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  • July 22, 2017 - Dante05m

    Term’d for a flip flop joke

    After about a month working as an electronics team member, my lease was up at my apartment and, because I don’t drive, I decided to move into a new place close to work. A month later, after finding a place a short walk away, blowing my savings on moving and furniture (much of which I bought from target) I was told by the fucking target-themed barbie doll In HR that I was being terminated because I had “insulted a guest’s financial status”.

  • July 21, 2017 - mitty1324

    Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    I’ve been working at Target for almost 2 years now and I’m at my breaking point of whether I should just change my availability or put in my two weeks. Long post but, the first store I was at I started off as a seasonal cashier and was moved to guest service a few months later. I loved working in that area and I really cared to make guest service look nice, the LOD’s would tell me that it looks great. One of the GSAs ended up doing some sneaky shit and was stealing from the registers when we closed so she vanished for a bit while I had to run the front lanes. After she was stupid enough to come back, she was arrested, then came an opening for the position and I was told to go for it.

  • July 6, 2017 - poprocks2017

    My LOD creeps me out

    I work in grocery but I sometimes help close the meat department. the team lead over the meat department sometimes fills in for LOD too.  Being in the meat department, he makes inappropriate jokes about “playing with his meat” and “he wants me to handle his meat”.  I’m 18 and he’s in his thirties.

  • - NotYourEmployee

    No Organization at all

    I’m a former CSP who was not directly employed by Target itself but an outside organization working within the stores occasionally.

  • I started Target as a cashier in the year 2014. It’s 2017 and till this day I regret hitting that srupid “Cashier ” button. #1 when I started my GSTL was a huge assshole I just sucked it up cause I needed my job.

  • Before I even clocked in, my Team Lead pulled me into the HR office with one of the other LODs and decided to tell me I did not pass probation.

    Its funny, they said I took too long on breaks too much and that I “argued with some of the managers”. If you wanted to see me argue I would have had some pretty colorful language. I was only politely trying to explain where I was coming from the two times I was supposedly combative. Note also I had no complaints until two weeks ago.

  • May 25, 2017 - iwanttobreakfree

    Well Well Well

    I finally put my two weeks in. I walked in the door and immediately told everybody. The guests, included. The greatest day of my life. Does Target even DESERVE my two weeks? Probably not, but what the hell.

  • I was recently fired from bad ol’ Tarjay, so I think its about time I share with this site a tale of hilarity and frustration that truly shows the failures of the company itself.

    First off, I worked in Food Ave. Pizza Hut area, to be specific. So I came in on Sunday, as scheduled, and the first thing I noticed?

  • May 16, 2017 - molow

    End to end team bullshit

    I don’t really know how many stores have already switched over to working in these teams or whatever but supposedly it was “just a test” to see if things would work out better this way or if we should just keep things the way they were (we never were going to have a choice obviously) Going into it we were told by our stl that it was going to be complete chaos as they didn’t even really know what was going on.

  • May 12, 2017 - justwastingtime

    out of curiosity

    Does/has anyone on here work at store 0876? If so, what is or has, your personal experience there been like? I’ve noticed in the close to a year I’ve been stuck in this circle of hell expectations change daily. If you work hard, they’ll work you harder (especially if you’re not a favorite). The laziest workers seem to have a blind eye turned to them.

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