Who do I have to punch to get my paycheck around here, huh?

Me: Every. Single. Time. I go to pick up my check-

Asshole: “Abra-fuckin-cadabra, it’s not here!”

Asshole: “Golly, we just don’t understand where it is, hmmmm…should be here…”

Asshole: “Tell you what, go stand over there and I’ll bring it to ya. Gimme a sec…”



Terrible price accuracy even after a year, and no scanning code of conduct

I work at Target Canada. I was GSA today, and a “Guest” (are we going to call them all lovers eventually?) was talking to me like I was a piece of dirt for informing him that we don’t subscribe to the Canadian scanning code of conduct, which would make any item scanned wrong under 10 dollars free. He seemed to think it was some sort of hard law (he used the word charter…I don’t think you know what that word means), when it’s a voluntary policy. Now he was a dickbutt asswipe, so I really didn’t care about that, but once he was gone I started thinking he did have a point. More >


Worst computer systems in the retail space?

I work at Target Canada, I’m not sure if it will be the same for the States but I think this system is country wide for us. What is WITH these things? I’ve never seen a more buggy POS (they’re literally called that – how apt). I think I made more advanced cash systems in first year java course. They freeze for minutes at a time for no reason, grey screen regularly, switch buttons (like swapping debit and void) when you made no other input, and are all around pieces of shit. Honest Target – hire me as a programmer, a student could make something better than this.


Hackensack Target is a shit place to work at!!!

The Target in Hackensack is a terrible place to work at!! One Lod’s name is John and he’s an asshole! He thinks his shit dont stink!! He times ppl when they go on breaks and if your 1 min late coming back he’ll confront you. I believe he’s acting out like this is because he needs to get laid!!! The store changed it’s over night crew from 10pm-7am with truck coming at 10pm to 4am-12pm with truck coming at 4am now!! Everyone is scattered all over the place with shit all over the salesfloor when store opens up at 8am.  Also, there’s never any equipment to work with when you come in to start your shift and your suppose to sign the guns and walkies out! Then John gets on everyone’s cases about signing the equipment out. How the fuck you going to sign them out when there’s nothing there??? Use the brain god gave you god dammit!!! Stupid ass ppl!!! The store should burn to the ground!


This a hell hole

Target has been one of the worst jobs i have ever Had i have been working there for almost 3 years. I have been used abused and overlooked for 3 years I have been working extremely hard while being flexible since I got there Theyre scheduling is a joke most of theyre etls and team leads are even more so I dread coming into work everyday Im not gonna suck up to get noticed im going to work hard youve ruined my life The second i find sometving new im quitting


Tired of this Hell Hole

Ive been working For Target for almost three years and im tired of it all of my etls went to college

 and most of them are extremely incompetent and they have their favorites 

Ive gone for Tps 3 times and the last time i went for it the aptl had the nerve to say that he feels im not dedicated to any team bc im crosstrained and scheduled everywhere these jackasses promote people who have less time than I do i have also have applied for Food ave team lead and i was told i dont vibe enough meanwhile i am constantly being recognized for my vibe and hired a team member with way less experience meanwhile i get abused as a bike builder 

And my last raise was 15cents allthough i work harder than anyone and now with my time ive gone from 30+ hours to 15 even the google people in our store get paid more than we do Fuck You Target Fuck you