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  • February 27, 2015 - dragonguy87

    Absolutely Terrified

    I am a recent hire of Target. I’ve been to this site several times, mostly to prepare myself for the possibilities ahead, but I don’t think I was prepared for what happened today. Today was my “orientation”, if you can call it that. I arrived, and I was carted into the office area with my other fellow hires. I was sat at a table, asked to sign a whole SLEW of paperwork that I barely had time to read (none of it tax related, might I add… don’t employers usually make you fill out W-4’s?) then the orientation leader, who will remain nameless not because I don’t want to give myself away, but BECAUSE HE NEVER TOLD IT TO US IN THE FIRST PLACE, turned on a DVD powerpoint thing. He then handed ME the remote, told me to click OK to move it forward, and LEFT. HE LEFT THE ROOM FOR AN HOUR, leaving us to watch the safety videos and go through the powerpoint slides in silence. There was no discussion. No question time. No nothing. After the powerpoint he gave us probably the most half-assed store tour on record, and just like that we were told to go home. Never have I been to a more soulless orientation. Never have I started work at a place knowing so little about it.

  • February 25, 2015 - poohbear80

    Will leave as soon as I can

    I’m a cashier.  I get asked to stay late all the time due to call outs, and once every two weeks on my days off. I’m tired of the pressure from LODs to work outside of my schedule.  My LOD asked me to stay an extra hour the other day after a 8 hour shift, I said okay and it turned into 2 hours,  right before I leave she’s like “there might be a shift from 9:30-7pm tomorrow for a callout you wanna come?”  I wasn’t able to come but I get the feeling no one will care if I stay late it’s just the times I say no that are remembered. They have no regard if I am working an early shift the next day. If I close I feel pressured by one of the LODS who works nights to help the sales floor zone out of courtesy because they come up front if we’re busy if I work a closing shift.  I’ve had a long day and want to go home, the sales floor helps out during work hours, so let me go zone during work hours and take me off the register for a short time like they do.

  • Idk if anyone here is a cashier but I am and it really sucks. So yesterday I was working from like 9:00 am to 5:30 and I was the only cashier they had scheduled until like 3:00 PM lol… nothing new there. Actually there was one other girl scheduled to cashier but she has a superiority complex and instead of cashiering on a regular register, she jus HAD to stay at guest service and ring people up there. She’s usually a GSA/GSTL but she’s horrible at her job because she always gossips and made this day A LOT harder than it had to be because she was basically at guest service doing nothing while I had a fucking huge line going all the way out to god knows where. Of course in the middle of this my register breaks, which happens like every single day at Target btw, so I had to move even though this lady had a ton of shit on the belt already, which I felt bad about but she was nice. So anyways, my patience was growing really thin, and then I start ringing up the rudest oldest woman I’ve ever dealt with and I’ve been working here for like 8 months. I’m a very sensitive person and I can’t stand when people are angry at me and every customer was angry because I was the only cashier like it was my fault. Well this lady was… idk… I can’t even explain… omg… she was just yelling at me and like mumbling and calling me names, embarrassing me in front of the 20 fking million people in line behind her.

  • February 23, 2015 - maxpower760

    I’m out

    God this is a horrible company to work for. I’ve been at this hellhole for a while now working primarily as cashier but closing guest service on the weekends. Is it just me or do people who close get locked inside the store when they are off and have to wait for an LOD to let them out? It happens I want to say atleast half the times I close and it’s the worst. Then you try and voice your concern and the baby faced LOD out of some shitty party school will give you some convulated answer to cover up her own retardedness. This is what primarily makes me want to leave. The manangement system at tarshit is one of the worst. What genius came up with the plan to hire recent college grads with no experience to run a giant retail store? Not just with etls, GSTLS at my store also seem to be promoted from the younger cashiers. We have one guy who made GSTL simply because he pushes redcards out of every orifice of his body. This guy will push and push redcards on anyone, I’ve personally seen this asshole try and trick a teenager buying some reeeses into applying for a redcard. Like forreal man? You’re going to ruin this kids credit man so he can save 5 cents? What a piece of shit. Anyway I’m done with the rant and wanted to ask you guys the best ways to quit

  • Note that this legit is not happening to me but is happening to a co-worker of mine instead. Years ago my co-worker had the Target Redcard (the credit card one) and defaulted on it before they ever became a Target employee. They were having financial troubles at the time thanks to the housing market crisis that took place across the good ol’ USA (thanks banks for screwing the little man over yet again with that [whole other topic however]!). So they defaulted on the red card and eventually the debt was paid off fully. Keyword being fully here, guys. A little more than a year ago this person became a Target employee. Not more than about 2 weeks ago now a letter was sent to the store regarding this default that took place years before they ever became an employee at Target. First red flag. Shouldn’t this kind of personal mail be sent to your home address and not your business’ address, even though it comes from the company at which you are an employee? The letter states that about 25% of his paychecks will be garnished to pay off this debt, which by the way was already paid off years before he ever became employed there. It also stated that if they want to refute the company’s actions or even the said debt itself, they must hire a private attorney.

