Are these people for real?

Ready for a laugh?

I looked up the website for employees to search for “helpful” information relating to health and wellness, career, etc.  Why did I do that, you ask?  Well, I wanted some help with updating my resume so I can get a real job.

No word of a frigging lie…there was actually a “helpful” article about…wait for it…”Choosing a Private School”.  Um, yeah…because most Target employees can afford that.  Especially the part-timers who have had their hours slashed.

So thank you for your “helpful” article, Target.  I really needed that laugh today! :)


Quitting was an “amazing moment”

So, first off, let me begin with a resounding FUCK TARGET.

I started back at this place several years ago. Straight out of high school, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I accepted a job offer from Target. Little did I know I was basically signing my soul away to the devil in exchange for a measly $8.50/hr and I would be burning in the everlasting fire of the Target pits of hell. It was better than fast food, worked around my school schedule and I was making more than minimum wage. I worked in the backroom… if you’ve ever worked there you know we are the forgotten ones and basically do whatever the fuck we want without having to worry about break schedules and guests. My TL and co-workers were awesome and I loved it. For a little while. I got good reviews and decent raises compared to others and was up to a whopping $9.30 within a couple years. Woo-fucking-hoo. More >


“My Time” The “Guest” Driven Schedule

Okay. First, I would like to say that I absolutely love this website, I could not agree more with any of the posts and it makes me feel better after another shitty work day at the Red and Khaki Hell I submit myself to on a daily basis.

I have yet to read a post on the “new” scheduling, and I’m just curious to know if it’s just my store deciding to fuck us over or if it’s every store. Here are the changes that my store has had starting this week:

More >


Okay sir, I just need to swipe your Driver’s License

One thing I do not understand is why in the FUCK do people get so ticked about having their ID’s swiped?? Do you really think a multi-billion dollar company wants your stupid fucking information? You think the LOD is sitting in the back selling your info to pirates? Let me give you an example of one guest’s stupidity:


“I was in Target a few weeks ago.  I had about $200 worth of stuff loaded on the conveyer belt and about 1/3 of the way through checking me out the gal says; can I see your drivers license?  I asked why – she said because it’s required if I want to buy NyQuil.

I took my license out and showed it to her.  She tried to grab it, I asked her what she was doing, she said she needed to swipe my license.  Um, no.  There is all sorts of information contained on that strip that Target has no business accessing.  She said she couldn’t continue unless I let her swipe my DL.  I said you’d rather I walk out rather than let me buy NyQuil without giving Target the same information I need to give the DMV in order to be licensed to operate a motor vehicle.  She said yes.

I left all the stuff sitting on the belt and walked out.”

-Taken from a Huffington Post website.


CLAP CLAP DUDE YOU’RE A LITTLE BADASS WOOOW CLAAAAAP CLAAP MAAAAAAN YOU STOOD UP FOR CIVIL RIGHTS. No. No, you’re a fucking dumb ass who probably thinks the GUBMENT is watching your every move. More >


Work very hard on something, only for a favourite or some TL to claim all the credit

I am so tired of this, does anyone have any input or advice, Many times I have done a project alone,(that the TL assigned 3 people to), but somehow the other 2 decided on their own to do something else instead. (brown nose some other TL or ETL in the process). later the very people that did not help, took the credit later for it.  It sure makes me wonder why do I bother?


Inmates running the asylum

God bless this site. I’m sick and tired of everything. Looking for a new job, I’ve worked sales floor at Tarshit for a few years now. My story probably isn’t unknown to many of you. I thought pretty highly of the company going in, the people seemed nice, yadayadayada, and then everything went downhill quickly. At best LODs and TLs are inattentive and clueless, and at worst they get off on making your life a living hell. But in the last 6 months, things have reached a new low.

Everybody knows the LODs have their favorites, and they’re usually the ones that get promotions whether they deserve them or not. My store’s favorite is one of the most useless lumps of humanity I’ve ever met. Never does any work, rude to guests and other team leads, late all the time, disappears for long stretches of time, etc. He worked as the part-time HR clerk for a while, and he would just change his start times in the schedule so it didn’t look like he was an hour late. Still, he’s their little bitch, and when a TL spot opened up last year, they gave it to him. More >


expired coupons

In the past week or so we were told to accept expired coupons, change prices on items if guests say it was lower then it rang up – up to 20.00 and all in all do anything to make the guest happy. Bend over anyway possible to please them.

Sales are down, redcards are down and they don’t have a good marketing team.

Do they really think that all that bending over is going to bring in more redcards? Management is stupid..all it’s going to do is let the people who enjoy ripping the store off, rip it off even more.

The only way they are going to start getting redcards is to do some WOW tv, radio, Internet commercials and offer something special, something new.. Doesn’t corporate get that? Stupid.. Just stupid..


I didn’t know operators controlled target…

So, I’m a target employee, have been for 9 months and next week is my final week. Surprisingly I’ll be leaving target relatively unscathed, however, my hatred for one of the operators will follow me until I’m dead. my hatred for her burns like 10,000 suns.

I’m in softlines, and this bitch ass operator we have is the worst person I’ve ever known. More >