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  • November 23, 2014 - HP2114

    Unrealistic expectations

    I started working at Target about 4 months ago and at first I thought it was going pretty well. I was doing what I needed and got along with pretty much everyone. I don’t even know when things started going downhill. This past month has been pure hell on Earth. The LOD’s expect so much out of you it’s ridiculous. I work in hardlines and it isn’t too awful, but we are expected to be working on our zones, do pulls, work returns, go for backup cashier, help guests in person and on the phones/call buttons. This one TL is such a douche, he doesn’t even do anything but gloat about how awesome he is while he can’t even finish his zone on time. He goes on walkie and tells everyone what to do like he’s the LOD, I can’t stand him. When we are working on pulls or zones, they yell at us for not working on returns, then when we start working on those, we get bitched at for not clearing the line…wtf do they want me to do first?

  • November 22, 2014 - moodybutts

    Seasonal? Not Seasonal? What gives?

    I was hired in early October. Not once in any interviews did they say anything about me being a seasonal worker. All of my paperwork says Hardlines, Part-Time, stuff like that, yet I am treated as a seasonal employee and constantly reminded about how my time may be limited now that I am working there. What happens if they try to let me go at the end of the season for being a “Seasonal Worker” when that isn’t documented at all? I won’t be too heartbroken if they make me leave but is that even legal? To document me as one kind of worker and then try to say I’m not and get rid of me? What are my options if this happens? Has anyone else had this experience?

  • November 21, 2014 - targetblows14

    Black Friday is coming………………….

    NOT looking forward to Black Friday this year! Target is advertising all its deals and all I’m reading is “20% off Fuck your life” and “$199 off We dont value our employees.” I was reading a bunch of articles about employees who have died on Black Friday…..yes ACTUALLY DIED. So not only am I supposed to arrive at 4am after Thanksgiving, but now I’m risking my life????????????????? BULLSHIT. I also saw this website/infographic thing about ALL the incidents that occur on Black Friday. This “holiday” should be banned. SERIOUSLY. Look at this crap:

  • I work in san diego 2232 my store is one of those where everything goes wrong all the time but if theres a visit we are a perfect store, in fact my store is a “model store” but managers there are freakin retarded. Right now they’re hiring a bunch of seasonal people when theres no hours at all. Just yesterday the whole team (flow) was sent back home on a truck day after working 3 hours so after our first break we were all asked to clock out they only kept the same 5 people who stay all the time (kiss-ass people) and it really sucks for some people like me because I only work 9 hours this week 4.5 today and i was supposed to work 4.5 yesterday and i only worked 3 instead… How do they think we can survive working 9 hours a week??!?!

  • Hey guys, I am a seasonal team member that started recently. I heard that I might end around the end of January but I want to end it at the end of December since I have a new semester with a different schedule. Should I give a two week’s notice two weeks before New Years? Should I just quit when I recieve my paycheck at the end of December? I hope I can survive another month of this intolerable place.

  • - Spodee

    already over it.

    I’ve been at Target for about a month now, and I can already say it sucks and I don’t see it getting any better.  Being a cart attendant, I knew I was going to get shit on by the higher ups, however there was one instance where a guest shit his pants and tried to flush the shitty underwear down the toilet, however it did not go down, so after he wiped he proceded to go more on top of the toilet paper wall and shitty underpants.  Also, I’m guessing when he was taking off the pants that poo was spilling out the underwear because there was shit all over the floor and on top of the toilet.  I was told to clean it up and that’s it.  They didn’t give me anything, just a fucking plunger. So I had to scramble to find anything that I think would clean it up and get rid of the smell, along with layers of gloves. Then after it’s all finished and I’m walking back, I get bitched at that there are no carts at the entrances. I’m sorry, I was just in the middle of a bio hazard and it took me a while to clean up. Maybe if you scheduled more than one cart attendant we wouldn’t have this problem.

  • November 20, 2014 - TargetIsTheNewWalmart

    Target Thanksgiving Commercials

    I just love how Target dares to have an ad advertising Thanksgiving while they are pretty much killing Thanksgiving. This ad in particular has kids pulling a giant golden turkey bone. It’s an old thanksgiving tradition, well not normally a golden or oversized one. I’m surprised since retailers like Target have forced some people to do away with Thanksgiving traditions and follow what is now “Black Thursday” traditions. Thanksgiving is as dead as a turkey.

  • I only work 20 hours a week at Target because I’m on disability. I’m a cashier who also runs guest service from time to time. I am completely bored with my job position and have wanted to cross-train other areas of the store. In fact, on my last annual review I actually got a negative checkmark because I wasn’t cross trained despite my efforts of trying to be. (another angry story for another time)

  • - howaboutno

    About to stop going

    So I’ve been at Target about a month and I’m done. I was just using it as a filler job until I found something better. I have another job lined up so now I  just want to stop showing up to work. I don’t want to give a two weeks notice and I don’t want to tell them I’m quitting. I don’t plan to use them as a reference and I have other work experience. So i’m just wondering how this will impact me negatively? I’ve never done this before i’ve either quit or given my two weeks. Would I have to go back to get my last (first) paycheck? (I have direct deposit set up) Also they haven’t even made me fill out my tax paperwork which I thought you should fill out when you get hired…so should I do that on mytime before I go? Trying to leave this place and avoid it afterward at all costs.  Thanks for the help fellow haters of Target.

  • I just started a seasonal position in hardlines (I think. They said hardlines but all my training has been in softlines.) I overheard one of my other team members say they minimized the training for seasonal employees, but my training almost seems nonexistent. The only decent training I had was on registrars, and the other trainers just hand me stuff to reshop for them. The day after my first day they had me work a full shift without a trainer, but I was so confused and I honestly didn’t know what I was doing. My other team members always seem annoyed when I ask for help. This is my first job too.

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