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  • October 22, 2014 - bethyboo

    Fuck Target

    There’s so many reasons why I have started to hate Target.. They stress you out, work you like a slave, complain about payroll so fucking much that it’s nauseating, have unrealistic expections, make one person preform a 3 person job then preceed to question why it’s not done in their unrealistic timeframe. This is literally the first job where I have cried while at work and where I have gone to work while not feeling well then feel like I should have called out because of how shitty they made me feel. Last week I called out once cause I was sick and sadly still am then Friday I still was feeling shitty but still went in cause I didn’t want to make anyone’s day harder since they’d have to do my workload which is stocking electronics and backstocking which by the way is shit cause flow team at my store make one person stock and backstock but they say two people are doing it yet the other person has to leave at 8 so I call BULLSHIT.

  • - angrytargettm0413

    Rant about Target.

    I’ve worked at tagert since april 4th 2013, about a year and a half now and ive dealth with many issues such as injuring my back and being forced to fill out a report before theyd finally call me an ambulance. I finally was able to switch to a flow team position due to my team lead not liking me for personal reasons outside of work. I was happy as flow until our team trainer left for another job and the guy who took over became overbearing. Our team lead wanted a few people doing the food truck and him and i were two of those people. The team trainer began to make comments about his penis and me ‘handling meat.’ I went to my team lead and nothing was done, so i went to the logistics and backroom team leads and again nothing was done. my hour have been cut and i have been forced to leave the food truck so he still can. My HR told me because I didn’t want to outright get another person fired that he would not be punished. I am tired of dealing with this and nothing being done.

  • Is it extreme to reference a piece of scripture that is generally quoted at funerals to describe my feelings over finally being done working at Target? Perhaps. But I view the year of my life that I dedicated to bagging the groceries of harried soccer moms and forcing red cards upon unsuspecting Target patrons as a sort of extended near-death experience.

  • - psychoash

    Lying Tarshits…

    I worked at Target for three months as a PART TIME CASHIER. Everything was going fine until they called me into the back and told me that tomorrow was my last day because I’m SEASONAL.

    Are you fucking kidding me right now? I have a damn paper that says part time on it!

    And what the hell season was I hired for three months? It was fucking August!

    If I wasn’t meeting your high standards, just tell me instead of bullshitting, thanks assholes.

  • So I recently got hired at target and it only took me 2 days to hate my job. I want to quit asap but don’t even know who to go to because no one has taught me shit around here. I’ve only been working at target for two weeks but to be exact, I’ve only been working there for about 9 days total and they already expect me to know everything. The training sucked and they themselves don’t know a lot about the stuff that goes on in target. The “team leaders” are full of shit and LODs… oh god I don’t even want to get started on those people. Rude, plain rude and disrespectful. I want to quit asap so if anyone has any advice please help me! I’ve had it with target and I’m just so fucking sick of it. Fuck you target.

  • October 19, 2014 - yeaisaidit

    Looking Elsewhere

     What I dont respect about Target is there nonchalant care for their employees. Ive worked at Target for about 7 months and was OKAY with it at first. I mean this isnt my first go-around in retail, so i knew what to expect from department stores. But recently things have went “stupid dumb” in my store.

    I wont say what store or position I am, because you never know. There are lurkers everywhere. Anyway, a new “Team member” was hired in my department – we clicked, talked about the happenings. Until she outright abuse the fact that i would cover her hours because I had bills to pay. When I asked her to cover one of my shifts, she immediately dismissed me. So I will not cover anyones shift ever. I will never fill in for a call out. They have to work with the fuck they were left with.

  • So I didn’t work at target, HOWEVER, I wasted almost 7 hours out of my day at one of their interviews and was mislead and LIED TO by 3 different employees about being hired, and I’ve absolutely had it. So here’s the deal:


    I need a job, saw Target was hiring, and applied. Got called in for an interview. I did one interview, was asked to sit and wait for a second one (along with about 50 other people, mind you.) I said fine. So 45 minutes passed, and I’m still waiting for the 2nd interview. Pissed, I finally ask someone, who says “oh, they’ll be right with you.” BS. I waited yet another HOUR, and finally some super snotty lady took me back.

  • October 16, 2014 - baristanightwing

    Finally out!

    Gosh where do I start? I only worked at target about two months and it was miserable. The politics where that of high school and everything I read here was accurate. I’m in a long distance relationship and after discussing it with my girlfriend we agreed I’d stay till I found work elsewhere. That didn’t happen however as that very same day I went in and was again judged for following right procedures. For example not only pastries weren’t dated but ones near them were expired so I was going to throw them out. But Target? They believe in putting them out anyway regardless of health risks.

  • - leiaF21

    fuck you target

    Starting with the interview it felt like a great fit I was going to be taking a 2 dollar per hour pay cut but given they were the only place able to give me 40 hours a week I took the job offer. It took them a month to interview me, a month to schedule orientation, and another two weeks to actually start working. Finally I was receiving 38 hours a week for 3 weeks when suddenly I was only given 8 hour work weeks. When I asked the multiple team leads they only responded with ” sorry our payroll sucks ” or ” well you can always sign up for shifts” and of course my favorite response ” unfortunately we have over 100 employees and we are still hiring more people for holidays we can’t afford to give anyone full time” so at that point I was furious.

  • October 15, 2014 - mrsirsir

    My rough month

    So I’m backroom. I was closing and I close on the day with the largest price changes. So my lunch comes around I call my team member telling him im going to lunch. I return and the Lod says “if you finish early tonight can you pull the cartwells ( or whatever there called) I agree but I had no time to since there was a lot of backstock and I had to make two bales.  Thursday comes around my etl calls me to her location and she’s asking ” why didn’t you pull the cartwells ” I’m confused I tell her I didn’t have time and she’s like “the LOD told you to do it and you didn’t. He didn’t tell me he asked me if I had a chance implying it was not priority. She says “he told me he did tell you to do it” holy hell the LOD fucking lied to her and now she’s mad at me what the hell.

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