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  • March 30, 2015 - HollywoodUndead

    Worst Place Ever

    So I was informed that I was fired from target but they were going to keep me on, I was just out of the system. They gave me hours on slips of papers and when I got my paycheck it was only $98 for a 32 hour week at $10.50 an hour. I checked the written schedule they swapped it saying I only worked 12 hours that week. Very unprofessional and very scandalous, would never recommend them to anyone for a job. It’s clear to see why they’re so anti union.

  • So I recently No Called No Showed, and while I do take most of the blame for not printing my schedule out as I normally do (I don’t trust my management not to change my shit without notifying me), I also blame that shitty View My Schedule online. It said “OFF” for the day in which I committed the crime and so I didn’t go in. Come to find out, I did work and the paper schedule reflected that. Fine. That’s cool. But since when did the LODs stop calling you to make sure whether or not you’re coming in? I know it’s my responsibility to show up on time, but I was kinda shocked no one called.

  • First time posting but I really just need to rant about this. Since last summer the company has had a hard on for red cards. When I first started getting a red card a week when you aren’t a cashier was considered good. Not anymore. I was up at the register last week and the GSTL shuts off my light and says “I don’t hear you asking about red cards.”  Its brought up at every goddamn huddle (and boy I could rant about those huddles which are now hour long zone parties).  They even had us do mock transactions. At one of those I was told to be a cheerleader. I had to be bouncy and excited and push the greatness that is red cards.

  • March 25, 2015 - elephantine93

    Back on my probationary

    Normally, I clock in at 11 pm, and take my lunch at 3:59 am. For some reason, I clocked in at 10:59, and unknowingly, hit my 5th at 3:59. I’m never late, I never call off, haven’t had any no call, no shows. My fucking etl looked past all of that, and still made me sign a paper. If this only affects my ability to transfer, I don’t care. If I lose hours, I’m going to be heated. I could understand for a no call, no show, or even if i am an employee who doesn’t do his job. But I work my ass off for them, 5 nights a week. I know I can’t change this, but a warning seems more in line. They really willing to give me probation for this, and if I do it again, I’m fired. Wow, fuck target lol.

  • March 18, 2015 - Foodaveslave

    Nothing new

    As my name says I work in food ave. I often have to open and I bust my ass everyday I’m there. No one gives a fuck about how much work I have to do by myself. I’m pushed to hurry up with cleaning when I have to close. The time frame they want me to do my job in, whether open or close, is unreasonable as fuck. Thirty minutes? No, seriously fuck off with that. I enjoyed it at first but after four months of it I can’t wait to get on with my life and to leave the place.


  • Let me start off with saying that this REDCARD crap is ridiculous. I work at a target where it is not that big of a town so we get alot of loyal guest that come in everyday and already have the REDCARD. A REDCARD is a great thing to have Im not going to lie but they push it way to damn far to expect on getting 44 REDCARDS a week. I mean really??

  • I work with both my step-son’s at a store. We all work on flow with some of my own time dedicated to planogram/presentation. The lead for flow is a nice guy however, prefers to just parade around like he is a bull dog marching up and down a cat walk and barking orders. Fine.

    However, he seemed to have had an issue with one of my step-sons today. As the three of us were in the break room for lunch, (along with at least 7-8 other team members), the lead for flow comes in and sits with my step son’s and I. He procedes to talk to one of my kids about how “there is a problem”… and “why wasnt seasonal pushed?”… and “whatever your problem is, you just need to get over it.”… I had to get up in mid convo and leave because not only was it unconfortable, but I feel it poses as a conflict of interest being he is my step-son. Not to mention – TOTALLY INDISCREET!!

  • Ok where do I start. Ok I have been working for Target for about a year and half now and at first I thought I was going to enjoy it but just like everyone else my distaste for working there came quick. I felt over worked and underpaid. I came into my postion without training only because I worked for Wal-Mart before and took a pay cut becasue they felt like paying me 9.00 was too much. Anywho those are old problems. My new beef with my store is I feel like they may be trying to force me to quit now that I have a new job. Now my dad always told me never burn your bridges with a job because you never know when you may have to go back and I definitely believe that. Today I went to my store to check if my schedule change had been approve. Of course it wasn’t. So I go and find my new ETL over my department to talk to her about it. She tells me oh I don’t receive the request they go to the store manager. So I look at her crazy because I know she’s feeding me bs but I let her finish.

  • March 12, 2015 - Maxie

    Working at Starbucks in Target

    I feel the need to post my experience on this site. Even though I applied for a different job at Target, I ended up being hired to work as a Starbucks barista on a part time basis. When I interviewed for the barista job, I was very upfront in asking how they train their employees in Starbucks. I’d had no previous experience with Starbucks or Target, and I made that clear. The person I interviewed with, while very nice, was new at his job as a….not even quite sure…. as Target has so many acronyms for different jobs in the corporation. He told me that the Starbucks training is around 40 hours. I felt pretty good about that.

  • I have worked for Tarshit for several years and just put in my 2 weeks after finding a job related to my major…thank fucking God. SO, here is a brief list of things I have grown to hate about this piece of trash company. Hope some of you can relate!

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