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May 30, 2013 - nbakes

comp shop

I obviously hate target and I could go on and on as to why. I have a question about comp shopping in particular. If my score is consistently green, do I need to worry if I am making prices up? Even if I am in the green?




  • buckwill says:

    My conscience says that you shouldn't. But in reality, your bosses probably DO NOT CARE either way as long as you are green. That is the most important thing to remember at Target, no matter what happens, be green. Oh, they will say go the extra inch and we care about guest experience, but it is only because they are scored on it. Or because they are getting a visit.

  • nbakes says:

    It's not about conscience with me in regard to target. Those fools treat me like shit and disrespect me at every turn so fuck them. If they were cool or even somewhat respectful of me I would do comp shop accordingly but they aren't so they don't deserve my full effort. I have been passed over time and time again for promotions,even though I was obviously more deserving and qualified, and I have told these fools that I don't want to do comp shop to no avail. They tricked me into doing comp shop by offering me more hours on top of my other position but what they did was cut my hours in my other area and filled them with comp shop. They are shit and deserve the least amount of effort and respect from me.


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