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Someone who knows, please inform me: HOW do ETLs get these cushy jobs?  Not one at our store is approachable or friendly, most of them talk to guests like they just learned English that morning, and they all spend most of their shifts checking their phones and hanging out at Starbucks or in HR – in my store, anyway.  So please, how do they get these jobs?

Honestly, there are so many things about this place that I don’t get.

I fail to understand why we need to be friendly when the ETLs walk around with permanent scowls on their bitchy faces.  I fail to understand why they have written up several staff members for checking their phones while they do the same thing when they think no one is looking.  (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think TMs should have their phones on the floor…but neither should the ETLs!)  I fail to understand why some jobs don’t get posted; instead, friends of TLs simply get promoted.  I fail to understand why we are lied to when people “leave”.

Anyone have any answers for me?



On March 31, April 2 and April 7 2014, I attended a new employee orientation meeting and training at the Target store in South Setauket New York. At this festive meeting, conducted by a Target human resources “team member” with 14 years (according to her) seniority, an anti-union video was screened – I started to seethe. At one point, this blatant piece of propaganda gave a statistic showing that union membership is on the decline in the USA, implying that unions are antiquated and no longer needed in the USA. What Target’s video failed to mention is the reason for union decline is the loss of American manufacturing jobs and the rise of the low-pay service economy that Target is a part of. The video also gave other reasons why unions are bad for Target employees – items such as a rigid job description, a lack of employee co-operation and individuality, claiming that labor unions are a business and only want your dues…. More >


The System is Broken

Good morning fellow disgruntled,


Life is good, I found this site.  Now onto the “beef”.


I have worked at this anxiety-inducing mind-fuck known as Target for two years, and most of it has been a horrible experience.  Yes, I do take responsibility for remaining in this environment, but I liken it to holding my hand over the flame of a candle to see how long I can endure the flesh-sizzling pain.  It has been a test.  But now, I have finally seen the light at the end of the pitch black tunnel, and the time for me to leave has arrived. More >


Quitting was an “amazing moment”

So, first off, let me begin with a resounding FUCK TARGET.

I started back at this place several years ago. Straight out of high school, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I accepted a job offer from Target. Little did I know I was basically signing my soul away to the devil in exchange for a measly $8.50/hr and I would be burning in the everlasting fire of the Target pits of hell. It was better than fast food, worked around my school schedule and I was making more than minimum wage. I worked in the backroom… if you’ve ever worked there you know we are the forgotten ones and basically do whatever the fuck we want without having to worry about break schedules and guests. My TL and co-workers were awesome and I loved it. For a little while. I got good reviews and decent raises compared to others and was up to a whopping $9.30 within a couple years. Woo-fucking-hoo. More >


Inmates running the asylum

God bless this site. I’m sick and tired of everything. Looking for a new job, I’ve worked sales floor at Tarshit for a few years now. My story probably isn’t unknown to many of you. I thought pretty highly of the company going in, the people seemed nice, yadayadayada, and then everything went downhill quickly. At best LODs and TLs are inattentive and clueless, and at worst they get off on making your life a living hell. But in the last 6 months, things have reached a new low.

Everybody knows the LODs have their favorites, and they’re usually the ones that get promotions whether they deserve them or not. My store’s favorite is one of the most useless lumps of humanity I’ve ever met. Never does any work, rude to guests and other team leads, late all the time, disappears for long stretches of time, etc. He worked as the part-time HR clerk for a while, and he would just change his start times in the schedule so it didn’t look like he was an hour late. Still, he’s their little bitch, and when a TL spot opened up last year, they gave it to him. More >



So I’m employed at target & my work center is the service desk.Yesterday a man came in to return a tv that he claims he had just purchased the day before.As he placed the box on the counter,I went to grab the box and noticed it felt light to be containing a 55 inch television.So I proceeded to take back the tv but was curious so I opened the sealed box what I laid my eyes on was horrible. More >