  • February 15, 2015 - Never Again

    Lost respect for Target.

    I was looking for a job and Target was the first to call so I took it. 7 months later I find a full time job with more pay. I could’ve easily said f*ck you guys and just walked out but I didn’t. I put in my 2 weeks like any responsible adult would do. At the time I put my two weeks in I told my direct supervisor I would have to leave 30 minutes early to go to my other job and he said it was fine. After the 1st week of my last 2 weeks upper management came to me and said that because I had been leaving early I wouldn’t be eligible for rehire. They said it was because I had been leaving early and not fulfilling my scheduled time. Then goes on to say that I can still go ahead and finish this last week of work. Really? I came in early when asked, stayed late when needed, came in on days off when called, was never late and only called out once.

  • February 14, 2015 - winkaka01

    Unrealistic Expectations and Misery

    When I was first hired on as flow team, the job was very chill. Over the course of a year, Target has changed everything. Corporate makes it very clear that they want our team in and out of the building as quickly as possible. That way they don’t have to pay us, or give us benefits. I am expected to not only unload a truck, and have all merchandise completely pushed in four hours….but to do twelve other things at the same time so they do not have to hire more people. In the last couple of months, corporate has decided that four hours is way too long for us to be working. Now they want us to unload, and finish the entire store in two hours or less. I am constantly brought into the office, and coached at least three times a week for being “too slow.” I am expected to push all of domestics and plastics in less than a hour by myself. When I explain to my manager that a girl can not run around sprinting through the isles with a hundred pound piece of furniture tossed on my back, I am scoffed at like I am worthless.

  • - viciousdave

    I will quit soon

    Why? Well because I’ll be moving and I don’t drive because of health reasons I have.  I’ve been working for Target for over 6 years now.  As usual for most people it started out good years ago when  I started and then turned into shit.  I’ve also had a lot of bad health problems of new brain tumor benign and hearing loss but not deaf while working at Target.  I also hate how the GSTLs always go did you ask for red card, always ask for red card every guest.  But I’m so use to the job that leaving is like ah crap now I have to learn something new at a new job I have to find.  I am getting a hearing aid tomorrow but as I’ve said I got so use to the job it’s gonna be hard moving on to another job.  I’ll be overall glad to quit though as GSTLs crap, guest crap on coupons no no why can’t I use more, you messed up on my Wic check, blah blah.  You didn’t get the right stuff or you didn’t put the right stuff in the forward position so I could see it to put it on the WIC check you poor sap!  I might have to get SSD or SSI anyway with my tumor and ear problem, I can only hear out of one ear and now I have tinnitus plus the loss of hearing so the hearing aid won’t do much help but some.  Overall I posted this to say fuck Target I’ll soon be quitting after I return next week of getting my hearing aid. 

  • I have a team lead position in AP, and been with Target for 3 years. I have my bachelors degree and tons of experience.  Since Ive been with Target id say 90% of the new ETL’s that are hired are from outside the company and there ages range from 22-25, with most of them this being their first FT career. Has anyone else noticed that if you’re a TL you’re basically stuck in that position. They set unrealistic exceptions for you to get to a “ETL” level, yet all these new hires don’t have to prove shit. Oh and who can forget about shity .50 – .75 cent yearly raises, but yet ETL bonuses are 3k plus, not including their raises, and they are always eating meals from restaurants nearby. basically IMO, if you’re not an ETL at Target, you’re stuck at your position and fucked.

  • I have worked for target for 2.5 years, 2.5 years too long. I work guest services I moved up from being a dreadful cashier. Well since i have became guest services only, i dont know maybe 6 months i have not had to deal with being a cashier, until now… what happened was, i hurt myself at work. I did not file for workman’s comp because i kind of liked working at target, most days… i told them i cashier anymore because of my injury, it will only make it worse. I had told a few managers and HR this, well a few days later the new schedule is posted, for the first time in 6 months my ENTIRE weekly schedule is cashier. I phone HR and ask them if there was anything i could do? They said yeah no you need a doctors note saying that you physically cannot do it and then we will decide if we WANT to accomidate you. Really!?

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