Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • March 28, 2016 - SoAnxiousToday


    Hello fellow Red & Khakians,

    Team member from T2104 here asking you if you also are doing a March Madness / Final 4 style red card tournament at your store…

  • 1 when things get backed up or a bit busy EVERYONE has to pay. Team leads basically say Fuck your break or meal we have customers here! Uhh sorry to be rude here but I really don’t give a horses ass, my feet hurt and my stomach is growling

  • So apparently Tarshit’s recovery plan got rejected by courts. Well Ontario courts rejected it anyways.

  • - stz195

    Wow wow wow

    Talk about a place that is filled with negative air? You hit the nail right on the head, cause it gets no worse than this place. Lod, mod, it’s all the same……moron on duty, lunatic on duty, and they act like they own the place. Worked here for a short time, will not say the position I was in, but will say that I have never worked at a place in my 35 years of employment, where there are so many incompetent individuals in my life!!

  • I am a little different than most posters here in that I don’t hate target. I just feel like this place feels like a dark depressing sweatshop that eats up your life. If it weren’t for HR and most of my coworkers I would be long gone. HR has been doing a fantastic job. My biggest peeve are certain specific coworkers, especially the older ones.

  • That’s what I heard from my old boss about returning there and leaving  Target!  I guess being an incompetent ass (feeling so cuz of the way I was being treated at Target)  means I’m capable of working with a team in  deli that, additionally, has a hot food section where we serve customers.

  • March 19, 2016 - deadcashier

    Once a Cashier, Always a Cashier Apparently…

    I’ve been working at target since July 2015. I took this job as a cashier because I desperately needed a job and I thought that maybe if I just got in then I could switch positions later on. Boy was I wrong and I really regret clicking “cashier” on that online application…

  • - T1349 HELL

    Update to T1349 Hell

    My attorney has just flipped his shit when he heard of this second “my bad” situation regarding not letting me take my meal on time (diabetes).  Please read my previous rant on the details.   He has plenty of experience, wins, and I’m going to drill you second asshole attitude but he wants me to see another attorney who’s had big success suing big ass corporations (I’m sure he’ll get a “finders fee” which is only fair)  and he’s won the Americas Best Attorney Award for like 10 years in a row.

  • - bamafanforlife

    No one cares

    What made me so mad about Target is that if a team member is  No Call/No Show  not one person from HR or even their TL will call to see why.  They don’t give a shit about you and don’t fucking care why you were not at work and didn’t call out.  

  • March 18, 2016 - grizzbear

    Wish I had seen this before . . .

    I took this f#ng job at Target.

    I’ve had deli experience so I thought this would be a good job and a step up from my other department store deli job.  When you feel like you’re gonna puke when you got to go in, you know you made a very, very bad decision.