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  • hey guys

    I worked at target for three horrible months in the summer. I absolutely hated it. I know you get horrible guests anywhere you work but it’s like target guests are on a different level. So anyway I didn’t like it. For one its so hot at those registers your dizzy all the time. Two everybody was quitting left and right. Too much work for this little pay. And they didn’t want to help me advance while other people who were working there for shorter times than myself could advance to guest services or Starbucks (i was originally hired to work at starbucks but they put me at cashier). So now I’m back for Christmas break. I’ve been calling and calling and I’m still not in schedule   I even go up there and it’s a whole new set of employees so no one will help me and even the people that know me didn’t help. And our supervisor or whatever her title is she wears too many hats because everybody is quitting.  So I officially don’t want to work there.

  • So since Christmas is almost here, most stores have more check out lanes open, right? Haha, not at Target. My store has 14 lanes, 4 of them being express lanes. During the middle of the day on a Saturday or Sunday, there’s only FOUR cashiers! Seriously??!! And even when the evening rolls around and it gets a little less busy, they are still having to call for backup every two seconds. I was up on a cashier lane for an hour, an hour I could have been zoning and finishing my pulls. But no, I had to go up for backup every 5 minutes because no one else responded on the damn walkie. I’ve never  seen an LOD go up for backup, I think they should since they don’t do anything else. But honestly, you would think target would want to get people checked out as quickly as possible, but I suppose that would make too much sense for this shit hole.

  • - janeblow

    Corporate Greed

    Let’s start off by saying that I actually liked working there the first month or so, I got hired back in October so my 90 days is about up. I’m a college student at a major university, I figured this job would give me a little extra cash for rent and all the other college expenses. WRONG. I was in for most likely would be the most degrading job I’ve ever had. At first it was magical, I lived and breathed Target. I started to notice weird things about this job almost a month in, like this red card business. All these incentives and stupid games they want TM’S and Team Leaders  to play in order for us to sell more-gift cards, GSTL’s wearing goofy outfits/hats, pop and candy. But the pressure was phenomenal on these little pieces of plastic. Then the holidays came…

  • December 14, 2014 - buttsforsale

    Softline Zoning.

    Customers are trash. (Also I refuse to call them guests, they’re fucking customers, suck it up Target) They waltz through every area in softlines on their phones, picking up shirts, knocking things off racks, don’t give two shits. Anyways I was zoning through men one night after my fucking car got a flat, and I was in a terrible mood as it was, and mens was a goddamn mess as usual. I was going through, hadn’t been in there for more than 45 minutes or so and was almost done. LoD asks me where I am over walkie. I tell her I’m nearly done. Instead of replying over the walkie, she comes over to me in person. She tells me outright that I shouldn’t have been zoning for more than 15 minutes. She claimed I was in there for over an hour already. She leaves. I cry like a bitch, already feeling like shit and still kind of new to the store, so yeah, definitely needed that negative reinforcement, bitch.

  • December 13, 2014 - tegrat

    My two cents so far

    On the 18th marks my first month at target as a seasonal cashier. Its been something else. First of all I applied on a whim, I know during seasonal time most major companies will hire almost anyone and this is my second time in seasonal. The first being Kmart. For me im just gonna say it. I get 9.50 and hour and +1.00 overtime. Anyone in any other position gets 10.50 apparently, We have a starbucks inside the target and the people there get 10.50, to pour coffee or heat up some sandwich or whatever. I chose cashier because I assumed ‘well the cashiers are half of what keeps everything moving so Id assume they’d make alittle more than floor’ apparently not.

    The only pro I can give target is the POS system being very forgiving because either kmarts was just so ancient and most POSs are like targets. Simple mistakes can easily be fixed with a few clicks. On the the more definite points.

  • - iquit2014

    A bunch of liars

    Okay, so I applied at Target to get a little extra money for the holidays. BIG MISTAKE. I applied and put my availability. I have another job that requires me to be on call during certain hours but it’s only one week a month. I asked the team leader if they could work around it and he said yeah, that it was no problem. I had my schedule for November and December and gave them both to him that day. I also gave that to the second team leader who interviewed me for my second interview. AND AFTER MY ORIENTATION. Well wouldn’t you know by the time November shift comes around they fucked it up. My aunt who was in HR fixed it for me but told me next time put a note in the idiots mailbox there. I did. She checked and the note was STILL THERE. HADN’T EVEN BEEN LOOKED AT. They did the exact thing for December but I didn’t care at that point. I just left early when it was time for me to be on call.

  • - boionfire24

    Dis tew much!!!!

    I’ve been working for target for about a year now and i love this site. I’ve been reading almost every post surprised that others are going through the same problems i am. This will be my first post and hopefully be my last as i don’t plan on working at this place too much longer.

    So today i got my corrective action and I’m surprised that it took so long for them to say or do anything about it. I’ve been late more than a few time and i will admit that i do have somewhat of an attitude so those are 2 things i can take accountability for but what they wrote and said to me i can’t deal with like i said in my headliner dis tew much.

  • December 10, 2014 - justwhy

    Unrealistic Expectations

    I’ve been working at Target for about a month now. I liked it at first and by at first I mean the two days of orientation. Most of the employees are rude and think they can do whatever they want because they’re “veterans”. Doing whatever they want includes: standing around rather than helping customers, texting on the job, there’s even a girl who is in a relationship with the electronics guy and they were chasing each other around the stationary aisle and making out…wtf!! Don’t you dare ask anyone a question because they will look at you like you’re some stupid person.

  • - BenedictAnders


    Ill be the first to admit, i have worked worse jobs than target and no i am not here to kiss targets ass by any means, i have my gripes. I applied for target due to the fact heres the story

    Back in july i got into my first ever accident and remotely anything on my license. A person from out of state hit into me and totaled my car and insurance didn’t cover it. I had to do a bunch of paying back over $2000 and at the time it was manageable because i was working a job that was giving me weekly pay and manageable hours. As soon as i paid back my dues like that *snaps fingers* my hours were cut down to virtually nothing. So me being the kind person i am i didn’t quit my job i opted to find a 2nd job to help me save money for a car and that is where my Target story starts. I applied to target one day and immediately the day after i had a call for an interview. I went in and went through 3 interviews yes, 3 interviews on the same day. They were all nice people but, the fact was, i sat there for 2 hours while i told them i had class and it wouldn’t be long.

  • December 8, 2014 - Corporate_Slave

    Don’t work at Target!

    I have been working at Target for a few months now. I haven’t received any official training and they made me work on the floor since day 1. My role is cashier but more than half the time I’m told to work in another department or ‘re-shop’ and ‘zone’ (which they call “cross-training”). I’ve been given a warning because one ‘guest’ complained that I wasn’t smiling enough. I was given another warning when I forgot to inform one ‘guest’ about the red card and coupon (the ETL/LOD always snoops around behind you). Perhaps I was exhausted from working an 8+ hour shift, but they don’t care as they expect you to work like a robot. The expectations are highly unrealistic and you will always be criticized and never recognized for the work you do. I have never missed a day of work and have always worked on days I wasn’t scheduled for (when I was called in on 7am on a regular basis). If you value your dignity, do not work at Target. They will transform you from a human being into a corporate slave robot, with no aspirations or motivations whatsoever. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

    I have already submitted my resignation.

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