direct supervisor I would have to leave 30 minutes early to go to my other job and he said it was fine. After the 1st week of my last 2 weeks upper management came to me and said that because I had been leaving early I wouldn’t be eligible for rehire. They said it was because I had been leaving early and not fulfilling my scheduled time. Then goes on to say that I can still go ahead and finish this last week of work. Really? I came in early when asked, stayed late when needed, came in on days off when called, was never late and only called out once.

  • February 14, 2015 - bravehonestbeautiful

    Shitty HR

    First of all I want to say I have read this site for quite some time now , I just never had gotten to making an account and I have to say this site has pulled me through and kept some of my sanity because I realize i’m not alone and i’m not in the wrong and I can relate to soo many of you guys. Some of the things you all have been through I can’t even fathom having to go through myself but it’s sad too say i’m not shocked because it just is how Target is and I don’t know if any other companies are as bad as this. I know wherever you go no matter what there will be sucky management , problematic coworkers and guests. That’s just life and retail for you so I went into it expecting that but Target isn’t that.  It’s hard for me to compare since this has been my only job , i’m currently trying to find something else right now but it is difficult considering I only graduated high school last year and can’t afford college right now (I mean I have been getting min wage now for two years so i’m STILL at the pay I started at – but that’s a whole other issue i’ll get into later) but I am determined to find something at this point  as long as it’s not with this company anymore

  • When I was first hired on as flow team, the job was very chill. Over the course of a year, Target has changed everything. Corporate makes it very clear that they want our team in and out of the building as quickly as possible. That way they don’t have to pay us, or give us benefits. I am expected to not only unload a truck, and have all merchandise completely pushed in four hours….but to do twelve other things at the same time so they do not have to hire more people. In the last couple of months, corporate has decided that four hours is way too long for us to be working. Now they want us to unload, and finish the entire store in two hours or less. I am constantly brought into the office, and coached at least three times a week for being “too slow.” I am expected to push all of domestics and plastics in less than a hour by myself. When I explain to my manager that a girl can not run around sprinting through the isles with a hundred pound piece of furniture tossed on my back, I am scoffed at like I am worthless.

  • - viciousdave

    I will quit soon

    Why? Well because I’ll be moving and I don’t drive because of health reasons I have.  I’ve been working for Target for over 6 years now.  As usual for most people it started out good years ago when  I started and then turned into shit.  I’ve also had a lot of bad health problems of new brain tumor benign and hearing loss but not deaf while working at Target.  I also hate how the GSTLs always go did you ask for red card, always ask for red card every guest.  But I’m so use to the job that leaving is like ah crap now I have to learn something new at a new job I have to find.  I am getting a hearing aid tomorrow but as I’ve said I got so use to the job it’s gonna be hard moving on to another job.  I’ll be overall glad to quit though as GSTLs crap, guest crap on coupons no no why can’t I use more, you messed up on my Wic check, blah blah.  You didn’t get the right stuff or you didn’t put the right stuff in the forward position so I could see it to put it on the WIC check you poor sap!  I might have to get SSD or SSI anyway with my tumor and ear problem, I can only hear out of one ear and now I have tinnitus plus the loss of hearing so the hearing aid won’t do much help but some.  Overall I posted this to say fuck Target I’ll soon be quitting after I return next week of getting my hearing aid. 

  • I have a team lead position in AP, and been with Target for 3 years. I have my bachelors degree and tons of experience.  Since Ive been with Target id say 90% of the new ETL’s that are hired are from outside the company and there ages range from 22-25, with most of them this being their first FT career. Has anyone else noticed that if you’re a TL you’re basically stuck in that position. They set unrealistic exceptions for you to get to a “ETL” level, yet all these new hires don’t have to prove shit. Oh and who can forget about shity .50 – .75 cent yearly raises, but yet ETL bonuses are 3k plus, not including their raises, and they are always eating meals from restaurants nearby. basically IMO, if you’re not an ETL at Target, you’re stuck at your position and fucked.

  • - dontshoptarget

    Suing Target On My Own

    Having to sue Target on my own but the head pharmacist thought it was ok to falsely accuse me of being a doctor/pill shopper right next to the main customer service desk. I warned him that such a breach of privacy would result in action on my part but he basically told me to bring it. So I’ll be linking to a website detailing my lawsuit soon. If any pharmacists or pharmacy employees know of anything that could help me in my suit it would be appreciated. I have a snowflake’s chance in hell of getting anywhere but so far I’ve gotten to the disclosures and discovery so at least it will be interesting.

  • I have worked for target for 2.5 years, 2.5 years too long. I work guest services I moved up from being a dreadful cashier. Well since i have became guest services only, i dont know maybe 6 months i have not had to deal with being a cashier, until now… what happened was, i hurt myself at work. I did not file for workman’s comp because i kind of liked working at target, most days… i told them i cashier anymore because of my injury, it will only make it worse. I had told a few managers and HR this, well a few days later the new schedule is posted, for the first time in 6 months my ENTIRE weekly schedule is cashier. I phone HR and ask them if there was anything i could do? They said yeah no you need a doctors note saying that you physically cannot do it and then we will decide if we WANT to accomidate you. Really!?

  • February 7, 2015 - blackops007

    The Operater.

    so,  I’ve only been working at my store for about 5 months . When I first got hired,  I loved it, everyone was so nice and sweet and willing to help out, I mean we actually were a team. Now,  all that shit went straight down the fuckin sewer with the rest of their dignity, and common fucking sense. So I’m the operator at my store and it fuckin sucks. First of all who in the hells idea was is to answer the phone “hi,  thanks for calling target, can I help you find something?” that is the dumbest shit EVER.! Second of all, I’m so ready to leap through these fuckin phones and punch every bitch in the face. Ppl are so rude and disrespectful. They don’t understand that as an operator there are many things you can’t do,  such as make ppl move any faster to find their item or just pick up the damn phone. News flash bitch your dumb ass is sitting at home making us look for shit for you. You are not our priority. Now,  in some cases I will help them if it’s pretty busy in the store and they’re nice.  But if you’re rude, I’m straight up hanging up on your ass.! The ppl on the sales floor are pieces of shit anyways because they don’t  do anything and the dumb ass LOD’S wonder why we don’t make sales. But I absolutely hate the fact that ppl call and ask us to put shit on hold for them. Bring your lazy fat asses in the fuckin store you dumb ass, ass hats. This rant is nowhere near over. My fingers hurt. 

  • - justwhy

    Man Oh Man….

    I just hit my 90 days and I’m surprisingly holding on. The longer I work there the more I notice my coworkers’ disatisfaction with target as well. They bs their love for their job in front of new tm’s because they never know who might be a kiss ass and snitch. Last weekend I had what i deemed the worst shift ever at target, not only for me but for my fellow tm who was working toys who i will refer to as “bobby”.  we were constantly being called on those damn walkies to see where we were in our zones only to be told we needed to pick up the pace (and help entitled guests, and respond to backup,and do 2 carts of go backs) so we said we would try becausse there was no guarantee that we would finish. I showed up thinking i was doing ad takedown so i took my break with the ad team. I was yelled at because i wasn’t supposed to do ads i just happened to come in at the same time as the ad team and be in the ad team huddle…bogus right. so i say fine and continue my job. LOD proceeds to tell me im going too slow and is concerned  about me not finishing my zone…she sees that i completely redid the pens and pencils aisle making it look presentable and she’s like wow this looks great….with the bitchiest attitude i tell her “yeah, that’s why ive been so ‘slow’ today”