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  • So I’ve been at Target for almost 7 months now at store #1531 and I would have to say the ‘training’, or I should say the LACK OF TRAINING at store #1531 is a bunch of shit.  They essentially hired me to do the electronics department but when I was brought on board they had me working Domestics/Furniture instead of Electronics and didn’t even give me any equipment to even do my fucking job, and when I did I couldn’t even log in for the 2 weeks of ‘training’.  Afterwards I got shoved into Electronics and was pretty much thrown out to the wolves with absolutely no additional training at all.

  • November 4, 2017 - Fucctarget

    Entire staff is cliquey and bullies new hires

    I got hired by target about mid september this year and i tried my best to get to know everyone and quickly adjust. For a while things were going smoothly. A few of the other cashiers were pretty friendly with me and I learned to keep up with my tasks as a cashier pretty quick (our cart guy doesn’t take care of the hangers or the inside cart organisation at all, so the cashiers take turns doing it). But after I finished my training, things went downhill pretty quick.

  • October 31, 2017 - lostsoul64


    OK for the past week I have been trying to get my password and username so I could set up direct deposit to my account, yet none of my management has been able to help me(haven’t even been given a permanent employee card) and there is nothing in my orientation materials. Where the fuck is it?

  • October 13, 2017 - AnonHatesTarget25

    Sexual Harassment at Store #2607

    Sexual Harassment in the Backroom:

    One of my best friends was in dire need of a job due to their family having money problems. They worked in the backroom, particularly in PFresh after being moved off hardlines. Our store backroom is mostly men, and a very sexist environment at that… Despite my friend being female-bodied, they are a hard worker with a very good work ethic.

  • As the title says… I’m looking for an up to date employee handbook.

    If you could please take a bunch of pictures or scans and upload via IMGUR or as a PDF on Google Drive, that’d be much appreciated

    Thanks in advance 😀

  • October 11, 2017 - kawaiifx

    Store 1374

    Here’s a story about Store 1374

    I was hired May of last year. I hadn’t had a job in 6 months and desperately needed a job. At first it was great. My team was great and seemed to be family. Much to my dismay I disliked the way the TL talked to the team members and entitled ladies who worked there for 15-20 years.

  • October 7, 2017 - hatethisjob1001

    Cart attendant

    Just started two weeks ago and I’m already dead inside. My first shift I wasn’t half fasted trained as cashier because I was the only cashier for the front. I was slow and had a million questions. My second shift I get brought into a hr office and told to sign a paper, red flags went off in my head.

  • October 5, 2017 - wannadie666


    Words cannot describe how ridiculous this job is. Never in my life have i been expected to repeatedly work 12 hour shifts and then get no recognition for it unless i visually look like im about to drop dead. This shit has taken such a toll on my health i actually get sick every few weeks just from exhaustion.

  • September 30, 2017 - tiredofbeingacashier

    I don’t know what to do…

    I have worked at target for over a year now. I loved it at first, good starting pay for someone who has never had a real job before. I am a cashier at a super target and I can’t get out of being one, I have asked my ETL to move into soft lines and been lied straight to my face, that there was no position open.

  • September 21, 2017 - crooknextdoor

    2811BX, NY!!!!

    Hello everyone, my name is L I’ve been a employee at target for over 2 years. Even now I wonder how I survived so long but forget about that, let me share my story about 2811. I started as a backroom tm making $10.50 back in 2015 , it wasn’t all that bad. I really loved my job and what I did. Hey I even went above and beyond without being told..until I realized management doesn’t give a shit about you, and to them you’re either a “super human or a machine”.

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