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  • April 18, 2015 - bort2bort

    Target Mobile: The Unsung Hero

    All I can say is that when I think of Target Mobile, perhaps the most urgent feeling I can express is pity. I don’t know what it is like at other Targets, but at mine, it is one of the worst positions in the store. I work at a high traffic Target, and like most of you out there, this Target is also poorly manned. Nowhere is this more evident than Hardlines 2, aka, Electronics. In my store, this is proven by the workload thrust upon the poor unsuspecting man in charge of Target Mobile. As the name implies, Target Mobile’s job is to sell phones, but there are some things that need mention in this. First, they don’t actually work for Target, they work at Target, for an outside company.

  • I have this one ETL who have a stupid habit of waiting until she see’s me with a guest to hop her little fluffy ass over to my register and proceeds to PRETEND to be helping me bag the customers items and then tries forcing a red card down their damn throat!! And when they decline she says okay and walks away….well bitch wasn’t u just helping me bag well wtf happened??? It’s uncomfortable and makes me look as if I’m not doing my job!! Then there’s this other one who does the same shit!!!! If it’s that damn serious maybe you shouldn’t be a ETL but yet a CASHIER!!

  • - Restricted


    First time posting and let me start off by saying how happy I am to have found the site. I started as a cashier back in October. I was interviewed mid-september when I was given the job on the spot. I loved it at first, target has been one of my favorite stores for the longest time and it still is however I have a newfound outlook on the people who run the store. as soon as I began my cashier position I discovered which GSTL would be my friend and which would be my foe. about4 months into my position I was injured while lifting a pack of water and it ended up pulling my shoulder to the point where I could not cashier anymore.

  • - Redday

    $9.00 an hour?

    So, it’s April, I just got a pay check on Friday, and no raise in pay? Has anyone else had their wages increased to $9.00 per hour? Are we waiting for the next pay check, again? Yesterday was my one year, no reviews, no feedback, no nothing!! I am operator/ fitting room person and never get much of any direction!

  • April 12, 2015 - RedCardFairy

    horrible place to work

    oh man! This place is so mismanged you would almost think it was some kind of joke. Just about everything that is mentioned during the new hire orientation is a lie. My store just hired a GSA with no prior experience.”Reviews” just happened. These people want to act like they are a corporate company fulfilling a mission, they are so far off the mark it’s crazy. You don’t give a person cents as a raise and think you are a reputable business person clearly management has no respect for their workers and that is evident by the lack of a consistant schedule or living wage. Make it right for the guest.., what a total B.S. Statement that is. I must have been a terrible person in a past life and working at target is my punishment.

  • - sbzero546

    Escape from hell

    Well sad to say after years at target I have left the professional way. The coworkers were the best and will miss them and only some of the ETL’s were nice (the ones who helped me). AND NOW ON TO THE RANT! Position: Cashier – Basically gotta stand in one area for like 8 hrs and ask every single guest for that damn REDCARD. Yeah and the GSTL or LOD would hover around and make sure that  you are asking every guest every time. If u don’t guess what that is an automatic coaching or possible termination. The huddles are freaking useless because they go over the same things all the time. The goals are unrealistic “guys we gotta make sure the store is green” and get at least 20-25 a day. Guests were ok or just plain rude AF. The ones with no manners who complained about the prices or the coupons. Or my favorite when their credit card gets declined then they have to announce “this is impossible, I KNOW there is ALOT of money on this card”.

  • - solessupremacy

    4 hour week

    I worked at softlines for 1 year in which I got 15 hour weeks ( even though i had full availability) and 30 hours during December. This year my hours declined from 15 to 10 and to 4. I had to beg my ETL for hours, after asking 3 times, i was given 10 hours a week. I found this very insulting to me as i had to come 2 days a week for 4 or 5 hours each day. I felt that my stupid ETL never recognized or awarded my hard work . I never asked for a thank you or a raise, I simply asked for more hours. I’m a college student and I found it impossible to pay for the most basic essentials with $ 120 monthly paychecks.

  • April 8, 2015 - Sushicruise

    Tarshit hardlines sucks dick

    So I was told to zone a clearance end cap that was stuffed with stupid shit no one buys, our team lead says it’s supposed to look like any other end cap.. Yeah right,  bitch I only get 4 hour shifts and they want me to zone 3 areas as well as back up cashier, stupid carry outs, customer service, and now zone this stupid clearance that’s going to be cleared out tommorow anyway? Fuck you! I get paid minimum wage hoe might as well bend me over and fuck me in the ass too. Fuck target. That is all.

  • - winkaka01

    What Not To Do

    I wrote a post not too long ago about how I was treated at target. I was a flow team member expected to do the job of twelve people, as quickly as possible. I was coached at least three times a week for being “too slow”, and unwilling to run around the isles with hundred pound boxes of furniture on my back. I unloaded the truck, dragged the palates out the the floor, stocked the shelves, put up signs, built full productions, zoned, cleaned, cashiered, and back stocked. All for the same shitty pay. I was never thanked. In fact, doing all of these things at one time was not enough.

  • April 4, 2015 - mrsirsir

    Me trying to be nice

    So I got a new job as a lube tech for clay cooley chrysler but since my uncle got me a job at target I decided I’m gonna help him on Sundays only since the dealership is closed that day. So yeah I get off early Saturday and recently his mom passed away so he’s taking time off to deal with the sadness and plan a service.

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